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A sprite comic by BlackMageJawa.

Spriter's Block started as an episode of BMJ's main comic, Life of Tim, in which he attempted to explain a long absence by joking that Lucasarts had sued him over the character of El Pollo Diablo.

BMJ quite liked this humorous 'real world' interruption, and removed the strip from the LoT archive and started a new series from it.

The comic is based around a sprite comic author named, coincidentally, BlackMageJawa, and features the strange and ridiculous things that prevent him from getting his strips finished on time.

His friends, Ciel and Vaatilda, are both based on cancelled characters from other strips. Vaatilda (a Vaati recolour) was originally intended to appear in Life of Tim, while Ciel was the heroine of a Snatcher inspired comic (called Ripper) that BMJ once began but cancelled after three strips.

It has also featured Rabites, Rabbids, zombies and Phoenix Wright, all getting between him and some proper writing time. So next time you complain about how late Life of Tim is, just think how hard this spriting stuff can actually be.

Spriter's Block