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SpikeDragon has been a Board 8 user since March of 2006.

About SpikeDragon[]

SpikeDragon first started posting on Board 8 in early 2006 after lurking in late 2005.

Past Competitions[]

When first entering Board 8, SpikeDragon created a Pokemon Hurt and Heal, where users would hurt Pokemon from each region until 30 of them remained. Back then, only a handful of Diamond and Pearl Pokemon had been announced, so only 10 progressed to the next round, making it 100 in the semifinal. Users then narrowed down the 100 to a measly thirty, and finally, a winner emerged. Cubone had come out in first, with Lucario in second, and Golduck in third.

SpikeDragon also created a contest called Spike's Axe The Users. The contest started out with 102 users, and was brought down to 5 in the final round. The winner turned out to be th3l3fty, with Rocktillery coming in at second.

Spike's Alts[]

The following list is a list of his alts, listed in order of their number. The number of an alt can be found under the quote in that account's profile.

- PlasticGlass

- Spikedross

- Berzerker_Claw

- Mach_106

Spike's Top 60 Users[]

In 2007, SpikeDragon composed a list of his 60 favorite users. Then, his favorite user was DSRage. His 2008 list featured a place change, with DSRage falling to 3rd, and DragonsFury becoming Spike's favorite user. His 2009 list again featured a place change, with The Utility Man jumping from 35th to 1st over the course of a year.

Spike's Top 60 Users of 2008[]

1. DragonsFury

2. Heroic Palmer

3. DSRage

4. BBallman7

5. th3l3fty

6. yazzy14

7. PukeInMyPot

8. MegatokyoEd

9. SBell0105

10. Luis_Sera89

11. Forceful Dragon

12. linkhatesganon

13. StifledSilence

14. Minipoooot

15. raytan7585

16. wavedash101

17. pikaness

18. mccheyne

19. kirbyjump

20. FigureOfSpeech

21. LinkLegend27

22. Icehawk

23. ScorpionX3

24. Deathborn 668

25. ShatteredElysium

26. Janus5000

27. Mega Mana

28. Miss_Rydia

29. DpObliVion

30. Taslion

31. FFDragon

32. amyvitality66

33. xXSabin FigaroXx

34. PumpkinCoach

35. The Utility Man

36. Sk0rne3000

37. SHINE GET 64

38. andymancan1

39. kbmusiclover

40. warning_crazy

41. ff6man

42. SlightlyEroticPigeon

43. Smurf

44. TheKnightOfNee

45. Yonex

46. SF_Clowns

47. MajinZidane

48. Xcarvengerx

49. Delseban

50. swirldude

51. stingers135

52. Mr Lasastryke

53. PlasticGlass

54. yoblazer33

55. X_Dante_X

56. Crossfiyah

57. SilverNightmareX7

58. Bokonon_Lives

59. War13104

60. GrapefruitKing

Spike's Top 60 Users of 2009[]

1. The Utility Man

2. PukeInMyPot

3. DSRage

4. DragonsFury

5. BBallman7

6. MegatokyoEd

7. th3l3fty

8. Forceful Dragon

9. Heroic Palmer

10. LiselTestify

11. rammtay

12. Princess Anri

13. yazzy14

14. SBell0105

15. Luis_Sera89

16. GodOfGaming

17. raytan7585

18. FigureOfSpeech

19. Viviff

20. Sir Chris

21. Icehawk

22. swirldude

23. WiggumFan267

24. yoblazer33

25. Swift

26. stingers

27. GuessMyUserName

28. Justin_Crossing

29. Coffee Ninja

30. LinkLegend27

31. Steiner

32. linkhatesganon

33. FFDragon

34. War13104

35. ScorpionX3

36. amyvitality66

37. PumpkinCoach

38. ShatteredElysium

39. warning_crazy

40. ff6man

41. TheKnightOfNee

42. Yonex

43. Bokonon_Lives

44. Ness26

45. LavaLord

46. Pianist

47. PhantomLink

48. Smurf

49. espio4000

50. Master Moltar

51. Xcarvengerx

52. Shadow Ryoko

53. SuperAngelo128

54. Miss_Rydia

55. SilverNightmareX7

56. StifledSilence

57. Crossfiyah

58. Janus5000

59. SythaWarrior

60. Lopen


SpikeDragon has achieved many things during his stay on Board 8.

