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An old phrase back during the days after sc2k3 where the user maplejet constantly marked fad topics (these days, mapes often joins in fad topics). During this time, a topic asking people to type their usernames in backwards was present. It was here that maplejet typed his name backwards and tejelpam was born. Moments later, GingerBee added MED to the end and the term was formed. The post is used everywhere where maplejet does one of the following:

1). Marks a massive fad
2). Takes a in-your-face shot at a user
3). Puts out a whiner...this one is rare.

A user created the accout TEJELPAMMED but has never revealed who's alt he is of. It is rumored to be that of Aeon Azuran. In summer of 2010, both Aeon Azuran and TEJELPAMMED showed up for the first time in ages, leading me to believe that TEJELPAMMED is none other than the alt of Aeon.