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Now that I've done my first Board 8 contest, and first Board 8 Continuous Project, I've decided to try my hand at my first Ranking topic. I've chosen to rank the Robot Master themes seeing as Mega Man is one of my favorite series ever and because I know how much Smurf wanted me to do a ranking topic and loves Mega Man. ^_^

I'll be ranking each of the 83 Robot Master themes, which will include not only every Robot Master in the original series, but also a few remixes that come from them (Super Ghouls and Ghosts, Wood Man and Cut Man's remixes).

Starting things off, I'm going to list....
Rank - Robot (Game it's from)
Picture of the robot
Picture of the robot's stage
DRN/DWN/DCN/KGN (Creation Number) Dr. Right/Dr. Wily/Dr. Cossack/King
The Theme/extras

Ranks 83-76[]

Rank #83 - Astro Man (Mega Man & Bass)
DWN - 058

Stage theme -

All I can say about this theme is that it's absolutely dreadful. While playing Mega Man & Bass I turn the sound all the way off when I have to play this stage. I'm having trouble even calling this music it's so bad. When I first started doing this project I pretty much knew this would end up last. If you'll just listen to it for even 10 seconds you'll notice it doesn't even fit in a Mega Man game.

Rank #82 - Magic Man (Mega Man & Bass)
KGN - 006

Stage theme -

2 Mega Man & Bass themes in a row and this game is already starting to look like the weakest in terms of music, but not to worry even this game has some good themes.

As for Magic Man, it's another one of those weird songs that just doesn't fit in Mega Man. Now, I am willing to be a little lenient seeing as they were trying to give a theme based on who the robot is...but this song can't compete with the other 81 songs left. Unlike Astro Man, I can actually understand if a few people may enjoy this theme, but I hate it honestly. Even if they were going with the circus theme they could have upped the tempo a bit. This song is too slow and boring for what it should have been.

Rank #81 - Search Man (Mega Man 8)
DWN - 061

Stage theme -

This song is on all levels of weird. Search Man could have been an epic theme with the tones they used for it....but it kinda falls flat. =/

Honestly though, the way they did this song actually annoys me. It starts out really awful for me, then at about 15 seconds it starts getting a little better but it never reaches a higher level than slightly bad. Though to be fair, I'm not really sure what kind of theme you'd give a robot named Search Man....maybe some kind of espionage theme? Either way, This song had a lot of potential for me, but they killed all the potential and we're left with this.

Rank #80 - Star Man (Mega Man 5)
DWN - 037

Stage theme -

Continuing the trend of themes I consider really bad, especially for a Mega Man game, we come to Star Man. Another space themed robot but not quite as bad as Astro Man. This song actually fits well based on some of the other MM5 music because you can tell similarities here and there with the tones and sounds used.

Be that as it may, this song is terrible. I don't find it enjoyable to listen to at all. Search Man "almost" had a couple seconds of enjoyment but this song has none. However...Search Man's theme annoys me so this at least makes it higher than that.

These 4 ranked so far are the only songs I absolutely hate. So now we'll be getting into the songs I just dislike but don't particularly think are awful.

Rank #79 - Centaur Man (Mega Man 6)
DWN - 042

Stage theme -

Ok, this one may be a bit of an unpopular opinion here because even I will admit the song isn't awful. For me this is just a really boring song. It's very slow paced, which is kinda hard to do right in a Mega Man game, and it's kinda bland. This song is like the others I've mentioned so far in the fact that when I listen to it I DEFINITELY do not think Mega Man. The only real redeeming quality this song has for me is that it's a pretty peaceful song. Peaceful has been done MUCH better in Mega Man though.

Rank #78 - Aqua Man (Mega Man 8)
DWN - 064

Stage theme -

Much like I mentioned with Centaur Man, this song is quite peaceful. However, songs like this have trouble being peaceful without being boring which is exactly what this song is.

Now if you just wanted to listen to this song, it "could" be enjoyable, but we're talking about listening to this song while you play Mega Man and in that case it really REALLY does not work. And as I've mentioned before, doing a slow song well for Mega Man isn't easy. If the gameplay is a good bit faster than the tempo of the song it's real hard to cope with. Still, as mentioned, there are slow songs that have been done well and fit with the series, but this isn't one of them.

Rank #77 - Astro Man (Mega Man 8)
DWN - 058

Stage theme -

Astro Man sure got the short end of the stick here having both of his themes in the bottom 10. Like the previous 2, Astro Man doesn't have a terrible stage theme....if you call it a theme.

This song is one of the more up tempo themes that I've listed so far. However, what you get isn't really much of a theme. It's way too simple and comes off as pretty dull in my opinion. It's pretty unusual to have a faster song that bores me but this song somehow manages to do just that. But at the very least, this theme doesn't annoy me like Star Man or Search Man. All these "space" type robots really need to take a lesson from Galaxy Man so they'll know what a good space themed song is.

Rank #76 - Sword Man (Mega Man 8)
DWN - 059

Stage theme -

Continuing the trend of Mega Man 8 themes, we now have our 4th one. If it wasn't for the remixes that would be half the robot masters in the bottom 10. So 8 is doing the worst easily so far.

Sword man is an unusual case...because I actually do like some of the song. From 0.28 - 0.43 I would consider good. The rest of it I don't like at all. Other than that 15 seconds, I find this song to be dull and boring and following Astro Man's theme where it really isn't even much of a song. For the stage the theme is based on it fits nicely with the environment, but it just doesn't fit well for a Mega Man theme.

Ranks 75-66[]

Rank #75 - Crystal Man (Mega Man 5)
DWN - 040

Stage theme -


Ok, yes, I know many people love Crystal Man's theme, but I just never understood that. This music seems pretty meh at best. I don't like the robot, I hate the stage, and I don't want to listen to the music.

But anyway, I like the tempo but not the music itself. For me this is another theme that just sounds out of place and not right for a Mega Man game. I'm not sure what instruments they used for this song but I do at least like the choices there.

Anyway, I will say that they did a good job of fitting a theme to what kind of stage it is, it definitely gives off the right feel when playing the stage, it's just not a song I like though.

Rank #74 - Dynamo Man (Mega Man & Bass)
KGN - 001

Stage theme -

Another theme from Mega Man & Bass. It and Mega Man 8 really seem to be competing for last place here.

Anyway, we're just about to reach the point where I'm past all the songs I dislike. We only have 3 more to go after this one.

So about Dynamo's theme, it's pretty much stuck in the "meh it's not awful but not great" section. The theme starts off on a low point but starts picking up and you think it might actually turn out good...but in reality it never passes the low point it started at. This theme, like Search Man, had a lot of potential. They could have really made something of this song but they kept it so plain, boring and repetitive. Those 8-10 seconds that it hits a high note(before it goes higher) are almost enjoyable...almost...

Rank #73 - Burner Man (Mega Man & Bass)
KGN - 005

Stage theme -

Well that's the halfway mark for Mega Man & Bass. With only 4 robot themes left we now reach Burner Man's theme.

