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TheRock1525, after the events of Mustafar.

Cool User, Sprite Comic maker, etc.

Creator of

High ground comics

White Boyz

Board 8 The Sprite Comic

Board 8: Troll Hunters

Current Unnamed Board 8 Sprite Comic


  • Name: TJ

    ExThaNemesis and TheRock1525 square off

  • Age: 31
  • Birthday: May 1, 1987
  • Nationality: American


Attempted Fads[]

TheRock is notorious for attempting, and often failing, to start a fad. Though none have caught on, his current fad may be the one that finally gets him over the hump. Notable fads include:


TheRock1525 during the one and only time he underestimated the high ground.

  • *Rock Bottoms ertyu*
  • _______ = Weaksauce.
  • It's over, _____! _____ has the high ground!

Notable topics[]

TheRock is most notable for three topics. The first of which is the High ground topics, which depict the winning character dueling the losing character at which the winning character has gained the "high ground." This usually includes a humorous saying.

The second topic he is notable for is Board 8 The Sprite Comic. This is a humourous comic depicting the war between Board 8 users and the n00b clones. The comic updates sporadictally, so it's hard to tell when or if it will be updated.

The third is the Ultimate Final Fantasy Team topics. This topic was a contest to decide the three teams that would represent the best of Final Fantasy. Though the contest is done and the winners determined, TheRock has vowed to restart the contest some time after the release of FFXII in the United States.

One notable topic was the B8CW, a simulated wresting league. The league eventually went on hiatus, with no plans for it to return anytime soon.


TheRock is notable for his love of Detroit sports. This led to a scuffle between TheRock and therealmnm during the 2006 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. TheRock, a die-hard Detroit Pistons fan, predict the Pistons would easily take the series. However, after Miami Heat defeated the Pistons 4-2, TheRock lashed out at the Heat and it's fans, including therealmnm. therealmnm responded, which lead to TheRock vowing to only post in the now defunct B8CW topics. Eventually, everything settle down and TheRock went back to his usual self...obscure.


TheRock has repeatedly posted his AIM and e-mail address in the B8:TSC and B8CW topics to accept info and feedback from others.

  • AIM: Strife4Life
  • E-MAIL:


  • Strife4Life
  • THEDavyJones
  • Rich_Hamilton


TheRock is a heavy Cloud Strife fanboy, despite Cloud's hatred by most of Board 8. Despite his fanboyism, TheRock was not around at the time to witness Cloud defeat Sephiroth to claim the 2003 Character Contest Championship.

Also, as you can tell, TheRock is a huge fan of The Rock. The Rock is the pinnacle of wrestling, with solid in-ring skills and the best mic skills in history of wrestling. The Rock's movie career, however, has not been as good. Still, The Rock is one of the greatest wrestlers.

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