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Who is Solid Snake?[]

Solid Snake is the last hope we have going for us all. He is the only one standing between the shithole world we live in now and the shithole world we live in now......only with a plethora of nuclear bomb craters being the difference in the latter. Sent in against all odds, Solid Snake uses his stealth and battle tactics to defy those odds and save the Earth from nuclear devastation. His most popular venture into the world of video games would be the PSX smash hit, Metal Gear Solid, however Snake's video game roots run quite deep. "David" goes way back to the NES days under the clever guise of "Metal Gear" (so confusing.....)

Solid Snake's badass character and unshakeable poise is the biggest thing going for him in the field and is what separates him from the pack in the Summer Contest. To vote against Solid Snake is to vote against one of the biggest badasses in video gaming, and as seen by his success in the Summer Contest.....that's very difficult to do.

"The cardboard box that you have is ideal for fooling your enemies. It's a very important tool for infiltration missions." - Solid Snake

Solid Snake's Contest History[]

Win-Loss Record: 42-11

Summer 2002 Contest - East Division - 2 Seed

  • Eastern Round 1--- Defeated (15) Squall Leonhart, 46897 [65.43%] - 24779 [34.57%]
  • Eastern Quarterfinal --- Defeated (7) Knuckles the Echidna, 41335 [60.71%] - 26748 [39.29%]
  • Eastern Semifinal --- Defeated (11) Aeris, 42545 [56.54%] - 32702 [43.46%]
  • Eastern Final --- Lost to (5) Crono, 46697 [47.07%] - 52517 [52.93%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 9th Place [35.23%]

Summer 2003 Contest - West Division - 1 Seed

  • Western Round 1 --- Defeated (16) Raiden, 84638 [82.88%] - 17480 [17.12%]
  • Western Quarterfinal--- Defeated (8) Knuckles the Echidna, 61038 [63.13%] - 35646 [36.87%]
  • Western Semifinal --- Defeated (5) Ryu, 61510 [57.26%] - 45915 [42.74%]
  • Western Final --- Lost to (1) Mega Man, 55322 [46.50%] - 63639 [53.50%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 8th Place [34.74%]

Summer 2004 Contest - 20XX Division - 2 Seed

  • 20XX Round 1 --- Defeated (15) Tanner, 74251 [94.30%] - 4492 [5.70%]
  • 20XX Quarterfinal --- Defeated (10) Knuckles the Echidna, 48481 [59.54%] - 32946 [40.46%]
  • 20XX Semifinal --- Defeated (6) Frog, 44992 [51.39%] - 42563 [48.61%]
  • 20XX Final --- Lost to (1) Mega Man, 37517 [42.81%] - 50116 [57.19%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 12th Place [30.82%]

Solid Snake has been a monster against average strengthed characters year in and year out. He can also hang around with the best of them in big matches, however he just doesn't have that extra bite to pull off a shocking win against some of the big name Square and Nintendo names in the field. As a character that DOESN'T hail from either Square or Nintendo's camp, Solid Snake does a hell of a job. Beating up on poor echidnas seems to be this man's main hobby as he's been the death of Knuckles in every Summer Contest to date, but Knux always puts up a good fight. On the other side of the coin, Mega Man has twice doused Snake in a division finals match, with the latest brawl being further from the first result in terms of vote difference, thus it's safe to say that Solid Snake won't be taking down Mega Man anytime soon. Solid Snake can take pride in one amazing feat though. He is the closest any character has come to pitching a perfect no-hitter in vote numbers. Tanner could only manage a pathetic 4492 votes against Snake in a 2004 Round 1 clash, the worst vote numbers in ANY contest. Snake fans can be a bit worried of their man's place amongst the elite after a scare from Chrono Trigger's Frog in 2004. The newcomer amphibian put up a startling 48.6% on the champion of Metal Gear after winning the match against "brother" Liquid Snake with 50.05% earlier in Round 1. The close match against what many believed to be an "average strengthed" Square character does not bode well for contest success in the near future for Solid Snake. However, the Metal Gear name has proven to be strong thanks to Liquid's efforts vs Frog. It's all in the genes, I suppose.........

