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The Beginning[]

In the Spring of 2009, continuing with his tradition of bracketed multi-board contests, Ulti created Video Game Battle 3, a 128 game contest with each match taking place daily across five boards: Board 8, LUE, Hacked, PotD and NGG. Video Game Battle 3 had overall lower vote totals than Ulti contests of the past, but one first round match in particular stood way out from the rest.

The Match[]

(8)Super Mario RPG vs (9)Donkey Kong Country was supposed to be a basic, predictable first round 8/9 match in the West division, but it turned out to be anything but. On the first day, Donkey Kong Country surprised and built up a 10 vote lead before SMRPG ultimately came back with Board 8's help. In the end, the match was tied at 52-52. As per Ulti's overtime rules influenced by NGamer's Chrono Trigger vs Ocarina of Time decision, the match was extended for a second day and everyone was allowed to vote again.

On the second day, DKC again built up a 10 vote lead, and again SMRPG came back with Board 8's help. DKC still managed to take a 4 vote lead late, but all four remaining votes went in favor of SMRPG to tie the overtime at 76-76 and bring the overall score to 128-128. This led to an unprecedented double overtime, the first of its kind in an Ulti contest. In the second overtime, DKC built up a seemingly insurmountable lead of 20. But LUE decided to rock the vote during the double overtime and got SMRPG's comeback train going before Board 8 once again completed it. But once again, the overtime ended in a tie and led to an unheard of, nearly impossible triple overtime. The score of the double overtime was 108-108, with an overall of 236-236. Had LUE not shown up huge in double overtime, DKC likely wins here.

In the third overtime and fourth overall day of this match, DKC once again built up a good lead. But unlike the three days prior, SMRPG didn't need a miracle comeback to tie things up. LUE put in a big topic to tie the match on their board, and Board 8 helped put DKC away for good an finally end the match. The score of the third overtime was 143-129, leading to an overall final score of 379-365.

This was easily the most epic first round match in any of Ulti's board contests, and it's unlikely we'll ever see a double overtime again, let alone a triple.


For whatever reason, Mario RPG fell flat after this match. It struggled to get a decent vote total against San Andreas in round 2, then Okami upset it in round 3.


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