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Ranks 71 - 61[]

Rank 71. Optic Sunflower (Theme 1) (Mega Man X8)

Stage theme -

Starting it off with the worst of the worst....and I doubt it could get much worse than this for anyone.

Ok what is this....the same 4 seconds being played over and over.........this isn't music, well I mean technically it is, but it's awful! Granted I've never played X8 so I don't know how much of the stage is this theme is played on. Hopefully not much though because this is about as opposite of a Mega Man theme as you can get.

And unfortunately Mega Man X8 has a good supply of garbage like this.

Rank 70. Dark Mantis (Theme 1) (Mega Man X8)

Stage theme -

Need I remind you X8 that I am looking for music.....not random sounds!

For the stage this theme is meant for, I'm sure it fits very well....but for music it doesn't fit AT ALL. Seriously, get that out of here!

Rank 69. Dark Mantis (Theme 2) (Mega Man X8)

Stage theme -

You again X8? Will you ever stop failing?

Ok this time you've given me what I'd "almost" consider music, however, it's more of a continue screen rather than a stage theme. And that puts both of Dark Mantis's themes in the bottom 5, so this stage must be extremely boring to listen to.

Rank 68. Burn Rooster (Theme 2) (Mega Man X8)

Stage theme -

X8 again....why am I not surprised.

And what have you for us this time? You've gone from the most repetitive thing ever, to random noises, to continue screen music so what could possibly be next? Oh yes....just plain blaring music....that's just perfect.

You know what, you suck X8, and if it wasn't for a couple of your songs I'd remove you from the rankings all together. <_<

Rank 67. Frost Walrus (Theme 1) (Mega Man X4)

Stage theme -

Ok I know some of you may be thinking "Why is there Mega Man X4 music this low?". Well that's just it, it's not really music. It's a few notes and noises, that's it. But before you get your hopes up let me just say now that I do not consider Mega Man X4 to have a good soundtrack based on the 8 Maverick themes. Sure none of them are as bad as this, but still...overall, I think X4 was pretty weak music wise on the 8 stages. There is 1 in particular that stands out as really enjoyable for me though...

Rank 66. Earthrock Trilobyte (Theme 1) (Mega Man X8)

Stage theme -

And right back to X8.....wonderful.

Well at least this time you've given us some's just very bad music that annoys me. Unfortunately though, the next few themes I also don't like but I put this one lower because as I said it annoys me.

Sad thing is...I'd say we won't start getting into anything I care for till about Rank 57.

Rank 65. Dark Dizzy (Mega Man X5)

Stage theme -

Ok for starters, I have heard there are people that like this theme, and to be fair it isn't terrible like the first 4 that I listed. So I don't hate it....I just don't like it. I find that it's really lacking and is just overall very boring. While it does fit the stage well, just because it fits doesn't make it great. This theme just has wayyyyyy too many soft notes and it doesn't feel like much of a song at all outside of the 2 short repetitive strings of music that play throughout it, only the first which I could say I don't dislike.

Still, it's only X5's first theme listed and it's way outperforming X8 at this point, but isn't everyone? <_<

Rank 64. Neon Tiger (PSX) (Mega Man X3)

Stage theme -
SNES version -

For the X3 themes, since it has both an SNES and PSX version I will list both versions but let you know at the top which version it's rank is based on.....though for Neon Tiger it really doesn't matter as I don't like either. XD

While this isn't the only X3 theme that I dislike, it is the only one that I feel is absolutely boring. And X3 has some good music, however...while X8 may be matching original 8 in awfulness right now, X3 SURE doesn't match original 3 in epicness.

The bad thing about this theme is not only is it extremely repetitive, it doesn't even have a little start up that most themes do. It just goes right into it's repetitiveness and doesn't stop.....ugh make it stop....please...

Rank 63. Metal Shark Player (Mega Man X6)

Stage theme -

And with that, there are only 3 games remaining that have yet to appear on the list. X1, X2.....and surprisingly X7. o_O

First thing I want to say about this, is that it's a real shame that one of the best named Mavericks has such a boring song.Metal Shark PLAYER.........not that I have any idea why he has the word player in his name but it still sounds cool.

The theme itself....I really can't make any excuses for. I would say "How can you make a theme about a recycling lab sound good?", but they made Dust Man's theme sound good so yea, no excuse. His stage really should have been a watery stage with a pirate theme!

Anyway, we're almost out of the bad/boring themes, just 5 more to go!

Rank 62. Gigavolt Manowar (Mega Man X8)

Stage theme -

Well X8, I see you decided to take a slight vacation before returning to the fact that your soundtrack is SUCKING! Well anyway, talk about being the dumbest looking Boss in the history of Mega Man. And you know it's a real accomplishment when you beat out Toad Man for that honor.

About the song's actually real music o_O.....I just don't like it. There may be people who like this theme, and I really couldn't blame you if you did, so maybe I was a bit harsh saying it's returned to sucking. The only thing that puts it so low is that it's kind of like Earthrock Trilobyte's theme where it just annoys me some. Honestly though, it sounds like a really long game show theme of the future....which sounds cool, but I just don't like the song, sorry. =p.

Rank 61. Web Spider (Mega Man X4)

Stage theme -

Well, it's quite obvious now that Web Spider was not the Mega Man X4 theme that I really liked. However, I think taking into account the type of songs I've been listing so far people could have guessed that this theme would be low. =p

This theme is at least better than the other "barely music" songs that I've listed so far. This one is actually not awful, still bad, but it's just severely lacking. It seems at first like it wouldn't be a boring theme, but that's because the tempo being so fast can fool you into believing it isn't. The song has a very usable beat that could have worked well if there was just more to it.

Ranks 60 - 51[]

Rank 60. Frost Walrus (Theme 2) (Mega Man X4)

Stage theme -

Of all the ice themes in the Mega Man X series, and there aren't many, I feel that Frost Walrus is the weakest music wise. Of course his Theme 1 is a good bit worse, but I still don't care for this one either.