Solid Snake certainly won't be winning any tournaments with powerhouses like Link, Sephiroth and Cloud in the running but he WILL go deep into the tournament year in and year out. The Final Four is out of reach so far for Snake, but with MGS3 on it's way (never mind that it most likely won't BE Solid Snake as the lead man in MGS3....), Solid Snake's reputation as a badass and fan base will constantly grow.

Summer 2005 Contest - Gear Division - 1 Seed

  • Gear Round 1 --- Defeated (8) Manny Calavera, 77063 [84.09%] - 14576 [15.91%]
  • Gear Semifinal --- Defeated (5) Zelda, 58421 [54.41%] - 48941 [45.59%]
  • Gear Final --- Defeated (2) Sora, 63664 [65.26%] - 33887 [34.74%]
  • Contest Quarterfinal --- Defeated (3) Bowser, 51387 [50.59%] - 50191 [49.41%]
  • Contest Semifinal --- Lost to (1) Mario, 44483 [42.79%] - 59463 [57.21%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 9th Place [33.88%]

After three years straight of going down in the Elite 8, Solid Snake was finally able to get over the hump and into the Final Four in a big way. And it wasn't just him getting to the Final Four that was awesome, but how he did it.

Snake was discredited after virtually every one of his matches, and Bowser taking him down in the Elite 8 this year was a very sexy upset special given what Bowser did in Spring 2005. The rumblings got very loud after Snake was "only" able to score 84% against Manny Calavera in a match where most people were expecting another Snake/Tanner affair. In fact, the ridiculous expectations laid upon Snake were so bad that people even expected him to lose to Zelda.

But people started believing in Snake somewhat after he beat Zelda with the worst picture we've ever seen in a contest match, followed by him absolutely tearing Sora to bits. Snake had all the momentum heading into his match with Bowser, at least until the Elite 8 round were filled with sprite match pics. However, despite all of the whining about how Snake was being screwed over by the match pic, he took off against Bowser, held off Bowser's comeback attempt and got into the Final Four in dramatic fashion.

Yes he was destined to being little more than Mario's sock puppet, but Snake actually did fairly well given the momentum that Mario had going into that match. Snake even found it within himself to win a few updates, and for most Snake fans this was satisfaction enough. It isn't known whether or not Snake will ever truly get over the hump and into the contest elites (or if he'll even find himself as something other than the weak link of the Noble Nine....), but this was a contest performance that cannot be taken away from him.

Summer 2006 Contest - Patriot Division - 1 Seed

  • Patriot Round 1 --- Defeated (8) Soma Cruz, 89697 [82.15%] - 19487 [17.85%]
  • Patriot Semifinal --- Defeated (4) Squall, 78314 [57.59%] - 57666 [42.41%]
  • Patriot Final --- Defeated (6) Yoshi, 69085 [57.16%] - 51781 [42.84%]
  • Elite Eight --- Defeated (2) Mega Man, 70163 [55.33%] - 56648 [44.67%]
  • Final Four --- Defeated (1) Sonic the Hedgehog, 75864 [54.99%] - 62097 [45.01%]
  • Finals --- Lost to (1) Samus, 59987 [46.89%] - 67947 [53.11%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 3rd Place [46.89%]

Battle Royale

  • Battle Royale Day 1 --- Outlasted Samus, 20903 [13.12%] - 12335 [7.74%]
  • Battle Royale Day 2 --- Outlasted Mario, 20954 [14.76%] - 15878 [11.18%]
  • Battle Royale Day 3 --- Outlasted Sephiroth, 22810 [16.83%] - 22754 [16.79%]
  • Battle Royale Day 4 --- Lost to Cloud, 29733 [19.64%] - 54057 [35.71%]

Regardless of any result in this contest, Snake stole the show with his earlier than expected Smash Brothers Brawl boost. He completely embarrassed the main bracket, only lost to Samus because of Nintendo SFF, got his revenge on her and then some in the Battle Royale, then outlasted Sephiroth and placed third in the BR just for kicks. It was aided by a very phony final update on the BR's third day, but the end result is that Snake just earned himself one of the highest upsides of any elite character in these contests. Assuming Samus is booted from the main bracket come to next character battle, Snake is the clear favorite to win the next contest.

