SuperNiceDog is a user from San Francisco who has been following the GameFAQs Contests since 2004, but didn't come to the attention of Board 8 until 2011 when he took 2nd place in the Rivalry Rumble Contest. SND's bracket was 1 point away from perfection (he took Ramza > Nightmare in R1), which was good enough to win the Guru Contest.

SND as Yuri Lowell(Tales of Vesperia)

He made an appearance on Season 3, episode 8 of The Show, where he discussed a potential character nomination pic of Lugia and a potential games contest pic of League of Legends. In some ways he was prophetic in discussing the possible power that such a game could have on the contests. His favorite games at the moment are League of Legends , World of Warcraft , and Final Fantasy 7 (edited Oct 2018)

Guru Nomination Announcement Edit

Hi guys this is SuperNiceDog . I won the Rivalry Rumble Guru Contest in 2011.

My nomination choice for the 2013 contest is Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia. He's my favorite character from my favorite series. I think he can win a match if he gets like a 6 seed or so, and doesn't have to face a bad opponent like Tifa in 2010. He's a great character, and despite his girly looks, he's pretty badass. So nominate him. Thanks!

My second choice would be a probe from Starcraft/Starcraft II. I think this is a character that could be super strong like L-block, universally known by Gamefaqs voters. As of right now, Yuri is my nomination choice though.

Contest Live Casts/Future Board ActivityEdit

Following his win in Guru in 2011, SuperNiceDog participated in the 2013, 2015, and 2018 contests. 

He was actively involved in the 2015 Best Game Ever Contest. Using the user name, POOTERSS , he filmed many of the Fall 2015 Contest Live Casts that were held on the Board 8 Discord on the days of the contest matches.

Contest Live Cast Day 10-0

Contest Live Cast Day 10-0

An example of one of the Live Casts, from Day 10 of the 2015 Best Game Ever Contest.

Many of the live casts can be found by searching for them on youtube under "Gamefaqs Live Cast 2015"

He missed the 2017 contest, and then was actively involved during the 2018 Character Battle .

He worked diligently with ZenofThunder to document the contest, using to snip memorable Board 8 moments during the contest.


Some of his other hobbies include cosplaying, poker, anime, and world history. He is also friends with Yoblazer33 and has hung out with him in real life.

Notable posts made by SuperNiceDog during the 2018 Contest:

Zelda isn't winning by enough, on Nov 13 2018 Edit

Zelda isn winning by enough

On the crazy day when Zelda beat Squall with 64%, SND reacted.

Still need rallies

In Early Nov 2018, SND felt the contest was getting boring due to lack of rallies.

Why the contest needs more rallies Edit

Snd in the stats topic

On Zelda, why she sucks

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