This is another one of those songs that's really lacking. Sure it sounds like an ice theme, I'll give it that, but it's not something I really enjoy listening too. I don't notice it too much when I'm playing the stage though due to it being so quiet while the sound effects are anything but. This theme picks up a little at 0:27, and that part is ok...but just ok at best while the rest of it is boring.

Rank 59. Bamboo Pandamonium (Theme 1) (Mega Man X8)

Stage theme -

I knew you couldn't stay away for too long X8.

Ok, as for this one.....idk this song is just really really weird for me. It's like something I'd expect from a Terminator game not a Mega Man game. It's also a good bit repetitive, and in the bad way. Though, what puts it this low is simply that I don't really like it. It's not a bad theme though, just really not to my tastes.

And with that, X8 now has over half it's songs in the bottom 15. 13 songs in all, and 7 of them are this low. 2 more songs to go in the bottom 15 though, will another X8 theme appear?

Rank 58. Blizzard Wolfang (Mega Man X6)

Stage theme -

And we've finally come to the last of the songs I would put in the bad category.

This song actually could have been really good because there are some parts of it I don't mind, but other parts just sound really really bad to me. As usual with ice themes, they really do a good job of letting you know it's a ice theme, and I'm pretty sure many people could point this out as the ice theme of the game even without knowing his name or seeing the stage.

A couple quick comments on the song though. The start up is ok but really could have been better. Then it goes into I guess a slow cool down you'd call it which I also don't like. Then it waits till 41 seconds into the song to actually reach anything else decent, which is ridiculous. It finishes off with 24 seconds with what I would consider decent to ok music. All and All though, best of the worst for me.

Rank 57. Vile (PSX) (Mega Man X3)

Stage theme -
SNES Version -

And optional boss with his own stage. It's a short stage but a stage nonetheless.

I'm not quite sure how people feel about this theme, seeing as this is probably one of the lesser played X games and even those that have played it I'm sure not all of them even knew about it.

For me this theme starts out like it might be good....and then just disappoints. Yea, for what it has it's not bad, but it doesn't really have much. All it is, is 3 short strings of music. You hear the first part 4 times, the 2nd part 3 times, then the last part however many times cause I don't feel like listening to it again. It's another theme that severely suffers from a lack of variety, and also the fact that it's just ok to begin with. There are many songs that lack in variety that can still sound really good, but I feel that this one just doesn't cut it, it's average.

Rank 56. Tunnel Rhino (PSX) (Mega Man X3)

Stage theme -
SNES version -

Losing another theme already X3? Let's not be pulling an X8 here.

Ok, I've heard some people like this theme....and I'm really not sure why. Compared to the better songs in this game it's stale and bland......but I guess compared to Neon Tiger's it's amazing so bad way to put it I guess. Most of this song is pretty meh. Sure the song never drops to any seriously low points but it never reaches a place where I would call it good either. I really dislike the background theme to this song as well, and unfortunately it really sticks out for me. Anyway, slow and a bit boring, not awful but definitely could have been better.

Rank 55. Burn Rooster (Theme 1) (Mega Man X8)

Stage theme -

Speaking of X8....only 5 themes left and I haven't even reached the top 40 out of 71. That's pathetic, very pathetic.

Burn Rooster seems to be plagued by random blaring music. At least this one though has some actual MUSIC to it instead of the other theme where it sounded like a 5 year old got ahold of an electric guitar. As far as X8 goes, it seems to be more hard rock type music...and that really isn't my thing. I mean yes, there are exceptions, but this is not one of those. About all I like with this song is the high notes it hits from 0:50 to about 1:05.

Rank 54. Splash Warfly (Mega Man X7)

Stage theme -

And X7 makes it's list debut. And for such a horrible game I'm even surprised myself that it hadn't been listed before, but as awful as the game is the music isn't as awful. Not that I'm saying I love this theme or anything, no, I don't really care for it but I don't hate it, so....that's something I suppose.

This song is a bit of a hard one to explain for me....I mean, it's like a huge mess jumbled with parts I like and parts I don't like. For a couple seconds it can start seeming real catchy to me, then it just takes a sharp turn and I don't like it at all.I like the way it starts up, but then after that bleh...and then it starts getting better again and then....well yea you get the point.

And now only X1 and X2 have yet to appear on the list.

Rank 53. Shield Sheldon (Mega Man X6

Stage theme -

The first X6 theme I don't really dislike.

This theme is just kinda there's nice sounding but nothing really special. I love the tones they used for it but the beat is just kinda bleh, it bores me. I like the way the song starts up but after, it's just boring. And that's the problem with many songs in the fact that they don't necessarily sound bad, just the melody bores me. If it wasn't for the background noises, part of this theme could easily be used as music at an Inn for an RPG.

Rank 52. Ground Scaravich (Mega Man X6)

Stage theme -

And now you know which 4 X6 themes I like and which 4 I dislike. This theme is actually a favorite of a friend of mine, but I really don't care for it.

I will say that I really like the instruments used in this song. I even think the beginning of the song is quite's the rest of the song I have my doubts about. It starts on a nice high note like it's really going to be a great theme, but the rest of the song just doesn't have much to it, it's not very enjoyable for me to listen to. I do have to say though, that this theme, strangely enough, fits the stage very well.

Rank 51. Flame Hyenard (Mega Man X7)

Stage theme -

And now our 2nd installment of X7.

Ok this theme in particular is one I'm half and half on. I mean it doesn't sound all that bad but it seems completely wrong for Mega Man as well as a fire theme at that. Still, to be fair it's not something I really enjoy listening to anyway so I'm not putting it this low simply because it doesn't fit the game or stage. This theme sounds ok at first, but the more I listen to it the more it starts bothering me and I just want to turn it off, but at least I can almost slightly enjoy it the first time through.

Ranks 50 - 41[]

Rank 50. Optic Sunflower (Theme 2) (Mega Man X8)

Stage theme -

And I believe that leaves X8 with just 4 themes remaining. only 5 out of 13 that weren't in the bottom 17 <_<

This is the first theme I'd have to put into the "ok" category. It's not good but not bad either for me.

