Because a Serious Board needs a Serious Podcast.

The Board 8 Podcast (aka The Serious Business Podcast) is a "weekly" wrapup of some of Board 8's more notable events and users. The show began production in September of 2009 after being suggested by Smurf, and is currently hosted by IceHawk, though most users suspect he will shortly lose interest and be replaced by Ngamer. Dante Procrastinater neonreaper Ed Bellis neonreaper Ed Bellis, Mer, and Wigs serves as co-hosts.

Every episode of the show is available for downloading at the following site:

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Episode Listing Edit

Episode 63 Edit

  • Download Link: Episode 63
  • Record date: January 24, 2012

Episode 62 Edit

Episode 61 Edit

Episode 60 Edit

  • Download Link: Episode 60
  • Record date: September 16, 2011
  • Special Guest: voltch

Episode 59 Edit

  • Download Link:

Episode 59 Part One.mp3 Episode 59 Two.mp3

Topics Covered

  • BREAKING NEWS! A "popular" "veteran" "user" from the past has been lurking on an alt! WHO COULD IT BE!? The results will astound you! Yes, you do know them.
  • Amateur psychology hour with Chris and Ed Bellis, re: Zachnorn. What has he done now!?
  • Vlado's Top 50 Gimmicks finish- WHO WAS NUMBER O-oh let's face it you saw this coming.
  • Ayv's Best Board Projects Contest/Discussion - IS RATE THE FOOD IS A TOP CONTENDER?!
  • In the most SHOCKING REVELATION (so shocking Chris was in silent awe for almost 5 seconds) to the board since the first bullet point above, we reveal an NGamer secret THAT WILL SCAR YOU FOR LIFE.
  • Skype, Females, Game stuff, Icehawk/Ed trouble in paradise?
  • We FLAME everyone who asked us to do so from that topic! CAN YOU TAKE THE HEAT? Not even the members of this podcast are safe! ANGELO GONE WILD
  • Winners & Losers & One Post Winners~

Episode 58 Edit

Topics Covered

  • Wigs goes through more epic adventures with crazy asian girl who he will lose his virginity to.
  • JC unleashes an "all time great" moment
  • An Osama edition of 1 post winners
  • Dramatic readings of PrestonStarry and darkx!
  • Winners and Losers-- now with a points system, see if you made it!!

Episode 57 Edit

Topics Covered

  • Discussion of PIMP "leaving the board and closing his account" WE WISH HIM A FOND FAREWELL!!!
  • Ermine makes an appearance to talk about bricks, and raccoons. Separate topics, not related in one way.
  • We urge you to donate to CHESTER (the game, not my dog)
  • PORTAL KOMBAT OH MY. We have 1 person that played MK9 and 3 that played Portal 2, EXPERT ANALYSIS
  • Dramatic readings of quality users such as andymancan and Biolizard!

Episode 56 Edit

Topics Covered

  • ctes released a new picture this week, we go over it IN DETAIL and ask ctes for all the details on his fashion/etc choices for each picture he has posted on b8
  • ctes also tells you if its ok to spank it to his latest pic
  • ctes gives his enthralling opinions on a variety of topics!
  • We go over all the b8 drama for the week, OH EM GEE.
  • Chris reveals something very personal in a stunning Oprah-esque moment in which we show sincerity and kindness to him (dancing on couches? INCLUDED)
  • We talk about a big week in gaming!
  • No ones a winner! Except for the One Post Winners of course!!!!

Episode 55 Edit

Topics Covered

  • An excellent and sexy interview with RPGLord in which he pimps his new gaming podcast
  • User of the Year recap for the three people who missed the result (featuring ACE PREDIX for next year)
  • fr0q apparently draws people being fisted
  • Ed pimps a contest he actually enjoys running
  • Zachnorn (who sounds suspiciously like a mix between Ngamer and Dr Pizza) earns POST OF THE WEEK
  • We talk about Nio's harem topic despite never actually clicking on it
  • Crap about games I didn't pay attention to

Episode 54 Edit

Topics Covered

  • We chat with the FORMER Nicest User Boardy Winner! Does anyone actually want this Boardy??
  • UotY GP/SEMIFINALS/FINALS discussion. New [inaccurate] POWER RANKINGS from Icehawk.
  • The future of UotY/USB! Would Ulti/Sess run UotY into the ground OR WILL SOMEONE ELSE (not Smurf!)?
  • Did you read the Sess topic? No?! What's wrong with you!?! We have highlights, Vlado/Demon Hunter X quotes, and of course, OPINIONS (because Chris is on the show) in case you WERE TOO MAD ABOUT BETRAYAL to read it.
  • Many many new projects! Did yours make it to air?
  • Wrestling Discussion and PONIES PONY MY LITTLE PONY~~
  • All the usual stuff and Icehawk breaks down boundaries with a very special edition of One Post Winners

SURVEY SAYS Do you like Vlado? Guess how many said yes. Whole numbers only, no repeats. Winner gets to be on the next show or pick the next host!

