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Team Fortress 2 is the most original FPS in years, which makes no sense considering that it's a sequel. The game is focused around the selection of 9 character classes, which work together to complete objectives against other teams. As an online-only game, TF2 is the major multiplayer component of The Orange Box. It was released for PC, 360, and PS3, but only the PC version really matters.

Some of the characters have made the contest, such as Heavy and Spy, but it doesn't really matter because they always get last place. The majority of the FPS fanbase on GameFAQs wouldn't know a good game if it punched them in the face with Killing Gloves of Boxing, opting to vote for ultra-realism crap instead. The fact that the console versions are watered-down crap compared to the PC version does not help matters.

Notable Matches[]

Call of Duty 4 vs Super Mario Galaxy vs Pokemon Diamond/Pearl vs Team Fortress 2 2009