Well anyway, it's nice to know that this is the main theme of the stage instead of that other theme, because this is a vast improvement over the other. Still though...vast improvement doesn't mean it's a great song. This is another one of those "I only like parts of it and dislike the rest" songs. Like the start, don't like the next part, then I like it again....etc etc etc. I will note that my favorite part of this song is probably the very beginning of it, it starts off pretty nicely.

Rank 49. Snipe Anteator (Mega Man X7)

Stage theme -

Ok what happened to you X7? You were competing with X1 and X2 and then all of a sudden you've dropped 3 songs all here close together while they still haven't appeared on the list once. The hopes of the worst game in the series having a surprisingly great soundtrack is slipping away.

As for this song, there's just 1 thing that has put it this high, 1 thing. I don't like the start of it, I don't care for the beat, I don't care for the fact that it's techno although I do like some techno. It's that one instrument that gets added in at 0:35. I feel that 1 thing completely changes the song and if the whole song had been using that instead of w/e it was at the start this theme would place a good bit higher. That 1 thing brings the song together and makes it sound great. But w/e it is they're using other than that 20 second time frame annoys me, so this song gets put this low.

Rank 48. Mattrex (Mega Man X5)

Stage theme -

This may be an unpopular pick for this low, and it's a really hard one for me too because I actually do like some of this song. This is just a demonstration of how the original series differs with the X series.

With the original series, there are a small group of songs I don't like, a small ground of songs I love, and a large group of songs I either like or am just ok with.

With the X series however, there are a larger group of songs I don't like and a larger group of songs I love and a smaller group of songs I like/am ok with.

Anyway, about this song, I happen to think that even though I put this song this low that it's done VERY well. It being this low is really just a matter of preference because I really can't find much fault in the way it's arranged. I think that when it repeats those high notes like 10 times or however many it does(didn't count) that part is a bit annoying, but the rest of the song is pretty good.

Rank 47. Grizzly Slash (Mega Man X5)

Stage theme -

Ok, this theme is actually kinda catchy. I also like how it changes directions a few times....except for that part at the end. 0:45-0:57 I just don't like at all. I'm not sure what it is about that part but it just doesn't sound good to me. Unfortunately though, that does bring down the songs placement a bit, it probably would have been lower 30's if not for that. Other than that, it's a nice song, not really something I love, but it's a little better than ok at least because like I said, it is a bit catchy. =p

Rank 46. Ride Boarski (Mega Man X7)

Stage theme -

F-Zero...this is not.

However, this theme doesn't sound too bad at first , and a good bit of it even sounds good (from 0:35 until the song goes back to the beginning), but that first 34 seconds really starts to annoy me once I hear it again and again. It's another one of those "make it stop" moments. So again I'm left with a song where I like half of it and dislike the other half, and well, that places it here in the ok section. Now that I think about it, I probably should have placed this below Grizzly Slash and Mattrex, but no matter, it's still in the right area.

Rank 45. Axle The Red (Mega Man X5)

Stage theme -

This is one of those themes I wish I could have put higher but was unable to do so. =/

Ok yea, the start up is a bit meh, and then after that it's so so, but the part from 0:33 - 0:47 The part at 1:01 is also somewhat good.

Ok, to be more precise the start up of the song annoys me for some reason. Just w/e that noise is that it's making...I don't like that all. 0:33 - 0:47 though is just so awesome that it deserves to at least be this high.

Rank 44. Magma Dragoon (Mega Man X4)

Stage theme -

Ok, I know already that this is most likely an unpopular pick for being so low, but I just never really cared for Magma Dragoon's stage theme. Sure the Maverick himself is one of the most awesome ever, and it's from what most consider the best game in the series....but the music just doesn't do it for me. Yes the theme is done well, I just don't really enjoy listening to it that much. I don't know what exactly to say is wrong with it, because like I said it's done well just like Mattrex is, just for some reason I don't like hearing it.

Rank 43. Morph Moth (Mega Man X2)

Stage theme -

And X2 finally makes it's appearance on the list with what I consider to be the weakest, yet still enjoyable, song in the game.

This game has kind of a strange start up really, it seems like the start up could be the ending of the song. Instead of building on the start up, the song changes and goes another way. Right after the start up though at 0:08 seconds, I really like that part, I wish more of the song were like that. If it were, it would have been higher but I feel that after that the song kinda falls. It stays ok but never again reaches that high point for me.

And now we wait to see how long it will take X1 to appear. =p

Rank 42. Tornado Tonion (Mega Man X7)

Stage theme -

Well, he doesn't look as stupid as Gigavolt Manowar, but he comes awfully close! Still, that doesn't take away that his theme isn't too bad.

I like the start of this theme, it's really nice buildup....but then the shriek right after that....ugh! At 0:26 it manages to pick itself back up and does ok for the rest of the song. However...the thing about this theme is that after you get use to that part I mentioned I didn't actually sounds better and the song manages to come out with an ok finish. Personally...I think this song could have been higher if it had just added a little more to it.

Rank 41. Earthrock Trilobyte (Theme 2) (Mega Man X8)

Stage theme -

Well X8, we're only at #41 and you're down to 3 themes left. Completely pathetic I must say.

Not to mention LOL @ this Youtube comment

"This song should prove to anybody how well heavy rock worked in Mega Man X8, it's just amazing. ", I'm pretty sure that's why the majority of the soundtrack is very poor quality and it's doing the worst by far out of all games thus far. Be that as it may though, it may still churn out a good theme or two, but the fact is I think it would have been much better if they hadn't gone with the heavy rock style.

The theme itself is ok, I mean it's nothing special but it isn't bad like most of the crap from X8 has been so far. The tune isn't really catchy or anything IMO it's just simply an ok song. I don't think it fits the stage well, but I suppose most of the music in X8 didn't really fit the stages. And yes I know what people will think with me putting this higher than Magma Dragoon, but the pure and simple fact is that I don't really care to listen to either but this one is just a tad more enjoyable for me.