When the theme starts up....well, let's just say I have no idea what I'm listening to. It's music yea,'s like jazzed up elevator music. Why would they put this in a Mega Man game? Honestly Capcom, we already know that Mega Man & Bass stands out as the oddball game of the original series, but you didn't have to do EVERYTHING backwards. Games that are usually easy and then a hard one. Music that's usually good....and then a lot of bad music. <_<

Anyway, this theme is along the lines of Magic Man in the fact that it seems so out of place, especially for a FIRE Robot's stage. And this music is so deceptive, it may be cheery but the boss sure is a huge pain.

The song mostly sucks to be honest, but only 2 more songs to get through until we start getting to the ones I consider ok.

Rank #72 - Spring Man (Mega Man 7)
DWN - 053

Stage theme -

And Mega Man 7 takes it's first loss so far. But despite that there are still 5 more games that haven't had 1 single song appear on the list yet.

Spring man is the only Robot Master theme from Mega Man 7 that I can say I dislike. The music has a nice pace to it, but it's too cheery really. It feels like someone changed the tune of the Happy Birthday song and is humming it to you really fast. The song isn't particularly terrible per say, but it just kind of hovers over that "I don't hate it but don't want to hear it" line. It kind of seems like a tacky song really, if that makes any sense.

Rank #71 - Clown Man (Mega Man 8)
DWN - 060

Stage theme -

And Mega Man 8 again loses another theme so at this rate tazzy's prediction of all MM8 themes but Frost Man ending up before the top 60 could still hold true.

As for Clown Man's theme, this is the final theme that I can say I dislike, it's all average to awesome from here on out. This song was a bit of a tough one to place, I don't like it but it does such an amazing job of fitting a theme to the robot itself. Just starting up this song will probably immediately make you think about a circus, so it clearly does it's job very well. This music makes you feel just like you're in the perfect atmosphere for a robot named Clown Man.

I wanted to put this theme in the ok section purely based on how perfect it is for the robot/stage.....but I just don't like it. So at the very least it makes it to the top of the games I dislike.

Rank #70 - Fake Man (Mega Man 9)
(Optional DLC Boss so no number)

Stage theme -

So, starting off now with the songs I only find ok, we come to our first Mega Man 9 theme. Strangely though, it's the theme/stage/robot you get only through DLC.

What puts this so low is that while I like the part of the song from 0.34 - 0.58, I don't really care for the rest of it. That portion of the song though feels like Mega Man Battle Network in a way. Thankfully though, this is an optional theme because Mega Man 9 overall has some really nice music, but this song is a so so song that brings it down a little. But overall, like half the song, dislike the other half, so that lands it at the very bottom of the "ok song" area.

Rank #69 - Wood Man (Mega Man 8 remix)
DWN - 016

Stage theme -

And another Mega Man 8 theme is gone, that leaves 5 left.

Ok for starters, I am not a fan of Wood Man's theme but I am ok with it, however....I do like the original a good bit better than this remix. It seems like they tried too hard with this because it feels overdone. This is the kind of theme I would expect at a really bad night club. Still because it at least retains the core essence of the Woodman theme it makes it into the ok games section.

Rank #68 - Turbo Man (Mega Man 7)
DWN - 056

Stage theme -

Now, this may be an unpopular opinion to have him this high cause I've seen people say they absolutely hate this theme.....which never made any sense to me.

I actually like Turbo's Man's theme, but I place it in the ok category because of how repetitive it is. They really could have done a lot more with it. The theme seems a bit cartoony, but the whole game of Mega Man 7 was really that way. But even though there isn't much to this theme, I'm glad they used a nice up beat tempo for it since he is "turbo" man after all, and no not the one from Jingle All the Way. <_<

Rank #67 - Jewel Man (Mega Man 9)
DRN - 069

Stage theme -

While I fully believe that the entire original 8 Robot Master themes for Mega Man 9 were good, I feel that this one kind of falls short of the other 7. I feel that this theme has no bad points, but also no points where it really stands out as amazing either. I'm not a fan of the 1st half of it but I do like the 2nd half. This theme kind of reminds me of Crystal Man in a way. It has that same atmosphere and feel to it, so they did a good job picking a theme for this stage, but I like this theme a lot more than Crystal Man.

Overall, ok song but nothing amazing.

Rank #66 - Drill Man (Mega Man 4)
DCN - 027

Stage theme -

And Mega Man 4 takes it's first loss leaving only Mega Man 1, 2 and 3 left that have yet to appear on the list, but that will soon change for one of them. =p

For being the low man on the totem poll for Mega Man 4, Drill Man isn't too bad at all. However, it suffers from the complete opposite that Jewel Man did. I like the 1st half of this theme but not so much the 2nd half. I find Mega Man 4 to be one of the more mixed bags of music. If you hear a few themes from Mega Man 5, even without knowing them, you can pretty much guess they're from the same game (Though I do like some a lot more than others). That isn't the case with 4 though, it's very diverse.

Anyway, this song is also only "ok" due to me liking only half of it.

Ranks 65-56[]

Rank #65 - Elec Man (Mega Man 1)
DRN - 008

Stage theme -

And that leaves only Mega Man 2 and 3 who haven't appeared on the list.

Ok, I know this may seem low to some of you, but I really feel that most of the Mega Man 1 themes haven't stood the test of time like the other NES Mega Man games. Though this is still an enjoyable theme, I feel it has some bad moments as well. This is another song where I have to list as ok because I only like part of it.

While themes from Mega Man 1 are still enjoyable, I would say only 2 of them could compete with the other old games. Which 2 though? Well, you won't find that out until later. =p

One other thing I would like to point out about Elec Man's theme is that many have pointed out the resemblance it has to 2 other songs. "Faithfully" by Journey and R.E.M.'s "All The Right Friends"

Rank #64 - Bright Man (Mega Man 4)
DCN - 025

Stage theme -

Right away I want to apologize to Silver_Ermine here. I know you said you really liked Bright Man but I already had the list finished before I started posting these. =/

Anyway, we now come to our 2nd theme from Mega Man 4. The main problem that I see with this song is that it sticks out but for the wrong reason. While it's technically a good song, some of the sounds they used for it kinda bother me a little. The music flows nicely, but isn't a song I find that I can repeatedly listen to again and again like most of my higher up ones. The weird thing about this song is that I can't say I like the 1st half or 2nd half, but little parts of it here and there. It's not a bad song by any means, it's simply the fact that I think of the songs that are at least ok I find it to be one of the weaker ones.

Rank #63 - Guts Man (Mega Man 1)
DRN - 004

Stage theme -

Oh boy, it pains me to list Guts Man so low, but we're getting out of the "ok" section and into the "somewhat like" section pretty soon and as I mentioned I feel most of the Mega Man 1 music has not stood the test of time so well.

Now I'm well aware of how popular the robot is, and how well known his stage is for the jumps, but we aren't talking about those things we're talking about the music. So let's get rid of that Guts Man love and focus on just the song. If you listen to the song it's actually not too bad, you may even enjoy it as I do. However, as you can easily tell this may be the most repetitive song any robot master has ever had and that's exactly why I have to rank it so low. I realize it was Mega Man 1, so I'd like to cut them a little slack here....but I can't seeing as 2 of the songs, as I mentioned, can still compete quite well with the other old music.

