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"Back when I was in a summer camp as a kid, there was this one retarded kid that me and others would lead into a door at the building we were near and close it, and he'd be stuck in there crying all day cuz he couldn't figure out how to open the door."

"The point of a message board is to have fun. Trolling is how I have fun."

Albion is a long time user of Board 8, though he's had to do so from a dozen different accounts due to his habit of getting banned for trolling every few months. From 2002-2004 he posted as Ryan Saotome, from 2004-2006 he used The Albion Hero, in 2007 he used Evilprinny, and he mostly posted as MyWorldIsCrono in 2008. In 2009, Albi got ownership of Cyclo_Reaper's main account and danced around in its corpse like he was Buffalo Bill for a few months. He made a deal with the board to get Vault Boy into the 2010 Character Battle in exchange for his closing Cyclo's account, which of course never happened because people are still dumb enough to think Albion doesn't troll.

Albion is also well-known for being a moron regarding mass rallying. He claims to have altered some matches in the past, like Hogger/Laharl/Ramza, but no one takes him seriously.