Summer 2007 Contest - Division 7 - Third Group

  • Division 7 Round 1 --- 1st place, 73706 [57.88%] - Nightmare, 28609 [22.47%] - Vyse, 13380 [10.51%] - Rayman, 11649 [9.15%]
  • Division 7 Round 2 --- 1st place, 60407 [47.72%] - Riku, 24596 [19.43%] - Ryu Hayabusa, 23942 [18.91%] - Nightmare, 17654 [13.94%]
  • Division 7 Final --- 1st place, 46201 [32.44%] - L-Block, 40744 [28.63%] - Kratos, 29772 [20.91%] - Riku, 25656 [18.02%]
  • Contest Quarterfinal --- 2nd place, 44489 [28.86%] - L-Block, 44753 [29.03%] - Sonic the Hedgehog, 33339 [21.63%] - Squall Leonhart, 31584 [20.49%]
  • Contest Semifinal --- 2nd place, 43081 [26.20%] - L-Block, 56925 [34.63%] - Master Chief, 39515 [24.04%] - Dante Sparda, 24880 [15.13%]
  • Contest Final --- 4th place, 23964 [12.27%] - L-Block, 65462 [33.51%] - Link, 58100 [29.74%] - Cloud Strife, 47834 [24.49%]

A very successful contest for Solid Snake was overshadowed by the fact that he spent four of those matches paired up with the L-Block. He made it to the finals of the contest for the second straight year, something only Cloud or Link can boast about. Snake was also involved in one of the best matches of the contest, as he duked it out with L-Block for first place while Sonic and Squall battled for third place, which also featured some of the best match pictures we've ever seen. One of the little ironic moments for me is that the only time Snake placed ahead of L-Block was when he had his infamously horrible sprite.

Summer 2008 Contest - Division 5 - Fourth Group

Snake didn't face any competition until the Quarterfinals where Cloud dominated. Snake was able to place 1st the very next round because of Sephiroth in the poll which held back Cloud. At least, that's what we thought was the case. Snake successfully beat out Cloud for 2nd place in the contest. A feat that will spark major controversy in the battles to come.

Winter 2010 Contest - Gear Division - 1 Seed

  • Gear Round 1 --- Defeated (16) Protoman, 37482 [72.35%] - 14321 [27.65%]
  • Gear Round 2 --- Defeated (9) Fox McCloud, 33713 [67.03%] - 16581 [32.97%]
  • Gear Semifinal --- Defeated (5) Pikachu, 28345 [55.20%] - 23003 [44.80%]
  • Gear Final --- Defeated (2) Squall Leonhart, 32810 [59.17%] - 22638 [40.83%]
  • Contest Quarterfinal --- Defeated (1) Sephiroth, 45954 [52.96%] - 40822 [47.04%]
  • Contest Semifinal --- Lost to (1) Cloud Strife, 65596 [52.09%] - 60240 [47.91%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 3rd Place [44.52%]

When the bracket was released, all eyes went straight to the Snake vs. Sephiroth match-up. Snake had already beat Sephiroth twice before in unconventional circumstances and now it could put to the test. Snake's first two matches were no brainers although people were talking about him underperforming. The Pikachu and Snake match was especially close, but we'll blame that on Solid Shit. Squall went down without a problem and then the match with Sephiroth occurred. Just prior, Sephiroth had barely managed to beat Missingno. and almost ruined the chances of an epic match-up. The match was close but Sephiroth never led and only won an update late into the match. With a dominating victory, people were calling that he'd lay waste to Cloud as well. Unfortunately for Snake, Cloud is a bit more powerful and after Snake led for a couple hours Cloud stormed back and won by 5000.

Summer 2013 Contest - Division 4 - 1 Seed

  • Division 4 Round 1 --- 1st place, 23261 [71.21%] - (16) Isaac, 6637 [20.32%] - (27) Commander Keen, 2769 [8.48%]
  • Division 4 Round 2 --- 1st place, 18191 [60.57%] - (6) Alucard, 6845 [22.79%] - (9) Bayonetta, 4996 [16.64%]
  • Division 4 Final --- 1st place, 22129 [47.58%] - (2) GlaDOS, 12225 [26.28%] - (7) Kefka, 12156 [26.14%]
  • Contest Semifinal --- 1st place, 25799 [51.12%] - (6) Pikachu, 12919 [25.6%] - (5) Squirtle, 11754[23.29%]
  • Contest Final --- 2nd place, 49025 [32.81%] - (3) Draven 73396 [49.13%], - (1) Samus Aran, 26981 [18.06%]
  • Bonus Match --- Lost to Link, 30420 [53.48%] - 26465 [46.52%]