Episode 53 Edit

Topics Covered

  • Chat with the very cool XIIIRocks
  • UotY Predix and rankings!
  • We read written comments from most of the remaining UotYers, including impassioned speeches from Wigs and Blazer.
  • Girl problems on B8. Wigs reads texts from crazy girl.

Episode 52 Edit

Topics Covered

  • Nio vs. voltch, confrontation of the year
  • predictions for the rest of the top 20, also a top 5 power rankings for most likely to win it all.
  • Nio reads 1 post winners
  • Talk about 2 potential topic of the year candidates

Episode 51 Edit

Topics Covered

  • UotY Round 4 talk!
  • We discuss which users will make big runs in next year's UotY.
  • Warningcrazy ims me yet again. Hilarity ensues.
  • Discussion of NIO'S VOICE.
  • wigs, ed, and neon play all stars bowling augh.

Episode 50 Edit

Episode 49 Edit

Topics Covered

  • Interview with foolmo
  • User of the Year talk! From the fall of ngirl to the rise of CTES!
  • Round 3 predix
  • User of the Year Drama! Vlado vs. Icon, Spike's post
  • Ultiwatch
  • Boardys Resutls!
  • GOAT contest soon!
  • YGO vs. Pokemon is back!
  • WC leaves the board?
  • All the usual stuff that is always laughable

Episode 48 Edit

Topics Covered

  • Quick interview with Lockes
  • User of the Year talk!
  • WC-fr0q-ngirl-ulti drama all revealed. fr0q was just trolling.
  • RKO episode 4 fails, Extha joins for a minute
  • Boardys are up!
  • Greatest Athlete of All Time (GOAT)!
  • Ertyu says he will do the ertyu show again
  • Games, Random Conversation which is podcasts, winners and losers etc.

Episode 47 Edit

Topics Covered

  • Talk with KingBartz
  • User of the Year talk
  • Racist watch, TheRock drops the N bomb and Sess has started a crusade to end racism in protest
  • Ultiwatch! SC claims to have secret info on Ulti but wont reveal his source.
  • SMFFFC drama! Mass rallying, joke voting and such.
  • Last and also least the usual stuff

Episode 46 Edit

Topics Covered

  • A great interview with Diedra
  • WC tells Diedra about 'something' he posted on the board
  • User of the Year has started! Discussion of first divisions.
  • Top 100 users unleashed. Rusty and Angelo fails. Also some talk about the list.
  • RKO Radio begins!
  • Post editing.
  • fr0q posting pics of the divisions
  • Ulti Watch
  • Upcomming Babeball Season 2!
  • DSrage tries hard drugs
  • Usual filling stuff in the end

Episode 45 Edit

  • Download Link: Episode 45.mp3
  • Record date: January 22, 2011
  • Special Guests: No one, just the usual crew.

Topics Covered

  • User of the Year!
  • Interview with Ed, Favorites, Best and worst divisions and interesting names!
  • Top 100 users talk
  • Uoty Fantasy talk!
  • Live serious business podcast new years, including CPU being a murder suspect
  • New board features!
  • Saving Bacon 2 annouced!
  • Chester trailer hits b8!
  • Game of the Year 2011!
  • Then all the usual stuff.

Episode 44 Edit

Topics Covered

  • A 'random' Zazi interview
  • Boardys Top 3!
  • FD closes his account
  • The Show livecast. Succes or failure?
  • Sess returns!
  • Brawl beat Melee! Ctes is happy, everyone else whines!
  • Random conversation is kill, marry **** and some other usual stuff

Episode 43 Edit

Topics Covered

  • Lisel tells us a story about HeroicKrauss vs. TUM
  • The conversations is read out loud!
  • Icehawk Returns
  • Game of the Decade Contest!
  • SBAllen limits the Luseterboard
  • Best Fictional Character Final! Calvin vs. Hobbes
  • Rusty, SephG, Realo, Albion, Mega and TimJab all warned/awed
  • Boardys noms up!
  • Random conversations and other usual stuff

Episode 42 Edit

Topics Covered

  • Neon and Ed suspended for a week
  • Wigs tells all about his "marriage" to Alanna and posted on a board with her and other crazies (andy, jp, MWE)
  • Albion returns
  • Gamespot Contest is over
  • Nomination is closed!
  • Wii Watch! 1 post winners! Random Conversation! and all the other great stuff!

