Spyro the Dragon is the purple, fire-breathing protagonist from his own series. The trilogy on the Playstation was made by Insomniac, the same company who would later make the highly praised Ratchet and Clank series. After the third game was finished on Playstation, Insomniac gave Spyro to Sierra and we haven't seen a great Spyro game since.

Spyro's made three appearances in the Summer Contests. He was in the Summer 2002 Contest and was eliminated in the first round by Morrigan Aensland. Spyro didn't appear again until the Summer 2007 Contest, where he would finish dead last in a match also including Leon Kennedy, Ridley, and Vivi Ornitier.  After a six year hiatus from competition, Spyro appeared again in the Summer 2013 Contest, getting his first victory against The Walking Dead's Clementine and Reyn from Xenoblade Chronicles, only for in the next round to finish last behind Sephiroth and... Morrigan again! The next Character battle had him losing to Chun-Li.

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