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Surskit refers to the User of Board 8. For the Pokémon, don't click anywhere - it's a waste of time.

Surskit is a Chilean member of Board 8 that no one really cares about (except for those who do).


Surskit has been visiting GameFAQs for a pretty long time. Ever since 2002, he used the site for FAQs and game information, and found it quite convenient. He also immediately became a fan of the Character Battle, even though he knew half of the characters in it. However, he never really explored the boards until late 2004, when he got stuck in Paper Mario 2 and discovered said game's board, in which he was a regular. He soon stumbled upon Board 8 but never found it an attractive place. He visited in contest season and was mostly a lurker, but would seldom post for the sake of it (read: almost never). In 2007, Surskit actually gave the board a try off-season, and became a dedicated lurker. Still, he never posted outside of a few topics, mostly consisting of ranking lists and playthroughs.

Liking what he saw, at the beginning of the year of 2008, he created an account exclusively for Board 8. He wanted an alt that was simply a Pokémon's name, and after Ivysaur (created in 2007) became a Read-Only, he created Surskit successfully. He has been a regular user ever since.

He mostly keeps to himself and lurks a lot. He likes engaging in VGMusic discussion, making terribly unfunny sarcastic posts and reading projects by other users without them ever knowing. He especially tends to lurk music topics, and has a thing for lurking B8Chat/tinychat when excessively bored.

Extremely (Un)Interesting Facts[]

  • Alts: Omniscientless (original post-banned account), Wingull, SnowZangoose, LionInAComa. Older or banned accounts include pennington77, Smorg77 and Ivysaur.
  • Surskit's favorite Pokémon is not actually Surskit. Shocking indeed.
  • Board 8's cream of Banjo-Kazooie fanboyism.
  • He's there even when you don't see him.