Ranks 40 - 31[]

Rank 40. Sting Chameleon (Mega Man X1)

Stage theme -

X1 finally appears on the list, and with what I consider it's weakest, yet still good, theme.

Yes Sting Chameleon is still a good theme, but I feel it was a notch below the rest of the X1 Maverick themes. Every game has to have a weakest theme, even if X1 was all in the top 10.

I personally think this theme has some wasted potential, they really could have kicked it up and made this an epic theme. It's a very short song, only 34 seconds long. Some of that 34 seconds is also a bit repetitive. Now, I know that short can still be good, and repetitive can still be good, but combining the 2 is hard to bounce back from. When I listen to the other X1 themes, I know they were fully capable of keeping this one on that same level of enjoyment, but it's just lacking. So yea, again, they should have added more to it, then it would have been higher.

Rank 39. Crush Crawfish (PSX) (Mega Man X3)

Stage theme -
SNES version -

Well Go Go Power Rangers! Yes I believe that's what many people think when they hear this theme.

Ok, so we know it resembles the power rangers, but what else makes it place this high? Or this low? Or however you wish to put it because it's almost middle of the pack.

Well, for starters, it's a nice start up.....ok that sounds corny. Anyway, after the power ranger part, the theme actually doesn't really have much else. So uh...the power rangers nostalgia is enough to being it middle of the pack but not enough to push it over any themes that I really like so this is a fine spot to place it.

Rank 38. Flame Stag (Mega Man X2)

Stage theme -

And Mega Man X2 takes it's 2nd loss, but there are still 6 themes left so it's doing just fine.

Ok the main problem with this song is it's only 40 seconds long and I don't like the first 14 seconds of it. Pretty soon (At #27) we're going to get into the themes I really like and from then on there can be no huge sections of a song like this that I have problem with. #27 and on will be based on preference. After that 14 seconds, the theme is really good but that's still less than 2/3rd of the song that I enjoy and that's enough to keep it from going higher.

Rank 37. Soldier Stonekong (Mega Man X7)

Stage theme -

Getting real close to elimination here X7, only 2 songs for it remain and it now has the least amount of songs left.

This guy definitely looks weird, and I assume he's suppose to be a gorilla but pink/yellow/light blue is not what I would have chosen for a gorilla robot. <_<

Anyway, this theme is a bit of an interesting one. I feel the start up of this theme is awesome.....then at 0:07 - 0:31 it just drops into somewhat annoying for me. After 0:31 it gets good again but man does that 24 second period completely kill this song for me. 0:32 until the start starts to replay is completely beautiful. So, awesome start up, beautiful ending, awful middle section that's giving me a headache. Good enough to get it middle of the pack but wow, what a huge difference could have been made without that high pitched shrieking sound. This song could have been top 20 easy if that part didn't annoy me so much.

Rank 36. Split Mushroom (Mega Man X4)

Stage theme -

And now we're left with just 4 X4 themes. Cyber Peacock, Jet Stingray, Slash Beast and Storm Owl.

While this theme may be a good one, I feel that it doesn't really do anything special to boost it above just a "good" status. It does have a very unique sound to it though. The thing is.....again, I'm rating them based on the full song and I have a problem with this one like I have had with the past few. When the song changes at 0:59, I don't like that part and I feel there is absolutely no need to it. Yes I know it's nice for songs to be longer but only when it being longer is going to contribute to the enjoyment of the theme and I feel this late change is pretty useless and bland after how speedy and loud the rest of the song is.

Rank 35. Blast Hornet (SNES) (Mega Man X3)

Stage theme -
PSX version -

Normally I disagree with people about the PSX version's killing these songs...but with this one I have to fully agree. The SNES version is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the PSX version but I listed it anyway in case people wanted to hear it...though I don't know why they would.

This theme is one of those I was originally going to rank low but it kinda grew on me. Oh sure, I know Rank #35 isn't that special but I mean this was going to be my bottom X3 song until I started listening to it more and it just steadily went up. Be that as it may, it is a good song but not something I would list as great.

This theme starts off fast and doesn't let up. The start up is repetitive, yes, but in a good way IMO. The song actually seems right for a hornet......though I don't know why. Still, it's below the #27 mark because I don't like the entire song.

Oh and uh.....Hornet Man > Blast Hornet

Rank 34. Cyber Peacock (Mega Man X4)

Stage theme -

Ah, a stage in cyberspace, perhaps a a hint about Battle Network? Ok no, most likely not, but the stage theme is quite unique given the stage it's meant for.

The start up of this song is absolutely perfect for what I'd consider cyberspace....but at the same time it's a tad annoying, and we don't have long to go before I start liking all the songs and basing it off pure preference so we can't have that. Yes I know it's only 3 seconds long, but's enough to keep me from saying I like the entire song. And while I do enjoy the rest of the song I wouldn't put it in the 27 based off of it either.

As for the rest of it, this is another song I didn't expect to be placing this high. The beat to it is actually better than I realized while playing the game itself. Some of the transactions from each piece of the song into another is really well done even though some parts give absolutely no hint of what's coming next.

Rank 33. Magna Centipede (Mega Man X2)

Stage theme -

As X2 loses it's 3rd theme, X1 seems to be completely untouchable right now still having lost only 1 theme while all the other games slowly fade away.

Ok, my one major gripe with this theme is that it's not long enough. 34 seconds....seriously? I mean come on...34 seconds is really being stingy Now, what the song has is quite good, nice beat, fast tempo, love the tones.....there's just not enough of it and it's not seriously epic enough to compensate for the lack of....well, length.

Rank 32. Blizzard Buffalo (SNES) (Mega Man X3)

Stage theme -
PSX version -

This theme is a bit of an odd one really. While it is peaceful in a sense of how the beat is it also feels very desolate as a frozen tundra at the same time. Also by the instrument they use to keep that foreground tone gives it the ice feel to it. So really what may seem like a boring them to some is actually a pretty deep song even with it not having much variety. However....a lack of variety does hurt it's enjoyment. Not to mention that it's only 41 seconds long and has quite a bit of repetitiveness which feels old after listening to it a few times.

