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Round Two


Friday, October 19th, 2007

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2909
Round Division 8 Semi Final
Match # 47
Match Date Friday, October 19th, 2007
Squall - 32.78%
Sora - 25.12%
Aeris - 23.55%
Lara Croft - 18.57%
Squall first place (4pts) - 33.44%
Squall second place (2pts) - 12.83%
Sora second place (4pts) - 38.01%
Sora first place (2pts) - 9.97%
Squall - 46.27% (16,992)
Sora - 47.98% (17,620)

So hey, remember this match?

A lot can change in four years. Aeris not only doubled Sora, but in all likelihood she SFFd him into the ground during that match. That's a lot of ground to make up, even though Sora had trended way up since 2003 and Aeris way down. Sora upset Ryu Hayabusa in 2004, survived Alucard before getting SFFd by Snake in 2005, broke 45% on Mega Man in 2006 and scored a very good percentage in the first round of this contest. Aeris meanwhile wasn't even being nominated for contests and only had the 2003 match and 43% on Zelda in 2006 to hang her hat on.

1 on 1, Aeris might actually still be able to beat Sora. Because 1 on 1, not many things can beat Final Fantasy 7. Add Squall into the poll however and it becomes exceedingly obvious Aeris is in trouble. Who is Squall going to SFF more, Aeris or Sora?

Come match time, the whole debate ended in seconds. Sora led by near 100 at the freeze, and basically dominated from there to bury Aeris. Even more impressive is what Sora did to Squall during the ASV. Squall's peak lead this match was 5100 votes, but he only won by 4343. Cutting 650 off the first place lead like that when the match is long over is no joke. Sora obviously wasn't going to survive next round against the Squall/Sonic combo, but he was still very impressive this year.

I suppose I should say something about Lara Croft here, and to be fair her being that close to Aeris shows just how badly Aeris did in this match.

Stats and Analysis[]

this was one of the heaviest-debated matches. Aeris doubled up Sora in 2003, and is the #1 reason why we didn't see perfect brackets in the sucky 2004 contest. since then, Sora had been increasing and quickly, while Aeris had either been a no-show or disappointed in every single match she had been in. but still, Aeris went up and doubled Sora; that shouldn't change THAT much.

but oh, it did. Squall did good like everyone would expect, but Sora took it to Aeris early on and never let up. it was thought that Aeris would survive because she's from FF7 and some people will vote FF7 over everything, but she almost lost to Lara here. a much-anticipated dud of a match here as Squall and Sora cruised to easy wins.

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