Rank #62 - Tengu Man (Mega Man 8) (Saturn Version)
DWN - 057

Stage theme -

Mega Man 8 yet again loses another theme, leaving it with only 4 remaining.

It's interesting to note here that between the PSX and Saturn versions of Mega Man 8 that only Tengu Man has a completely different song. The rest of the songs have minor changes to my knowledge, but this is the only one where there was a big difference.

As for the song itself, it seems like a really good song at first, but this song is kind of like Bright Man for me where I just end up liking parts of it here and there and the rest of it I don't care for. It has drastic ups and downs for me which evens out to ok. I feel that even though this one is more lively and a tad bit more up tempo than the PSX version, I still enjoy the PSX version a lot more.

Rank #61 - Ice Man (Mega Man 1)
DRN - 005

Stage theme -

Poor Mega Man 1. =/ As I've said many times, Time has not been kind to this game.

Years and years ago, this song would have been much higher on my list, but after so long this song has dwindled down further and further until now when I don't even listen to it anymore. It also doesn't help that Since then Mega Man 9 has come out and has put even more songs above it.

Anyway, for it's time this was quite a good theme.....I just don't find it that great in comparison to many of the other great songs that have come from this series. If you think about this song being for an ice stage, you may think it seems a bit strange, that is unless you were there for Mega Man 1 and played it way back then. If that were the case, then you'd know this song fits perfectly. It's a very awkward arrangement really, but it does at least make it stand out so I'm sure there are many who like this theme.

Rank #60 - Bomb Man (Mega Man 1)
DRN - 006

Stage theme -

Much like the other Mega Man 1 themes that have been listed so far, I would have put this theme much higher years and years ago (pre Mega Man 7). And like the other 3, this Mega Man 1 theme has just slowly lost my interest where the other old Mega Man songs didn't.

These theme is actually quite peaceful considering the robot's name is BOMB Man. I also feel that the first 24 seconds of it really don't seem like a Mega Man theme, and even after that it'd be stretching it a bit to say it fits in.

Well, there you have it. Cut Man and Fire Man I would say are leagues above the 4 already listed, but I won't say how much higher they are just yet.

Rank #59 - Ground Man (Mega Man & Bass)
KGN - 003

Stage theme -

Mega Man & Bass now has the fewest themes remaining.

This theme begins my list of "slightly liked" themes. When I mentioned earlier that slower themes are a lot harder to do and still be good...this theme kinda boarders the middle of that. It's a little more up tempo than a slow theme but it's also not quite what I meant by good either. While I do like this theme, I do have to comment on the fact that it too suffers from a bit of repetitiveness. Well this theme just boarderlines that line between "ok" and "slightly liked" I do have to say I at least love the slow rising notes that play behind the main part that is repetitive.

Rank #58 - Wood Man (Mega Man 2)
DWN - 016

Stage theme -

Perhaps a bit expected given how low I ranked the remix of this song, but just as I mentioned in the remix I'm not a big fan of Wood Man's theme. I like it enough for it to reach this high but I feel it's a bit lacking. It has the up beat tempo, it has that sort of rock feeling but it seems a bit repetitive. I actually also feel that the music doesn't fit the stage well. I mean sure if you've played the game many times like I have you'll always relate the music with that stage, but it doesn't seem right for the stage.

And there you have it, Mega Man 3 is the last game to appear on the list...but it's time comes soon, in fact the next placement will be the first Mega Man 3 theme. And I know no matter which Mega Man 3 theme it is, someone is going to say it shouldn't be so low, but this is the only Mega Man 3 theme that will be this low.

Rank #57 - Gemini Man (Mega Man 3)
DWN - 019

Stage theme -

Sorry again to Silver but I'm really not a Gemini Man Fan either. =/

I mean, I can clearly see why people would like this theme, but I don't care for it too much as it's only a "slightly like". For me it's the same as Crystal/Jewel Man, other people seem to love these but to me they just seem average. Sure I can admit this song is well done, but if I don't really enjoy listening to it then I can't put it really high. Still, for the weakest Mega Man 3 theme to be above 26 other themes that's pretty good I'd say.

Rank #56 - Heat Man (Mega Man 2)
DWN - 015

Stage theme -

2 quick losses for Mega Man 2 doesn't look so good.

For the record though, I like Heat Man's theme, so why is it so low? Repetitive...repetitive......repetitive. There's really no other reason that I put it down here. The theme starts off fine, and it seems like it's going good...then you find out it's only about 25 seconds long and it repeats. Really nothing else I can say about it. <_<

Ranks 55-46[]

Rank #55 - Knight Man (Mega Man 6)
DWN - 044

Stage theme -

Been quite a while since Mega Man 6 lost anything, but things started to get more difficult to place and someone had to next we have Knight Man.

While I think this theme has some good parts I feel that it could still use some improvement with the ending of the song (Mainly 0:52 - 1:05). Also the first 7 seconds of it I don't care for either. From 0:08 and 0:51 it's not a bad theme at all. The thing about Mega Man 6 though, is that I feel most of it's music suffers from the same problem. Many of them, like Mega Man 5, have similarities to where you can point out which ones are from the same game without even knowing them. It's hard to describe exactly what I'm talking about without knowing the songs well yourself, but those similarities hurt the Mega Man 6 soundtrack unfortunately.

Rank #54 - Wind Man (Mega Man 6)
DWN - 047

Stage theme -

Now we have another Mega Man 6 theme, and this one takes my like and dislike to the extreme.

The first 31 seconds of this I do not like AT ALL. But after that...I love most of the rest of it. Those first 31 seconds just seem so badly done, like they didn't try with it. After that though, pure greatness and it sounds just like a Mega Man game. Even though I love the 2nd half, the fact that I don't like listening to the 1st half at all really hurts this theme on my ranking.

He's no Gyro Man or Air Man, that's for sure.

Rank #53 - Burst Man (Mega Man 7)
DWN - 051

Stage theme -

After 14 spots another Mega Man 7 theme falls.

I personally find Burst Man's theme to be pretty good, but it isn't one of those I could listen to over and over as it kinda loses it's appeal after the 1st or 2nd go through. The song may not be that repetitive, but it feels like it is after listening through it and then listening again. The theme also does not seem like it fits the stage well at all.

This theme would be higher if it had the lasting effect it seriously lacks (And because I liked 52 other themes more). You could listen to it and think "Hey, that's a good theme" but then after trying it again it doesn't seem as good.

Rank #52 - Yamato Man (Mega Man 6)
DWN - 048

Stage theme -

Before I started up this project, going from memory I thought Mega Man 6 would easily be the worst of the 10 games overall but even though it's been losing some themes recently it's still doing better than Mega Man 8 and Mega Man & Bass.

