There's only a 50% chance that Spread Betting will ruin your life

The Spread Bet is a challenge that FastFalcon first brought to Board 8 many years ago. Each day he would set a new line for the upcoming matchup (for instance "Mario over Olimar with 80%") and all competitors would be able to bet money on either Mario to break 80% or Olimar to break 20%.

In more recent years this competition has been taken over by kaonashi and MZero, who have made it more popular than ever by purchasing each season's winner a new video game of their choice.

Past Spread Bet Champions Edit

Note: Each contestant is given $1000 at the start of the season

2018 Character Battle:

2015 Game Contest:

2013 Character Contest:

2011 Rivalry Rumble:

2010 Game of the Decade:

2010 Character Battle:

2009 Game Contest:

Complete Results for Past Seasons Edit