Rank 31. Volt Catfish (SNES) (Mega Man X3)

Stage theme -
PSX version -

And now X3 has just 2 themes remaining...

This theme actually really gets going well and is very enjoyable.....after the horrible, imo, start up.

The start up to this theme is just dreadful to me, I can't stand it. It's only 12 seconds but still I don't like it at all. This song is kindof like a pyramid for me. It starts off weak, gets progressively stronger, then reaches a very high point that I love...and then decides back down for the last few moments of the song. Of course it's a rather lopsided pyramid seeing it only has a few seconds of badness at the I guess pyramid was a bad example.

Ranks 30 - 21[]

Rank 30. Overdrive Ostrich (Mega Man X2)

Stage theme -

I think this stage is a bit of a toss up for most people. From what I've heard most say it's a good stage theme just often overlooked because of the better ones in the game, which is understandable, but I still have to give this credit because it is good.

This theme is one of those that stays at a consistent pace for me. It's consistently good, no areas where it has any ups or downs so it's never bad or great, just consistently good. I think it has quite a nice beat and tempo going for it, especially for a stage based on the desert.

Rank 29. Slash Beast (Mega Man X4)

Stage theme -

I was originally going to rank this lower, but then I got to realizing that this is the peaceful theme of the game since Frost Walrus is awful and Web Spider is mostly noise. So this theme fills that spot not perfectly but quite well at least

The only thing about this one is it isn't all peaceful...just most. The 14 second startup is a little lacking and I don't too much care for it, but at least you only hear it once so it's no big deal. After that 14 seconds we get a very pleasant theme. Then at about 0:39 I like how it starts changing into a more upbeat theme. At 0:52 we reach my favorite part.

Though it may move away from the usual peaceful themes, it is still the most peaceful track in the game that isn't awful IMO.

Rank 28. Wire Sponge (Mega Man X2)

Stage theme -

And Wire Sponge just barely misses the 27 cutoff.

This theme is a real mixed bag. It seems like it's going to be a fast paced song at first, then it goes into peaceful, then into harmonics, then back into fast buildup. It really is a nice diverse song one of which I do really like. The main problem I have with this song though is the same I had with Grizzly Slash in that I wish some of the parts were longer except in this case I know what I would have changed exactly. The part from 0:37-0:50 should have been cut entirely and that time put forth to making the other parts better. Still, 28th is a great placement given that the top 27 are all songs I love.

Rank 27. Wind Crowrang (Mega Man X7)

Stage theme -

Heading up my list of favorites is the first and weakest of the 27.

This stage is probably just a personal favorite of mine because I would be surprised if many agreed with placing it this high. It's quite repetitive which I have marked many songs off for, though some I've mentioned are repetitive but still good even with it and I feel this is one of those. This is a very simple song, it's not extremely fast or way overdone. The background on it stays about the same most of the way through and the foreground has slow changes. I find this song very calming. Then I absolutely love the part at 1:22. This is quite a long song, though I imagine if it were less repetitive they could cut it down to about a min. =p

Rank 26. Squid Adler (Mega Man X5)

Stage theme -

Even though this theme clearly isn't my favorite, I would like to point out how extremely well mae it is. Making a song for a boss that's suppose to be water and electric and actually pulling it off well is a nice accomplishment I think. The background seems like it would be part of an electric themed stage and the foreground most certainly sounds like a water stage. I also like how the stage changes from peaceful yet upbeat to heavy action at 0:36.

Rank 25. Storm Owl (Mega Man X4)

Stage theme -

I know some people will think this should be higher, and I don't blame them, but when it came down to choosing my preferences 1 by 1.....well, something had to go.

This song always reminded me of the ending theme to some kind of commando game where the hero has won and is returning home. Not really Mega Man-ish for me but that's not a problem because this song is still great. This song has a really nice beat to it and the build up right before it starts going faster is very good too.

And that obviously means that Jet Stingray is my favorite X4 theme. How high will it place though? =p

Rank 24. Chill Penguin (Mega Man X1)

Stage theme -

Now I know 24th isn't exactly one of the better ranks, but this theme is THE ice theme for the Mega Man X series. Get outta here with Frost Walrus, he sucks, Blizzard Buffalo? Sounds like a rain cloud rather than an ice stage....ok not really but you get my point. Chill Penguin though, this song is cool sounding. Yes I know I like 23 songs better but the tones used for this song are awesome. This one definitely feels like an ice theme for me. Such a nostalgic feeling too seeing as I know most people remember this as the first stage to play through thanks to the Dash. *Goes back to listening to Chill Penguin*

Rank 23. The Skiver (Mega Man X5)

Stage theme -

Absolutely love the startup of this theme, it's very mild but continues as the background sound for a little bit. I also enjoy the instruments that were chosen for this theme, they seem to work really well together even though they stand out from each other as well. This theme also really feels like an air stage, though not as much as Storm Eagle's but still. I'd say the only real thing missing with this theme is a nice ending. It flows very well and has plenty of buildup but doesn't really have much impact on the ending it currently has. Still, I do really like the theme so it's no big deal, but it could have been better. =p

Rank 22. Launch Octopus (Mega Man X1)

Stage theme -

Speaking of impact though, this theme has A LOT of impact. It has a lot of high notes as well as many what I'd call forced notes. This theme may not be my favorite from X1 but I would say this is the one that sticks out the most and for very good reason. The song immediately starts off with one of those forced notes and then goes right into the theme, there's practically no start up at all. This theme starts off full force and then goes even higher at 0:38. The instruments used for this are absolutely brilliant as well. Even with so much going on, it still manages to seem like a water theme, though it's unlike any other water theme in the series.

Rank 21. Avalanche Yeti (Mega Man X8)

Stage theme -

What's this? An X8 song I actually like?!?! And even more surprising there's still 2 left!