Episode 41 Edit

Topics Covered

  • Voltch interview
  • The Show has reurned
  • PS3 vs. 360 vs. Wii poll by Blazer
  • We try to be The Show and talk about the contest for an hour
  • Commodore's topic about dead friends
  • Wigs wins Menji's contest!
  • Board 8's top 10 games
  • Top 100 users for sale!
  • The usual stuff at the end of the episodes
  • Icehawk leaves=Chaos!

Episode 40 Edit

Topics Covered

  • Interview with Lockes
  • Game of the Decade contest coming soon!
  • The guru choice WWF No Mercy!
  • Worst Rallies-
  • The Show returns now with Blazer!
  • How to improve the Show?
  • Watch of Stripey and GamerPanda
  • Saving Bacon talk.
  • New board 8 games emerge
  • 1 post winner, winners and losesrs and all the other stuff.

Episode 39 Edit

Topics Covered

  • Saving Bacon is out!!!
  • Gamespot Villains Contest, Round 1 discussion and round 2 predix!
  • BAIG Follow up questions
  • Ulti trolls the wiki again
  • 1 post winners, games, winner losers etc. The usual stuff.

Episode 38 Edit

Topics Covered

  • A quick 'talk' with Ermine
  • SephG vs. WC account bet
  • BAIG Final!
  • Joyrock banned for Bull topic
  • VGMusic update
  • Scott Pilgrim madness
  • Saving Bacon out this Weekend!!!
  • Games, 1 post winners, random conversation, random user, winners and losers

Episode 37 Edit

Topics Covered

  • Welcome to the ANTI BOARDYS, where we decide the worst stuff of the year!
  • Epona: a rally or a cry for help?
  • Gamespot Villain Contest discussion, we deliver while The Show isn't around!!!
  • Fetus with a LEGENDARY guest host stint.
  • New Segment: WII WATCH
  • Random User of the Week: ULTI

Episode 36 Edit

Topics Covered

Episode 35 Edit

Topics Covered:

Episode 34 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Serious Biz returns after a 5 week layoff!
  • No guest; usual crew of neon/Ed/Wigs
  • Steiner gets married, posts mesmerizing picture
  • Discussion of Ed's Interview and Avatar topics
  • 90 minutes of turning movie titles into innuendos
  • Biggest Winner: tranny for E3 work
  • Biggest Loser: Everyone involved with the Kugecast

Episode 33 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • A "Very Special Interview Segment" with Lisel
  • Breakdown of the Dr Pizza/Ulti 'feud' with Icehawk's excellent Dr Pizza impression
  • CRAZY BUS Stats and Discussion
  • E3 discussion for thirty seconds
  • World Cup discussion/trainwreck
  • BABEball: a mockery of life itself
  • Breakdown of the highly complicated Dr Pizza/kawaiifan relationship with Lisel's excellent kawaiifan impression
  • 1 post winners, winners and losers, the usual jazz

Episode 32 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Final UotY talk segment yesss
  • Who will be the up and comers in 2011? Who deserved to be higher this year? Who should not have been top 50?
  • Kugecast thoughts
  • TUM's secret REVEALED
  • Thoughts on Monty on the Run vs. Moon over the Castle in VGMusic Contest 4
  • 4 one post winners!

Episode 31 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • User of the Year talk, including winner predictions
  • Sir Chris leaves (for roughly 13 hours): THE SAGA
  • Kuge podcast: over/under 2.5 episodes
  • VGMusic Bracket talk
  • Icehawk's early Red Dead Redemption thoughts
  • 1 post winners: Celebrity Death Edition
  • neon reads some logs of his recent convos with Luster. It is good stuff I assure you.

Episode 30 Edit

Topics Covered:

Part 1

Part 2

  • Interviews with Top Ten Users about their matches in the Golden Parcel round
  • Final analysis: GP matches you're most looking forward to?