As far as the song goes, do you base a theme on something named Yamato Man? Well they somehow managed to not only do that, but also fit the theme to the stage pretty well too. This theme is actually quite the's just not a theme I'm all that excited about. The tones they used definitely give you a Japanese feel as you go through the stage.

The reason it's so low though, is that while I feel the middle of the song is pretty good, the beginning and ending of it are just ok.

Rank #51 - Dust Man (Mega Man 4)
DCN - 030

Stage theme -

Ah Dust Man.....when I was first starting up the rankings on notepad to determine where I wanted everyone, I felt Dustman was going to place pretty low but after listening to his song again I decided that I liked it more than I originally thought. The only thing is, I find this song kinda lacking. There really isn't a whole lot to it, but what it does have seems to fit quite well....but that may just be because I'm use to the theme. >_>

So, he made it higher than I was expecting, but I wouldn't say the theme is all that special seeing as 51/83 isn't too impressive.

Rank #50 - Plant Man (Mega Man 6)
DWN - 045

Stage theme -

So we've finally reached the TOP 50.............out of 83 so I guess it isn't that special of an occasion.

Anyway, Mega Man 6 is now tired with Mega Man & Bass for 2nd worst so far with each of them having only 3 themes left. Sure Mega Man 1 has just 2 themes left but it only started with 6 so unless you want to break it down into fractions I'm counting it as being above 6. =p

As for Plant Man's theme, this was at one time my favorite Mega Man 6 theme, but it's fallen quite far since then. But in my early child years when I played through the Mega Man games I pretty much just loved every theme. XD Even though Plant Man has been dropped way down to #50 though, that doesn't make it a bad theme by any means. I feel the theme has a good tempo and flows nicely, however...most of the song is just ok for me. What pushes it that little bit more to make it above what it has is actually just the last 13 seconds of it (0:32-0:45). I really love that part of it. Sure it's repetitive but idk...there's just something about it I like. The only thing is, that part of the song is usually all I remember the song for.

Rank #49 - Stone Man (Mega Man 5)
DWN - 035

Stage theme -

I believe this now means that Mega Man 5 has gone the longest between losing a theme as it made it 25 spots before finally losing another one.

As I mentioned before, I really don't like Star Man and I don't really care for Crystal Man, so for me this is where good music from Mega Man 5 begins.

To be honest....Stone man is one of those rare exceptions that probably should be a little higher but because of the way I decided to determine rankings he got put a little lower. This is actually a pretty good theme, and it's going to get really hard from here on out because every song left, I like. What really hurts this song is the ending of it. The song builds up nicely all the way to the very last part....then I simply don't care for the way they ended it. =/

However, this point marks the start of songs I can re-listen to and still enjoy.

Rank #48 - Concrete Man (Mega Man 9)
DRN - 065

Stage theme -

I assure you that Concrete Man appearing right after Stone Man is just a coincidence.

Mega Man 9....what great music this game has. Even to the song that placed 7th out of 9 in that game this is a great song. This game has such an amazing pace to it which really makes me enjoy it that much more. Though, what puts this game so low for me is the middle of it(0:32-0:43), because there it kinda loses it's flavor....for me at least. Other than that 11 second part I do enjoy the song to an extent. I find it to be a song I enjoy listening to even right now, however the 47 above it I like more so it had to be Ranked 48. =p

Rank #47 - Crash Man (Mega Man 2)
DWN - 013

Stage theme -

Crash Man is kind of the oddball of Mega Man 2. I would say it sounds the most unique of all the themes in this game. It's even one of those that stands out from every Mega Man theme.

While being unique can be a good still need to be a good song while being unique. =p This song is enjoyable, but overall I still feel it's in the weaker half of it's game. Uniqueness here may hurt it a little as well seeing as it doesn't seem like it'd be a Mega Man song. Basically what it boils down to is that while I do enjoy the theme, it stays at a good level and never goes any higher. That's good enough to get it this high but when I get into the top 10 or even top 20 you have to have something special to be there and this song doesn't have it.

Rank #46 - Cold Man (Mega Man & Bass)
KGN - 002

Stage theme -

Mega Man & Bass is now down to 2 themes putting it in last place.

Capcom "usually" does a nice job with ice themes, and this one is no exception even if it's one of the weaker ones. It definitely gives off the right feel and I like that it's a peaceful song and yet still up beat. Though...Mega Man & Bass's soundtrack as a whole is just at a lower level than the majority of Mega Man games, and even with these that I like you can definitely tell the difference in quality, and that is what hurts this theme. While I like the song, it really has no places where it stands out as amazing or awesome, it's just averagely good.

Ranks 45-36[]

Rank #45 - Dive Man (Mega Man 4)
DCN - 031

Stage theme -

This was another one of those songs I use to like a lot more, but when I was doing the ranking I noticed just how repetitive this song is...and that really pushes it down on the list. It's a fun song, it's a fast song, and it does have a slight underwater feel to it. However it is still repetitive. Repetitiveness isn't always a bad thing though, it depends on how repetitive, how well the song can mask it, and just overall how enjoyable the song is anyway. This song is a bit too repetitive for my tastes though it is able to mask it some. Still, it's a good theme, just can't compete with the rest of the games themes that haven't been listed.

Rank #44 - Top Man (Mega Man 3)
DWN - 021

Stage theme -

Right at the halfway point and only 2 Mega Man 3 songs have appeared....seriously?!

Just listening to this song, I imagine the clinks of those metal things hitting one another. For 7th place out of 8 this song is really catchy. So what's it doing in 44th then.....well............

I find the first 19 seconds of it to only be ok....after that the song is great. So when you take ok and mix it with great you get good. And that's what this song is, good but not epic (at least not to me). It has nice tones and a nice tempo, but the beat doesn't stay consistent for me the entire way through.

Rank #43 - Shade Man (Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts theme) (Mega Man 7)
DWN - 055

Stage theme -

Here's a song even many who aren't really Mega Man fans may know. What an awesome moment it was to find out you could have this song play during the Shade Made stage though, and it certainly fits the stage well even if it doesn't fit Mega Man at all. =p

As much as I like this theme and as nostalgic as it is, I have 2 complaints.
1. I find the original Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts version somewhat better, but that isn't what brings it's rank down.
2. At about 0:57 into the song there's a 20 second near dead spot where there's hardly anything. This is what brings the song down so much.

Rank #42 - Blizzard Man (Mega Man 6)
DWN - 041

Stage theme -

As a comment on this video mentioned, I like the way the song builds all the way to the end, sort of like a snowball rolling down a mountain I guess you'd say. =p

Be that as it may, while the song does build it starts off kind of low and makes it up to great...which as you know ok + great = only good. This theme does have a good bit of emotion in it though, the deep tones in the middle of the song do play off really nicely.

Rank #41 - Cloud Man (Mega Man 7)
DWN - 052

Stage theme -

And we've reached the upper half and almost the top 40!

So as a kind of in-between halfway and top 40 we have Cloud Man.

I like how this theme feels peaceful and yet it's still has a pretty quick tempo. I also like the way they altered the song a bit for 7 seconds at 1:36. The trouble with this song is that while I do really like it, it's another of those songs I can't continuously listen to again and again, I get tired of it kinda quickly.