  • SpikeDragon placed third in wingzfan's Hurt and Heal, behind StifledSilence and pikaness.
  • Spike placed first in SBell0105's first Hurt/Heal/Kill. In the second Hurt/Heal/Kill, he placed third.
  • SpikeDragon has appeared on several favorite users lists, including that of StifledSilence, SBell0105, DSRage, Taslion, Smurf, Yonex, linkhatesganon, and even, at one point, the list of Mershiness.
  • In the Ultimate User League, SpikeDragon placed 2nd in Division V of Season 2, 5th in Division III of Season 3, and 1st in Division III of Season 4. He took first in Division N of the UUL World Cup. In the final bracket, he lost in the third round to X_Dante_X by one vote.
  • In the Syrup Cup, a bonus tournament following the end of a season, Spike lost to StifledSilence in the final round. When the second tournament came around following the World Cup, Spike defeated Stifled in the semi-finals by one vote. He then went to defeat th3l3fty in the final round by two.
  • SpikeDragon has received one Stifled Award from StifledSilence.

Spike's Comments[]

"Here we have our good friend SpikeDragon. He's a...dragon with, uh...spikes protruding from him. Not frickin' laser beams attached to his head. Just spikes. Yup.

As you might recall, Spike had a list a few weeks ago with his favorite users. My list is half the size of his, as Spike's list had 60 people on it. But you know, it's not the size of the list that counts. It's the...*insert sexual innuendo here*. Ha! So anyway, I placed at #54 on his list. I was quite happy about that because it was the first time another user noticed my awesomeness. Well of course, I notice Spike's awesomeness too and he made it all the way to my top ten. Congrats on that!

I first noticed SpikeDragon in the first Hurt and Heal the user contest. He was apparently not that popular at the time and was quickly eliminated. That topic purged though, and a second Hurt and Heal the User contest was made. SpikeDragon entered this one as well and had completely different results. To begin with, Spike helped out with the contest from the very beginning. He frequently provided score updates and actively participated. In terms of the results, Spike placed in 3rd in the contest, only being edged out by myself and pikaness. It was obvious that whatever Spike had done to piss people off in the past was long forgotten and he was clearly one of the most well-liked users entered. I'd go as far as to say Spike is one of the most well-liked users on all of Board 8.

Spike seems to also be doing well in season 2 of the UUL. He's in Division V, which as I stated earlier is the best division. He has scored decisive wins against myself and Criona. He has only lost to wavedash thus far due to his superior barrel rolling technique. I have a feeling though that it will be one of Spike's only losses and he'll finish near the top of the division.

Mr. Dragon currently has a nifty little topic called "Spike's Axe The Users Contest". It involves tossing people off the list you don't want on there. It seems like it'll be pretty exciting with loads of revenge axes going left and right. I look forward to when it starts. If you haven't already entered, I insist you do immediately. Go!

So to conclude, SpikeDragon is one of the best parts of Board 8. He seems to finally be making his mark after whatever held him back in his early days and people like him. And of course, I like him too." - StifledSilence

"One of the coolest guys on Board 8". - Meeptroid

"An amazing user on Board 8, who's changed since his one-year anniversary". - AlienBabalien

"Great user and has definitely become more popular since I first met him. One of my favs and I placed in the high 30's on his list! Or was it the high 40's? Can't remember. Anyway while I may not be one of his absolute favorites, we were born on the same day and we're the same age! And in the end that has to count for something, right"? - GammA07

"Nice user. I can't wait until you're more active again! Or until you get AIM. - linkhatesganon