swirldude is a Board 8 regular that has been around since 2003. He was known for being an author in The Fanfiction Project and was co-commissioner of NCAA Games in 2005-2006.

swirldude is also the official, undisputed Knuckles the Echidna fanboy on Board 8.

swirldude is a stats topic regular, despite appearing less in 2009 than in the past. He blames the boredom of 4-way matches.


Knuckles vs Magus was the best match in GameFAQs history, for obvious reasons.

swirldude also got the First Vote in 2003's Ryu vs Duke Nukem matchup.


Fun FactEdit

  • The original swirldude account was banned at some point in the past. The current "swiridude" account has a capital i in place of the lowercase L. He's proud to say that only a select few has noticed this discrepancy, probably due to the age of the "new" account.

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