Rank #40 - Junk Man (Mega Man 7)
DWN - 050

Stage theme -

Up first in the top 40 is JUNK Man...the man of Junk................which is possibly one of the stupidest ideas for a Robot Master ever. Nonetheless though, he has a pretty good theme. Still, this puts quite a damper on Mega Man 7 as it went from 6 themes left to 3 left pretty quickly.

We've almost gotten to the point to where I can say I'm able to listen to the songs over and over and not get bored of it...but we still have a few to go for that. The top 40 though is where the real challenge of placing began.

About the song though, I really like the instruments they used for this song. This song seems to flow nicely section by section as well. From here on out, I will have very few problems with the songs themselves. And once it gets down to top 30 it's purely based on preference.

Rank #39 - Pirate Man (Mega Man & Bass)
DWN - 057

Stage theme -

And with Pirate Man now on the list, that leaves Mega Man & Bass with only 1 theme left and very close to elimination.

As for the song, this is what I was talking about in many of my earlier writeups. This song is a slower based song and yet I still really like it. It gives a great underwater feel and the instruments used definitely make the theme that much better. I absolutely love w/e instrument that is at the start (2 seconds into the song).

Rank #38 - Ring Man (Mega Man 4)
DCN - 029

Stage theme -

While I do really like this song, especially the 2nd half of it, my main gripe is that it seems very short. It starts off as a nice theme, then at 0:23 it kicks it into high gear for 12 seconds...and then that's the end of the song. If more of the song had been like that 12 seconds without being repetitive and had been a longer song I could see this song being top 15 without much trouble. However, I have to rank songs as a whole and not by just really liking a part of them.

Rank #37 - Tomahawk Man (Mega Man 6)
DWN - 046

Stage theme -

And now Mega Man 6 is also down to just 1 theme remaining.

Tomahawk Man doesn't have the problem Ring Man had, in fact Tomahawk Man is actually one of the longest songs in the original series being almost a min long (Yes I know there are longer though). However...this can work against you as I'm, once again, ranking the entire song not just the parts of it I like.

As for this song, it beautifully fits the theme of the Robot Master. I could actually compare this to some other Native American themes in other games and you can see similarities because Capcom really knew what they were doing with this one. But as I mentioned, being a really long song "can" be a downside if I don't like the entire song, and here I'd say I like 85% of it but that 15% is enough to get it ranked this low as I mentioned I like all the top 40.

Rank #36 - Skull Man (Mega Man 4)
DCN - 032

Stage theme -

And Mega Man 4 takes another hit, leaving it with just 2 remaining......Pharaoh Man and Toad Man

Going to the bone yard!................yea anyway, this theme is a real toss up on whether it fits or not. I know some people would probably expect a horror theme for Skull Man, much like Shade Man, but instead it actually has nothing to do with scary music at all. Instead it's a good bit more of a soft rock theme, which to me just seems normal as I grew up being use to it.

Well that just leaves the questions of which Mega Man 4 theme is my favorite and how high will they place?

Ranks 35-26[]

Rank #35 - Frost Man (Mega Man 8)
DWN - 062

Stage theme -

And Mega Man 8 claims the position for going the longest without losing a theme. Which is kind of strange really seeing it's awful showing early on but now these last few songs of it seem to be sticking around pretty good.

As I've said before, Capcom usually does a really good job with ice themes and this one is certainly no exception. I will admit this theme is lacking in variety, but somehow it's just so enjoyable to listen to for me. And background fast tempo blends so great with the slow foreground tempo, and the tones used fit so well.

Oh and before I forget.....JUMP JUMP, SLIDE SLIDE

Rank #34 - Cut Man (Mega Man 1)
DRN - 003

Stage theme -

NOSTALGIA OVERFLOWING!...........anyway, with Cut Man down that means Mega Man 1 also only has 1 theme left, also it means I prefer the MM8 Remix of Cut Man more...but not by much. =p

For being the first game, this is a really good song. Small buildup to start it off then it gets right into the main part of the theme. I actually can't go without humming this song as I type this. lol

The pace as it flows into each section of the song are great, the only thing I would have made differently about this song was make it a bit longer.

Rank #33 - Cut Man (Mega Man 8 remix)
DRN - 003

Stage theme -

Well....I did say I only liked it a little better than the original. XD

Seeing as the original Cut Man came before this on the list I really don't have much to say. Obviously I like it more because of how it's done seeing as everything but the general theme has been redone. =p

Rank #32 - Gyro Man (Mega Man 5)
DWN - 036

Stage theme -

Ok, except for the startup which I only find to be ok, I absolutely love this song.....but not caring the startup does really hurt it. It's a nice pleasant fast paced song. It really gives you that in the clouds feeling....but then again it could just be me being use to the song again. It's been a little while since Mega Man 5 had a loss, and I'm afraid to say it but the next song will also be a theme from Mega Man 5...

Rank #31 - Gravity Man (Mega Man 5)
DWN - 033

Stage theme -

And Gravity Man barely misses the top 30 cut off which leaves Mega Man 5 with only 3 themes remaining.

The most interesting thing about this song is obviously it's uniqueness. While I still think it has that Mega Man 5 feel to it where you could tell it's from 5 just by hearing it, it is clearly the most different one in the game not to mention being different from most of the series all together. Fortunately though, unlike themes like Astro Man and Centaur Man, this theme is actually GOOD!

It's also interesting to note the length of this song. It's REALLY long for a Mega Man theme. If this song were better overall in my opinion, it could be on a level of it's own due to the length.

Rank #30 - Tengu Man (Mega Man & Bass)
DWN - 057

Stage theme -
GBA version theme -

Barely making it into the top 30 is the final theme from Mega Man & Bass, which clearly makes it the weakest game so far.

I will go ahead and say I know there isn't much to this theme, but I love the pure peacefulness of it. This song proves that slow themes can work if done well. The song flows so nicely and the instruments chosen for it couldn't have been better in my opinion. I also find that the theme fits the stage pretty well also as it starts up as a slow auto scrolling stage and then gets into a large open area for you to choose your path. Simply put though, I find this song beautiful.

With it's elimination though, it means that none of the Mega Man & Bass themes stand out as amazing even though some are still enjoyable.

Rank #29 - Plug Man (Mega Man 9)
DRN - 068

Stage theme -
Mario Paint Remix -

And Mega Man 9 almost made it 20 spots without losing another one, but now that we're into the top 30 and it had 6 themes left it was only a matter of time. I think it's safe to say that 2, 3 and 9 are the best overall music wise even if none of them grab the #1 rank spot.

As for Plug Man, I like how the theme stays consistently up beat and yet changes it's tone advancement a lot. What I mean by this is that the song has multiple parts that could be built around to make their own song out of it yet the parts still blend well. This is common in a few other Mega Man 9 themes (I hope that made sense). The little background sounds definitely make it feel like an electric based theme, just don't focus on that little noise or it might mess the song up for you. <_<

Rank #28 - Napalm Man (Mega Man 5)
DWN - 039

Stage theme -

Poor Mega Man 5, it had such hopes of going further with so many themes left and it's songs are dropping like flies. With only 2 left one can only wonder if Charge and/or Wave will be going out soon too.

