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Squirtle is a pokemon that debuted in the Character Battles in 2013. Squirtle is a small Pokémon that resembles a light blue turtle. While it typically walks on its two short legs, it has been shown to run on all fours in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It has large brown eyes and a slightly hooked upper lip. Each of its hands and feet has three pointed digits. The end of its long tail curls inward. Its body is encased by a tough shell that forms and hardens after birth. This shell is brown on the top, pale yellow on the bottom, and has a thick white ridge between the two halves. 

It is one of three original starter pokemon in the games and is said to be the most popular starter. The turtle has also been popular for it's anime appearance in the "Squirtle Squad" and it's use of black sunglasses. The bubble-blowing turtle had a very impressive contest debut, reaching the final nine after defeating the likes of Dante, Leon Kennedy, and NNiner Cloud. In the final nine Squirtle stood head to head with Pikachu, making experts realize the turtle is just as strong as the eletric rat.

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