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The Spring Contest is the annual voting tournament on GameFAQs started in 2004 as an addition to the annual Summer Contest. Unlike the Summer Contest, the Spring Contest deals with a subject different from just characters in general, and it changes each year.

SpC2K4 was a search for the Best. Game. Ever, and Final Fantasy VII won, to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

SpC2K5 was Best. Villain. Ever. Again, nobody was surprised when Sephiroth won.

Many people believe that the SpC2K5 was set up precisely because Sephiroth was guaranteed the win, so that he could be removed from the main bracket in that year's Summer Contest (SC2K5), and put into the Tournament of Champions along with Cloud and Link.

SpC2K6 was Best. Series. Ever. Although most expected a victory from Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda won.