About the song though, first I have to point out that the song is a little too peaceful for a robot named NAPALM man. <_<

Anyways, I feel now that I look at the list that I probably put this theme a tad too high, but no matter because I still like it. I feel this song stays pretty enjoyable all the way through but never reaches a higher level which it really needs to be higher on the list. Sorry for not saying much about the theme but it's almost 3 AM here and I really need to go to bed. x_X

Rank #27 - Magma Man (Mega Man 9)
DRN - 071

Stage theme -

Fast paced, good theme, and all around enjoyable. Magma Man's theme is right there in the middle of great and awesome, though I don't know which I would list it as.

The start up of the song is a very small but nice lead into the main theme, and from there it never lets up. The change into 0:19 seconds is beautiful and it makes you feel like the song may be taking a different turn until it brings you right back at 0:32(which is my favorite part). And unlike many songs in these games, the ending of this one actually connects real well with where it begins again at.

Rank #26 - Charge Man (Mega Man 5)
DWN - 038

Stage theme -

And another step closer to Mega Man 5 being completely eliminated. Only Wave Man remains as the best of the game, but will he be joining the rest of his game or sticking around for a while longer?

I actually have the opposite problem with this one as I had with Napalm Man. I really wish I could have placed this theme higher but there was just no room to do so. This song is a bit of a strange one really, I don't know exactly how I would put it but if you listen to it you'll know what I mean. The theme is a bit more of a pleasant theme than your usual fast paced rock theme. One thing I would like to note though is that I absolutely love the part at 0:54 when the song changes.

Ranks 25-16[]

Rank #25 - Magnet Man (Mega Man 3)
DWN - 018

Stage theme -

Mega Man 3 manages to get 6 themes in the top 25 and currently has the most impressive showing. Even with this one gone, that's still a possible 5 themes in the top 20.

Magnet Man is the "pleasant" theme of this game, and man does it do a good job at being enjoyable. It's an average paced theme and actually quite a simple theme. It's fun to note that the song is like plug man in a way that it has little background noises that just make the song seem more complicated than it is. Still, simple as it is I love this theme and I'm sure there are many others that do as well.

Rank #24 - Tengu Man (Mega Man 8) (PSX version)
DWN - 057

Stage theme -

And Tengu Man has finally had his 3rd and final placement on the list and this is his top song. Not only that, it means that he was almost the best Mega Man 8 song but fails to overtake Grenade Man, who is now the last song representing Mega Man 8.

This theme may seem a bit too high for some at first, but if you're playing the stage it's meant for while listening to it, it will be a lot more enjoyable. This theme fits so perfectly for the stage that you almost need the stage to go with it. If you play through the game I think you'll immediately be pulled into this song for the auto scrolling portions. It's a very uplifting theme(Given that it's based on an aerial robot I think that's appropriate).

Rank #23 - Needle Man (Mega Man 3)
DWN - 017

Stage theme -

Another Mega Man 3 theme, and is it ever a good one!

I know this theme is many people's favorite theme....or so I've heard, but for me it's not even the best in Mega Man 3. Not that it's bad by any means, if it was it wouldn't be nearly this high. This song is in fact quite awesome indeed. This song has some parts that are so good I actually try to play to the song when I'm playing Mega Man 3. Jump/shoot, slide, whatever just to follow the beat of the music. However, as I mentioned, from 30 on these rankings are purely based on preference so clearly I like 22 themes more than this.

Rank #22 - Fire Man (Mega Man 1)
DRN - 007

Stage theme -

If ever there was Mega Man nostalgia for me, it is this song. The final and highest ranked song from the original Mega Man and clearly my favorite of the 6.

I really wish I could have put this theme in the top 20, but there's too much holding it back. As much as I love it, it's just so short and a bit repetitive. For it's time it was awesome, even now it's still good but it's lost a good bit of it's flavor. While I may love Cut Man's theme as well, this is the one I can leave sitting on loop while doing something else on the computer.

And with that, Mega Man 1 becomes the 2nd eliminated game which leaves 8 games still around with only 21 more spots.

Rank #21 - Splash Woman (Mega Man 9)
DRN - 067

Stage theme -

The only female Robot Master in the series and she just barely misses the top 20.

I love how this theme changes a lot, it seems a little fast paced at first, then it changes to peaceful serenity, then back up to face paced again. I love the instrument they used at 0:13 into the song. And while this isn't my favorite water theme (Bubble Man/Toad Man/Wave Man) I still find it to be extremely well made, though you can probably tell that all of the Mega Man 9 soundtrack was able to break the original NES barrier.

Anyway, now it's time to list who's left for the top 20!

Rank #20 - Quick Man (Mega Man 2)
DWN - 012

Stage theme -

The first entrant into the top 20 is Quick Man.

First thing I would like to point out is that this song has that background noise that just plays throughout the song like Plug Man and a couple others. As long as you don't focus on it, and please don't, then this theme is really good. This theme is very up beat and flows very nicely. Like Plug Man, I get kind of an electric feel from this theme even though he isn't an electric based robot. Believe me though, I really wish I could place this higher but I can't. =/

Rank #19 - Hornet Man (Mega Man 9)
DRN - 070

Stage theme -

Mega Man 9 seems to have taken a bit of a drop here lately with 4 of it's songs being in the past 11. Though, with only 18 spots left it could still have a strong finish with 2 of it's themes remaining.

I believe this is the 2nd stage I tried when I played Mega Man 9 and I immediately loved this theme, I was practically convinced that this had to be the best in the game....that is until I tried the others. XD Still though, placing #19 out of 83 is impressive indeed.

This song has one of my favorite start ups in any Mega Man theme ever. After that the theme still stays really good, but not to the extent of the themes above it.

Rank #18 - Flame Man (Mega Man 6)
DWN - 043

Stage theme -

And the last representative of Mega Man 6 is finally gone, but not before placing quite high on the list. I know most people will be crazy over Tomahawk Man's theme, but I feel this theme is the real gem that stands out in the game. It not only feels like a fiery theme, but also an Arabian theme which is pretty cool I'd say given that it fits the robot absolutely perfectly. I also like how it goes from being a slow theme at first then right into a fast theme and never lets up.

That being said, Mega Man 6 now joins the eliminated list with Mega Man 1 and Mega Man & Bass. 17 Ranked spots left to go and 7 games still in this thing.

Rank #17 - Freeze Man (Mega Man 7)
DWN - 049

Stage theme -

I know Mega Man 7 gets a lot of hate, but the music in it is still pretty awesome for the most part. I think Mega Man 7 has actually been a sleeping dark horse in this thing. It's made it to the top 20 with 3 songs left, and at this point is actually doing better than Mega Man 9.