Snake had plenty in place for his first contest title. Unfortunadely, he wound up stumbling in a massive rally in the ending to prevent it. He performed like a beast in the first two rounds, and despite having two pieces fit for the anti-Noble Nine (instead of the usual anti-Clinkeroth) sentiment in dark horse Kefka and memetastic GlaDOS, still got out of his division. While Pokémon having a boost, having two in the same match cancelled each other and Snake won the semifinal easily.

To make sure Reddit's campaign for Draven didn't lead to his win in the finals, Board 8 then tried to counteract with rallies of their own, including putting actual Metal Gear people in contact: Hideo Kojima retweeted a request for support, David Hayter did some tweets (including an epic burn) and Jennifer Hale (who coincidentally also voiced third party Samus in the Prime games) followed suit upon seeing Hayter's campaign. Wrestler Trent Barreta, who had already rallied for Link at the request of B8er, did the same. Yet while this cut Draven's lead to a manageable hundreds - which could be surpassed despite Samus leeching votes - once excessive interference in the League of Legends subReddit rally lead to a post by one of the mods that became basically a sticky given the high traffic (it was the first day of the LoL World Championships) Draven's lead got to over 20,000 and all was set up for the League of Draven's victory.

But wait! Sailor Bacon was fed up with the Redditors and made the poll that set up a Link/Draven bonus be overlapped with another that picked Link/Snake - the old champion and the moral/site champion. Board 8 rejoiced, did awesome match pics and didn't complain when Link won. Moral champion or not, Snake didn't disappoint during the contest, scoring under 20,000 votes just once, and being immune to fads that didn't have a backing like Reddit's. He skated to the final where he trounced Samus (though the campaign to back him helped) and showed he could have beaten Draven on any other day, plus had better contests than Clinkeroth and a rally-hindered Mario. His performance on Link in the bonus match was also one of the strongest we've seen in a decade, and this was a Link riding a wave of goodwill - having been seen as an innocent victim of shenanigans in the Link/Shepard/Draven match. While it is not the contest crown Snake and his fans so desperately crave, if nothing else Snake's position as the second-strongest character in the contests (surpassing the FF7 duo) was confirmed. If that wasn't enough, the reveal that a tampering in Draven's semifinal versus Mewtwo and Sephiroth was caused by Bacon's wife because she's a Snake fan made him even more beloved in B8. Konami might now be focusing Metal Gear on Raiden and Big Boss, but our cardboard box hero will always be top-notch.

Fall 2018 Contest - Legends Division - 3 Seed

  • Finals Division Round 1 --- Lost to Zelda, 14350 [49.68%] - 14535 [50.32%]
  • Loser Bracket Round 1 --- Defeated Auron, 15915 [61.48%] - 9971 [38.52%]
  • Loser Bracket Round 2 --- Defeated (6) Sonic the Hedgehog, 16257 [57.53%] - 11999 [42.47%]
  • Loser Bracket Round 3 --- Lost to (2) Samus Aran 11345 [43.52%] - 14725 [56.48%]

After the 2013 contest, Snake was arguably only behind Link and Cloud. Thus him doing well in a bracket that even split the Noble Nine was to be expected. But unfortunadely he would be no exception of an overall Metal Gear underperformance, even with an upcoming appearance in Super Smash Bros Ultimate to help. Snake was right away downed by a boosted Zelda, who he had handily beat back in 2005, even if he got more votes among GameFAQs' own (a contrast to Mega Man being upset to Pikachu two days prior while having the outside support). Thrown into the Loser Bracket, Snake then showed he was not that exposed to non-Noble Niners by easily beating Auron, before some 2006 deja vu: Sonic could not match up to Snake, but then Samus beat him, and by even worse percentages. And knowing that only Crono might be getting more neglected among the Noble Nine (Kojima left Konami on bad terms, and the company in turn released the badly received Metal Gear Survive and a goddamn Metal Gear-themed pachinko!) makes things even worse.