Ok yes, I know I said Chill Penguin was THE ice theme and I know this one is ranking higher but that doesn't change my opinion. Chill Penguin is still THE ice theme even though I like this one better because I don't think this sounds like an ice theme at all, but it does sound awesome.

This, like some of the other X8 themes, is actually pretty long. I know I said doing the heavy rock stuff really hurt X8's soundtrack, but there are a few exceptions and this is one of them. As I said, I really don't feel this fits the ice theme at all but I do really like listening to it. And speaking of heavy, this theme REALLY cranks it up for 15 seconds at 1:16. Sadly though, I didn't have room in the top 20 for this theme, but I sure wish I did.

Ranks 20 - 11[]

Rank 20. Wheel Gator (Mega Man X2)

Stage theme -

Ok, I know how popular this theme seems to be, and while I do really like it I wouldn't consider it one of the best. It has a good beat and great tones, but I wonder if it were long if I would like it more. Honestly though, I am very lenient with my 27 as this theme is repetitive and short and yet it still makes the top 20. In all honesty I'd have to go so far as to say this song doesn't deserve a top 20 spot....but still I do really like it. My favorite part of it is definitely the start of it though, leads out very strong.

Well, that's 1 disappointment down....1 to go coming up next.

Rank 19. Storm Eagle (Mega Man X1)

Stage theme -

I can hear the boo's I'm going to get for this now........*half the viewers leave the topic*

Yes I know, your beloved Storm Eagle is only 19th place, and he's obviously not my choice for best X1 theme though all of them but Sting Chameleon is on a pretty high level.

Anyway, absolutely love the background part of the theme....but it does get a bit old for me eventually...and that's really why this theme is so low. No no, not cause of the background per say but because I simply don't like the song as much as I use to. I would have put Storm Eagle into my top 10 easy a while back, but since this ranking topic started I decided to give each game a chance and either play through them (X1-X6) or watch them being played (X7 and X8) and as a result I've grown quite fond of some themes more so as Storm Eagle kind of fades away. Sure it still has an awesome beat to it and I still really like's just wearing a bit thin on me as I start liking other themes that I never really gave a chance before.

Rank 18. Vanishing Gungaroo (Mega Man X7)

Stage theme -

The last and best X7 theme IMO.

This theme and Wind Crowrang's theme almost make me want to play X7.....but then I remember how awful it was so nvm. I can't help but notice that part of this song seems like something from a Sonic game.

Anyway, love the start up of this theme, it's like it's already built way up by the time it finishes and it's only been 14 seconds into the song. The part of the theme that plays next (0:15-0:27) seems like a beach theme to be honest, but still sounds really good. After that is some very awesome tones, which again I wish I knew what instrument that was they were using as it's used for the rest of the song. Then at about 0:41 we come to the closing part of the song which sounds really cool IMO.

All in All, Mega Man X7 is the first game to be completely eliminated, but it still pulled off a couple good themes.

Rank 17. Rainy Turtloid (Mega Man X6)

Stage theme -

X6 manages to go 35 spots before losing another theme. That's what I consider a HUGE improvement, especially considering it has 3 songs left. With 4 themes in the top 17 it is rivaling X1 at this point with only 1 theme less than it still in this. X6 had some surprisingly good music when I went back and replayed it. This game is the definition of polar opposites as far as the 8 Maverick themes go. 4 of them I really like and the other 4 I really dislike.

This theme flows beautifully from piece to piece. There's not a single part of this song I can't say I don't love. I could honestly just sit here listening to this theme over and over again. It's so peaceful at yet still up beat.

Be that as it may though, there are still 16 themes to go and 7 games remaining in this thing. =p

Rank 16. Izzy Glow (Mega Man X5)

Stage theme -

And that means Duff McWhalen is my top X5 theme and you guys will have to wait just a little longer for the Bubble Crab/Duff McWhalen face off. =p

As for this theme, talk about going all out. If ever there was a theme pre X8 that was completely high energy, yet still enjoyable, THIS IS IT! I'll go ahead and say it right now....this theme does NOT fit the boss, this theme does NOT fit the stage, but it is one awesome theme that I'm glad they put in the game. This theme represents how X8 SHOULD have been. It's heavy and up beat and still great unlike the majority of the X8 soundtrack. This theme has a very solid start with that rockin beat. Then as the overtones come in they play off that beat so well as the song progresses. And while this is usually not my kind of theme, for a few rare occasions, and this is one, I have to congratulate them on making me enjoy a song like this.

Rank 15. Bamboo Pandamonium (Theme 2) (Mega Man X8)

Stage theme -

And now X8 is left with just 1 theme left.

This song's presence in the game is a very good thing because X8 needed some good themes to make you forget about the bad ones which is most of them. The thing about this theme though, and I don't know if this is true or not, is that I hear you have to have the robot armor for this theme to play. Should you get out of the armor the other theme, which I don't like, starts playing again. Now why this couldn't have just been the stages theme I don't understand, but whatever I guess.

Honestly, this is sooooooooo much better than the regular music for the stage. This theme is so up beat and cool sounding. Sure it doesn't sound like your typical Mega Man X theme but most of X8 didn't so that's no problem.

4 more to go before the top 10, and we may have a couple hard losses, but we shall see!

Rank 14. Flame Mammoth (Mega Man X1)

Stage theme -

Well someone had to go...

Despite not making the top 10, I still really like this song as I do for all my 27, but this one is kinda right in the middle isn't it? No matter what song wins though, I think this proves that X1 was just an absolute killer soundtrack having all but 1 theme in the top 22 and even though it's taken quite a hit it still has 3 songs left with only 13 to go.

Granted X1 didn't really have a "heavy" theme, but if I had to pick 1 theme to represent that I would pick this one (Him being a mammoth is a coincidence). Yes I imagine most would pick Boomer Kuwanger, but it takes more than deep beats as a background to make the song heavy. Personally though, I think this fits a fire theme'd robot quite well even though it's a bit outside the norm. This theme is nothing flashy just a pure awesome beat. The funny thing is that many parts of this stage slow you down yet the beat is so quick. XD

Rank 13. Gravity Antonion (Mega Man X8)

Stage theme -

The Final X8 theme chimes in with a respectable Rank 13.

