Board 8 Wiki

Bio (of sorts)[]

He's 6'3, black, and lives in Vermont of all places, but attends Fordham University in NYC. There aren't many black people in Rutland and he is the only one at his work, so it gets awkward at times, especially when everyone talks about American Idol or Grey's Anatomy because he doesn't watch that ****

He enjoys playing videogames, but he sucks at them. He only owns a 360, Dreamcast, GBA, and I forgot to mention a Genesis, but has friends that own pretty much anything else. It wouldn't matter if he didn't have friends with all those systems because he could live off of his Dreamcast alone playing NFL 2K1, Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio and Power Stone 2. However, none of those games belong to his favorite genres, shooters and racers.

He is a trash talker because he enjoys getting a reaction out of other players and also because he hates it when it is silent. He means no harm though for the most part and if you get offended, he will apologize. If he does mean what he says, then you can ****ing forget about getting an apology

Contrary to popular belief, fried chicken is not his favorite food, didn't like the movie Barber Shop, has only had Kool-Aid once and watermelon a couple times in his life, has never run away from the cops or lions, and has never seen anything that Tyler Perry has done, so everyone can shut the **** up and not even bother asking him that retarded ****


"When he says he sucks at videogames, he really means it, though I have only played with him in two games"- KCF0107