As for Freeze Man, this is such a great theme. This is one of the most peaceful themes without being boring in the entire series. It's also interesting to note that of my favorite peaceful themes, this one is the fastest pace wise. It also fits real well to the robot/stage as the theme definitely makes it feel like an ice cavern. Last thing I would like to note is the really late change in the song at 0:52 seconds, I don't know why they did that but I like that they did as it makes the theme seem much longer.

Rank #16 - Hard Man (Mega Man 3)
DWN - 020

Stage theme -

Yea I's really difficult to put Hard Man this low but ugh, I love all of the top 20 so much and it took me a LOT of thinking about who I wanted to put where. With that said, Mega Man 3 is now down to 3 themes left to be in the top 15, not too shabby really.

This theme oozes with epicness, I could sit here and listen to it all day long. If fact I've gone through it 3 times now while typing this up. XD

This is a song that starts off awesome and just keep getting better as it goes, and then once it reaches the end I gotta hear it again *pushes restart*. All I can say is, again, I just like the other songs better and that's my only reason for it not getting higher. =/

Ranks 15-6[]

Rank #15 - Shade Man (Mega Man 7)
DWN - 055

Stage theme -

And thus, we are left with Slash Man as the best of Mega Man 7, but still Mega Man 7 had quite a good showing overall. Rank #16 and #15 were so close I could have made them the same rank.

I <3 this theme, it's not overdone, it's not flashy, it's not even really fast paced, it's just an awesome song. I feel that seeing as Shade Man is a vampire, going with the slower song for him was a MUCH better choice. What makes this theme so special is how well each of it's parts blend with one another and the tones used for it. It not only conveys what you'd expect from a dark and spooky theme but makes it Mega Man oriented.

Rank #14 - Flash Man (Mega Man 2)
DWN - 014

Stage theme -

The playing field seems to be getting more even as Mega Man 2 and 3 are losing themes, but there can be no dispute that these 2 have done the best in my rankings overall, but will either take home the #1 rank?

Of all the crystal like cavernish themes(Jewel Man/Crystal Man/etc) in the world of Mega Man, Flash Man is my favorite. My one and only complaint with this theme is that I feel the start-up of it is a tad too long, but the rest of the song easily makes up for it and then some. And even with the start-up being long, I still like it. The start-up also masks the fact that the song is actually pretty short as well. This song, like Tengu Man's Mega Man 8 PSX theme, seems A LOT better if you're playing the stage while listening to it.

Rank #13 - Grenade Man (Mega Man 8)
DWN - 063

Stage theme -

The sole survivor of Mega Man 8 finally goes down, and at a very respectable placement.

Every time I listen to this song, I have to turn it up loud and it's the only song I do it for (Not even sure why I do that). This theme too, like a few others I've mentioned, is much better if you're playing the stage it goes with. I'm going to go ahead and guess that having this theme high isn't going to be such a popular choice but I really love this theme and I think it stands out as the best Mega Man 8 theme. Sure I know others will say Tengu Man or Frost Man, and while those themes are still good I just find this one to be my favorite from the game.

Rank #12 - Pharaoh Man (Mega Man 4)
DCN - 028

Stage theme -

This theme actually surprised me when I was determining rank order. I had completely forgotten what this theme sounded like and it is amazing. Not my favorite from Mega Man 4 obviously, but 2nd is pretty good I think. Though it falls short of the top 10, #12 is still an impressive rank especially for a song I didn't even remember.

For starters....the song sounds nothing like what I'd expect given the name of the Robot Master. I would have expected some Egyptian style song but this is probably better than that would have turned out. Even now when I see Pharaoh Man's stage and play through it the music just doesn't seem to fit. It seems way too fast paced for the stage. Still though, even if the music doesn't fit the stage it does fit well in a Mega Man game so I can't fault it for that.

Rank #11 - Bubble Man (Mega Man 2)
DWN - 011 (What a fitting number)

Stage theme -

Ah, the Bubble Man theme vs Air Man theme debate has been around probably since this game came out, and now you know my stand on it. I can assure you though that ranking Mega Man 2 themes alone is no easy task let alone every game of the original series. So Bubble Man falls just shy of the top 10, not that #11 is anything to sneer at.

As water themes usually go, this one is very peaceful and is only outdone by Wave Man in my eyes. Right when I turn the game on, I'm tempted to pick this stage simply because of how peaceful it is. Sure I like 2 themes in this game better (Air Man/Metal Man), but I like saving my favorite Mega Man 2 theme for last so this one gets picked first. This song defined perfectly what a water theme should be like by not only being the first in the series but by also being so awesome. This is one of those themes that is so easy to get stuck in your head because of how good it is.

Rank #10 - Galaxy Man (Mega Man 9)
DRN - 072

Stage theme -
Stage being played -
Mario Paint version -

Ranking in at #10 is Galaxy Man, which is probably the weirdest of the top 10. Just the fact that 2 of the themes from Mega Man 9 made it into the top 10 is proof that Capcom's music hasn't ever lost it's flair. From Mega Man 1, all the way to Mega Man 9 they've churned out awesome theme after awesome theme(Though Mega Man 1 is a tad lacking so I guess I should have said from 2 to 9). Even with Galaxy Man placing lowest on the top 10, there's still Tornado Man representing Mega Man 9.

The theme is cosmic...pure cosmic...or at least that's the impression it gives. I love this theme, it's so different from the norm without losing quality like a few other songs that didn't place so well. It's very fast tempoed as well which I think represents the stage well as it has a lot going on in some areas. So hats off to you Galaxy Man, you may not have placed first but you're leagues ahead of all the other space type robot themes.

Rank #9 - Toad Man (Mega Man 4)
DCN - 026

Stage theme -
Stabe being played -
Techno remix -

Now let's be honest here. Toad Man is probably the dumbest of all the original Robot Masters, the easiest to beat of all the original Robot Masters, and has one of the more frustrating stages. However, none of that really matters as far as music goes. For the very last of the Mega Man 4 songs, 9th is a pretty good placement I'd say.

I really love the beat to this theme. Yes I know this theme is actually quite short but still, I can listen to it over and over and over and still enjoy it. When both the foreground and background musics are playing the foreground way overshadows the background to where I hardly even notice that it's there, still that's the trick to it in the fact that they actually just blend together that well.

Rank #8 - Air Man (Mega Man 2)
DWN - 010

Stage theme -
Stage being played w/remix -
I can't defeat Air Man theme -

Coming in at #8 is Air Man, which leaves Mega Man 2 with only 1 theme left. Mega Man 3 on the other hand retains 3 songs left with just 7 spots to go, how's that for dominating? I know the famed controversy of Air Man vs Bubble Man and I've already mentioned it in the Bubble Man writeup. Even though I prefer Air Man both songs are still very close in the rankings though neither is my favorite from Mega Man 2.

As for Air Man, this is an amazing theme, even amazing doesn't do it justice (yes I know you think it's overrated Ermine). Still though, this theme has a lot of popularity and for the obvious reason of it being so great. The theme is so catchy, I'm pausing every few seconds on this writeup to hum along with it. XD

Rank #7 - Snake Man (Mega Man 3)
DWN - 022

Stage theme -
Stage being played w/remix -

While this song may have 6 themes ahead of it overall, I will at least give it credit that it has the most awesome change in theme of them all. When the song changes at 0:17 that is just one of the most epic shifts. Alas though, Snake Man is another victim of "I wish I could place it higher but can't". The preference line between all of my top 10 is slim.