To me, this song is just absolutely cool sounding....yea I know that's hard to believe that X8 is actually getting more compliments from me, but this theme I just love. The tones are absolutely amazing and the beat is nothing to sneer at either. I can't say this theme exactly fits the Maverick, but I don't think this theme would fit any maverick too much, but it really doesn't need to. I would have more to say but I'm actually stuck listening to this XD

If only all of X8 could have been this good...

Anyway, 12 to go, 2 more to not make it into the top 10. =p

Rank 12. Crystal Snail (Mega Man X2)

Stage theme -

And that leaves us with just 1 X2 theme remaining, so the Bubble Crab/Duff McWhalen showdown is now even more suspenseful with both being the only theme left from their respective games. =p

This theme may seem a little too simple to be up this high actually, but I really like it. The opening kinda reminds me of what I would have expected from Skull Man as it sounds like one of those old cartoons where they use bones as a bell set. At 0:13 though, we get the main tones of the song that is the reason it's this high. That part of the song just seems like something epic is about to happen. The song eventually fades back into the bell set, but the enjoyment of the song never lets up.

1 more theme left to be denied a top 10 spot...and it won't be from X1 or X6. =p

Rank 11. Jet Stingray (Mega Man X4)

Stage theme -

And X4 is eliminated! And that leaves 5 games left that will appear in the top 10, though some games have more themes left than others.

First I gotta say this theme is perfect for the stage given that you're on the ride chaser. The beat is very quick as it should be. And while this isn't the first time you use the ride chaster, it is the first stage where you start off using it....unless you want to count the intro stages but I don't for this.

Given that the boss is a Replifoce boss and not with Sigma, you would expect more of a honorable theme and I definitely think this theme represents honor. It has just that hint of justice in it. Ok yea I know that's a strange way to put it but that's the best way I can think of putting it. It's also great that this theme is being used for a water stage as well because I feel that makes it unique.

The Top 10[]

Rank 10. Blaze Heatnix (Mega Man X6)

Stage theme -
Stage being played -

And the battle between X1 and X6 is now 3 to 2 with the other games having 4 left. =p

I do want to note though, regardless of how much I enjoy this theme I hate this stage because of those big red things and how much of a pain they are to kill sometimes. <_<

Ok, back when I said I didn't like this type of theme except for a couple rare exceptions, well this is the best exception of them all. I absolutely LOVE this theme. Yes I know 10th place means I like 9 others more but that isn't the point, the point is that out of all the songs I could have picked to make the top 10 this one did even if it's just barely.

This theme starts off very fast, and is fast paced all the way through. It's a bit heavier than most of the pre X8 themes which seems to work wonderfully for the tune they chose as well as the Maverick itself. Having this theme be for a Phoenix is quite awesome and seems to fit perfectly. That tune it starts to play at 0:15 is completely amazing, though my personal favorite is the part at 0:43. Even after that though, the song stays consistently at that high level until the end. Awesome Maverick, even more awesome theme, stage not so great but oh well. XD

Rank 9. Boomer Kuwanger (Mega Man X1)

Stage theme -
Stage being played -

And the score between X1 and X6 is now 2 to 2...but X3 has 2 left as well. =p

I see some are going to be real disappointed with this one being 9th though, but someone had to go. =/

As Nee mentioned, this theme is built on those forced notes and they work VERY well. I love the way this theme starts up, just those 2-3 notes but they sound cool, then right away the main part of the song just jumps in at you. The awesome thing about this theme is that it has 3 levels of notes unlike most that have only 2. You have those 2-3 notes which continue to play, the beating, and the main part of the theme. That kind of thing really doesn't happen in many other X themes that I've noticed.

The buildup in this song is absolutely flawless, and the ending is great as well. This is one of those themes that never stops being enjoyable for me, I could listen to it for the whole game and be fine, but obviously there are 2 others in the game I would prefer. =p

Rank 8. Bubble Crab (Mega Man X2)

Stage theme -
Stage being played -

Ok....perhaps it was obvious that I was going to like Duff McWhalen better than Bubble Crab and I'm sure most would. However, this is going to do it for X2 who is now out of the running.

As for the theme, I find this theme to be a mesh of peaceful serenity and epic buildup and boy does it mesh well. It starts you off by being just what you'd expect from a good water theme, then it surprises you by giving you expectations that something big is about to happen. Of course in this stage you could count the mini boss as that but anyway...after the buid up it throws you off by going right back into peaceful splendor and ends the song off with more buildup. The song flip flops between the 2 but still does an awesome job of being enjoyable. The beat is not only great the tones are very cool sounding for it's time.

This seemed like it would be able to match up against Wave Man perfectly and the war for best water theme would end in a draw between the 2, that is....until Bubble Crab would later be outdone and the best water theme in the Mega Man world would be decided once and for all, and by a theme from X5!

Rank 7. Gravity Beetle (SNES) (Mega Man X3)

Stage theme - PSX version -
Stage being played -

Extremely tough decision to make here, but as I keep saying "someone had to go".

I was going to make Gravity Beetle the top X3 song to begin with, but that PSX version of Toxic Seahorse was just too good IMO. Still, this is one extremely awesome theme that really gets you pumped for the game. =p

No sissy stuff here, it starts out loud and proud and runs with it hitting higher notes as it goes. I always imaged this song as the ending of a war hero movie as the hero is returning home in the credits. Victory has been achieved and now it's time for a long rest. Sure 7th place is not the same as 1st but Gravity Beetle has certainly earned it's spot this high and I love the song. As has been said by some that this is the high point for SNES X themes, and even though it isn't my favorite of them I can't completely deny that because of how close my top 10 are in preference.

If they weren't extremely close, this would be Duff ranking here instead. =p

Rank 6. Commander Yammark (Mega Man X6)

Stage theme -
Stage being played -

Still, even though I really like it it has to go sometime and now is that time. 6th place is quite impressive though.

