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Never before released in any country, fans around the world are excited at the announcement that Super Lisel World (Originally for the SNES) is coming to the Wii's Virtual Console. In addition, it will be updated with lush 6th-Gen 4d graphics that make the trees look like they're really behind you!

Board 8 Users have said the following about the game:
"It's about damn time!" ~ Smurf
"XD" ~ Twilight Swift
"...Whatever." ~ Leonhart

Here are the screen shots provided so far:
An image of Lisel jumping. That's his main in-game ability until you get more power-ups.
An image of a new item not found in the original Dagobah-released version.

When you obtain it, Lisel takes this form:

The only confirmed supporting cast as of yet are:
-Justin Timberlake (Ties up the unfinished knots from his role in LW 2 for the NES)

I'll try to keep this page updated as more media is released on the subject.