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Who is Spy?[]

Spy is a selectable character from Team Fortress 2. While it is unknown where he is from, his accent suggests that he is from France. Spy is under the support category in Team Fortress 2 and while he can fight traditionally he is better used for his secondary abilities. Spy has the ability to disguise himself as the opposing team which can give the team some information on what the other team is planning, he reverts back to himself when he attacks an opposing player. He can make himself invisible with different types of cloaks including one where he drops a dead body making the other team think that he is dead. Spy also has the ability to destroy enemy buildings with the electro-sapper. Spy's most famous attack is the backstab which he can perform with the knife and when he is behind, to the side, or sometimes directly in the face of the opposing player.

"If you manage to kill them then I assure you that they were not like me and nothing, nothing like the man loose inside this building." - BLU Spy on RED Spy
"What are you, the president of his fan club?" - BLU Scout
"No, that would be your mother." - BLU Spy

Contest History[]

Win-Loss Record: 0-2

Summer 2008 Contest - Division 4 - Fourth Group

  • Division 4 Round 1 --- 4th place, 20239 [15.22%] - Pikachu, 42741 [32.15%] - Arthas Menethil, 35479 [26.69%] - Ike, 34477 [25.94%]

Spy went largely unnoticed in his first contest appearance, nobody expected much out of him due to being a part of an ensemble cast and the highlight of the match wasn't about him. Still Spy was able to get a respectable performance and show that he is likely the strongest Team Fortress 2 character.

Winter 2010 Contest - Mushroom Division - 15 Seed

  • Mushroom Round 1 --- Lost to (2) Master Chief, 31029 [39.78%] - 46974 [60.22%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 126th Place [12.40%]

Don't let the x-stat value fool you, Spy was behind three weird matches. Spy was able to use the vote-in to reach the contest, but was stuck agaisnt Master Chief. Instead of rolling over and dying Spy was almost able to break 40% on Master Chief throwing his match against Hayabusa into question again. Was that a sign of strength or were Master Chief's anti-votes talking again?