I love how peaceful this song is. It actually reminds me of a Donkey Kong Country song it's so good. My 1 gripe though is that with this theme the sound effects are sometimes too loud to actually hear it, but if you just listen tot he song itself it's quite beautiful.

As I mentioned, this theme seems like something right out of Donkey Kong Country as it's splendor gives off that jungle feel quite nicely. Even though this theme isn't my favorite though, I listen to this one the most of all my top 10. It has such a relaxing feel to it especially while I'm doing other things on the computer. To anyone who's a nature lover, this theme probably has an even greater effect. This kind of theme is something the first 4 X games desperately lacked, a nice peaceful theme that just calms you. I know they each had their own kind of peaceful theme, but nothing like this.

Rank 5. Toxic Seahorse (PSX) (Mega Man X3)

Stage theme -
SNES version -
Stage being played -

And Mega Man X3 bows out at Rank #5 which is still highly respectable. Before I started doing this list I didn't expect to be placing an X3 song in the top 5 and I figured if I did it would be Gravity Beetle, but the PSX version of this theme is just awesome IMO. I still really like the SNES version too but the PSX version is what puts it this high.

"The PSX version has an AWESOME drum beat going for it."

That is definitely one thing I love about it. Though I think every instrument blends so well in this amazingly created song. I can understand other people not putting this song in their top 5 or top 10, but I would not be able to understand anyone who said this song wasn't any good. The song flows very well even the ending of the song back into the beginning is just perfect. I'd love to have the PSX version of the game just to play through this stage alone because of the music. I said in my Command Yammark writeup that it's the song I've been listening to the most throughout this, well this is my 2nd most listened to so far. It my not be my favorite, but it's certainly deserves to be this close if not closer.

Rank 4. Infinity Mijinion (Mega Man X6)

Stage theme -
Stage being played -
Remix -

As if it wasn't hard enough to eliminate a song, it just got WAY harder at this point. All the remaining 4 could be my #1 easy...I had to listen to all 4 of them over and over and over to decide, and though it pains me to put any of them at less than #1, 3 of them couldn't be.

For starters, this theme has probably the most epic start up of any Mega Man X theme in the series, perhaps even all Mega Man songs put together. The only downside to that is that it only plays once but oh well that's fine. XD

What follows though is nigh equally awesome though, I say nigh because while it is still incredibly enjoyable it just can't compete with how great the start up is. From 0:14- 0:45 is the core of the song, which while it is my least favorite part there's really no part of the song I don't love. 0:46 that awesome guitar kicks things up a notch again and is now back on part with the epicness of the intro. As the song comes to a close it, just like Seahorse's, finishes leading very well back into the beginning of the song again(minus the intro of course v_v).

And thus ends the battle between X1 and X6. X6 was just a little behind X1 each and every time, but I will say far as the post SNES era goes X6 wins the theme war by a mile.

Rank 3. Duff McWhalen (Mega Man X5)

Stage theme -
Stage being played -
Original theme -

And Duff finally goes down. Perhaps it's quite a surprise that he made it this many spots further than Bubble Crab as they are the same theme technically, but the changes made to this version make enough difference to warrant the placement increase IMO. I mentioned in the Bubble Crab writeup, THIS is the top water theme in all of Mega Man to me. This is Mega Man X5's true gem of a theme. Izzy, Adler and Skiver are all nice but this theme is what makes X5 memorable for me. Yes I know it's just a remastered version of Bubble Crab but I honestly don't think I'd have as fond memories of the game if it had the original song it was going to have instead. They really improved on Bubble Crab here though, every single change is definitely for the better. Not to mention that this theme actually feels a lot more aquatic than most of the X series water themes. All in all, my favorite part is at 0:18 when it goes right into the really high guitar note.

And that leaves us with a battle of X1 themes....

Rank 2. Armored Armadillo (Mega Man X1)

Stage theme -
Stage being played -
Remix -
Maverick Hunter version -

It's been a long and hard battle....ok well not really, but Armored Armadillo finishes with a respectible #2 spot. Who would have imagined when it was X1 vs X6 3 to 3 at 10 spots remaining that the finals would come down to 2 X1 themes. Either way, both themes certainly deserve to be #1 but alas, I had to make a choice.

Unlike with the original Mega Man series, I had no idea who I was going to place first when I started. And even though some will think I made the wrong choice here it at least came down to 2 themes that most people really enjoy.

This theme is perfect all the way through. There isn't even 1/10th a second of this theme I don't enjoy. Saying I could leave this on loop for hours is an understatement. No other song in the X series flows as well as this one for me. Segment after segment is just absolute perfection. Great beat, great tones, great everything. I would have liked to just make 2 #1's but I'm sure people would have wanted a decisive choice. =p

Rank 1. Spark Mandrill (Mega Man X1)

Stage theme -
Stage being played - &fmt=18
Remix -
Rockman Exile remix -
Maverick Hunter version -

And I give you your CHAMPION! And what a hard decision it was to make. Coming down to 2 X1 themes and I most certainly did not want to call 1 better than the other but it had to be done. Spark Mandrill is my favorite X series theme.

From the looks of things, I'd say this theme was called to place 1st the most, and the fact that it actually did just shows how awesome this theme is. Maybe a tad boring that my favorite also ended up being the majorities favorite, but I have to rank these honestly and this is definitely my favorite.

Right off the bat we get that awesome guitar blazing that never stops thankfully. The theme even sounds completely electrified so it fits perfectly. The entire song is just epic from the first to the last second. I could never ever get tired of this song and I've been listening to it since the first day I got X1 way back in the month it came out.

The only sad thing is that X1, the game that started the X series, has never been topped music-wise for me, but X6 at least comes close. So it's nice to know that Capcom has never lost it's touch when it comes to churning out good music. Sure with X7 and X8 it may have dropped the ball a bit, but even X8 had 3 themes I enjoyed.

So for all of you who've been checking and posting, I hope you've enjoyed these rankings and look forward to the next ranking list as me and Smurf will be ranking Sonic music. =p