And that leaves Mega Man 3 with 2 songs to go for the remaining 6 the only question is who's next? =p

Rank #6 - Slash Man (Mega Man 7)
DWN - 054

Stage theme -
Stage being played -
The Power Fighters remix -

And Mega Man 7 ends with a very impressive showing, almost having a song in the top 5.

Fast paced, awesome sounding, jungle theme! I love Slash Man's theme. Don't get me wrong here, because I like most of the other themes from Mega Man 7, but Slash Man is just pure awesomeness. It's another one of those themes where I wish I knew what the instrument they were using the for the main portion was because that's what gives it such a great tone. I know 7 is one of the lesser liked games, but as far as music goes it gets the nod from me.

Top 5[]

Rank #5 - Wave Man (Mega Man 5)
DWN - 034

Stage theme -
Stage being played -
Original theme and 6 remixes -

And so we are left with Mega Man 2, 3, and 9 which is probably no big surprise given how they've probably done the best overall so far and are the most popular 3.

As for Wave Man, this theme is KING of the peaceful Mega Man songs, and just so happens to be a water theme so yea...obvious! =p This song manages to not only be peaceful, but be upbeat and have many changes throughout the song while holding it's consistent enjoyment. After saying time and time again, peaceful themes, although hard to do right for Mega Man games, can be done and this is the crowning example. *restarts wave man theme again* I love this song...

Rank #4 - Shadow Man (Mega Man 3)
DWN - 024

Stage theme -
Stage being played -
Rock remix -

The song starts on an epic level and never goes below that level. The beat is awesome, even the background sounds are awesome. This song gets stuck in my head wayyyy too easy. The background sound that starts at 0:04 and continues to 0:21 is possibly the best background part of any Mega Man theme in the regular series. Then the change at 0:47 I absolutely love!

This song use to be my 2nd favorite song, but has since then been knocked down a bit.

Rank #3 - Spark Man (Mega Man 3)
DWN - 023

Stage theme -
Stage being played -
Game Boy stage w/remix -

The Best of Mega Man 3, and one of the best ever in the original series! This song didn't even use to be in my top 5, but I've really grown to like it more and more. Always liked the song, but never would have imagined it'd be in my top 5.

I really shouldn't listen to this while I type up the writeups, cause it keeps distracting me. lol

Anyway, the song starts off epic, continues to be epic all the way up to 0:26 and then manages to top itself! Though, this is another one of those themes where it's probably better to have the stage to go with it, so you can check the link to that out as well. The theme is so good, I wish it kept playing while you actually fought Spark Man. Lastly, I find it interesting to point out that in the game Shadow Man beats Spark Man but it's the opposite in music. =p

Rank #2 - Tornado Man (Mega Man 9)
DRN - 066

Stage theme -
Stage being played -
Remix -
Remix 2 -

And the most impressive change to my Mega Man rankings is right here, Tornado Man! Back before Mega Man 9 was came out my top 3 were Metal/Shadow/Toad, and even though my #2 and #3 moved more than 1 place Tornado instantly became a solid favorite the very first time I heard it.

I want to point out that this song has it all! Not only does it have multiple direction changes, all of which are awesome, but it has a fast steady tempo, great beat, and it's a long song too. I loved Hornet Man when I first heard it, Galaxy too, but when I chose Tornado Man's stage I was already convinced the game wouldn't have another theme I liked more. This song easily went right to the top of my favorites. And I imagine that it's going to stay in the top 10 even if they release 5 more original Mega Man games.

Rank #1 - Metal Man (Mega Man 2)
DRN - 009

Stage theme -
Stage being played -
Remix -
Stage w/OC Remix -
Japanese vocal version -

And the #1 Original Mega Man Robot Master theme(for me anyway) is Metal Man! This song has always been my favorite, and even though Tornado Man came very close Metal Man remains undefeated.

I could sit here with this song on loop and just play through the entire game listening to Metal Man and I'be be just fine with that, though I do feel that the stage itself increases the enjoyment due to how well they blend together(like Spark Man). I love everything about this song. The beat, the tempo, the instruments, the changes, etc etc etc because I've mentioned all those many times before. =p

Mega Man 2 has always been argued as the best of the series both game and music wise. And Music wise most people would pick Metal Man or Wily 1 as the best theme of the game. While I won't say just yet which I prefer, you can pretty much guess at this point. This theme never gets old to me. I can listen to it over and over, listen to tons of remixes, even play the stage on the game and I continue loving this theme never getting tired of it.

Final Rankings[]

1 - Metal Man -
2 - Tornado Man -
3 - Spark Man -
4 - Shadow Man -
5 - Wave Man -
6 - Slash Man -
7 - Snake Man -
8 - Air Man -
9 - Toad Man -
10 - Galaxy Man -
11 - Bubble Man -
12 - Pharaoh Man -
13 - Grenade Man -
14 - Flash Man -
15 - Shade Man -
16 - Hard Man -
17 - Freeze Man -
18 - Flame Man -
19 - Hornet Man -
20 - Quick Man -
21 - Splash Woman -
22 - Fire Man -
23 - Needle Man -
24 - Tengu Man (MM8) (PSX) -
25 - Magnet Man -
26 - Charge Man -
27 - Magma Man -
28 - Napalm Man -
29 - Plug Man -
30 - Tengu Man (MM&B) -
31 - Gravity Man -
32 - Gyro Man -
33 - Cut Man (MM8) -
34 - Cut Man -
35 - Frost Man -
36 - Skull Man -
37 - Tomahawk Man -
38 - Ring Man -
39 - Pirate Man -
40 - Junk Man -
41 - Cloud Man -
42 - Blizzard Man -
43 - Shade Man (Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts) -
44 - Top Man -
45 - Dive Man -
46 - Cold Man -
47 - Crash Man -
48 - Concrete Man -
49 - Stone Man -
50 - Plant Man -
51 - Dust Man -
52 - Yamato Man -
53 - Burst Man -
54 - Wind Man -
55 - Knight Man -
56 - Heat Man -
57 - Gemini Man -
58 - Wood Man -
59 - Ground Man -
60 - Bomb Man -
61 - Ice Man -
62 - Tengu Man (MM8) (Saturn) -
63 - Guts Man -
64 - Bright Man -
65 - Elec Man -
66 - Drill Man -
67 - Jewel Man -
68 - Turbo Man -
69 - Wood Man (MM8) -
70 - Fake Man -
71 - Clown Man -
72 - Spring Man -
73 - Burner Man -
74 - Dynamo Man -
75 - Crystal Man -
76 - Sword Man -
77 - Astro Man (MM8) -
78 - Aqua Man -
79 - Centaur Man -
80 - Star Man -
81 - Search Man -
82 - Magic Man -
83 - Astro Man (MM&B) -