Part 3

  • News of the Week:
  • Noms up for VG Music Contest
  • Ngamer's Top 100 and Bottom 25 projects turn into trainwrecks
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 vs Red Red Redemption

Episode 29 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Three least deserving of the final UotY 20.
  • Icehawk ranks all 20 in terms of odds to win it all.
  • An "amazing" ctes interview.
  • Ed with details for VGMusic 4.
  • Chris joins us to talk Mercs 4.
  • Discussion on the top 50 of the IGN VIllain List.

Episode 28 Edit

Topics Covered:

Episode 27 Edit

Topics Covered:

Episode 26 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • User of the Year Talk
  • GameFAQs Character Battle Hall of Fame discussions with YoBlazer
  • "Best Doctor" Contest talk
  • PrestonStarry's Comeback Topic
  • Ed and Wigs Doctor Strange screaming while Icehawk deals with Chester
  • TheRock passing off his account to Albion

Episode 25 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Live Q and A for the Serious Business hosts
  • The whole show was LIVE
  • Doctor STRAAAAANNNNGGEEE, and lots of it
  • UotY Discussion
  • Many of the Guests being "let-downs"
  • Icehawk complaining about how this was a disaster
  • Ed Bellis is high on something
  • Palmer's Just-for Fun Bracket

Episode 24 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • UotY Discussion and predix
  • TCA is back
  • Do you have to "play the game" to do well in UotY?
  • Nuzlocke
  • 1 post winners
  • Hype for next week!

Episode 23 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Boko Interview
  • Ed Bellis changes to UotY- Tiebreakers and Round 3 Wildcard
  • UotY discussion/predix/Fantasy Outlook
  • Icehawk's B8 Wiki Renovation Project
  • Best Chris Contest (FFD Beats Jesus), Best Dr. Contest Nominations
  • DNEA offers $200 worth of prizes for a WWYD- Does he finish?
  • Blank posts being moderated
  • Ulti to start up One Match a Day
  • Rusty talks about how his surgery went
  • Too many Pokemon topics
  • What to do for Episode 25?

Episode 22 Edit

Topics Covered in Part One:

  • Discussion of all results for UotY so far, as well as predix for the next 6 divisions.
  • GameFAQs Contest Hall of Fame... good idea?
  • Ngamer's UotY fantasy.
  • Talk on why UotY votals are so through the roof.
  • An excellent edition of 1 post winners.

# of Listens: 295 / 314

Episode 21 Edit

Topics Covered in Part One:

  • Quick interview with Ngamer
  • Account bet city
  • Final Contest Thoughts
  • 8 losers this week, see if you are one!
  • The return of "1 post topics!"

Topics Covered in Part Two:

  • Talk with Ed about various UotY things this year, including his thoughts on rallying and repeat winners.
  • Our top 3 darkhorses this year.
  • Who gets the coveted last place position?
  • Who from last year's top 10 will do the worst?
  • We individually predict how everyone who posted in the last podcast topic will do.
  • As well as more predictions about other interesting names like Ulti, boko, tranny etc.

# of Listens: 478 / 1678

Episode 20 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Rusty Interview, he talks about his messed up life.
  • lots of death jokes WHOOPS.
  • Dr Strange talk
  • A memorial to espio
  • FF13 talk
  • The debut of awkward 1 post topics of the week!

# of Listens: 1135

Episode 19 Edit

Topics Covered:

# of Listens: 2916

Episode 18 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Interview with Sir Chris
  • neon's one week suspension
  • Contest talk
  • Going over Anagram's "what makes a B8er" bingo board
  • Game Talk: Is Heavy Rain Chris's GotY?
  • Updates on IceHawk and Ed's game playthrough topics
  • Smurf talk for some reason

# of Listens: 231 / 660

Episode 17 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Interview with Ryoko
  • Rusty's Brain Surgery
  • Handys and Ryoko's Thoughts On Them
  • Top 100 Users of the Decade & How to Fix It
  • Most-Wanted Guest Hosts
  • Tons of Winners and Losers!

# of Listens: 381

Episode 16 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Going Really Deep with yoblazer
  • Contest Talk & Missingno's big upset
  • Serious Biz vs. The Show - possible crossover week?
  • iatg's face turn
  • Our Top 10 games of the decade
  • yo defends Vlado from Ed's chair shots

# of Listens: 536 / 293

Episode 15 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • No furry jokes WE SWEAR >_>
  • MWC updates
  • DNEA loves everyone?
  • red has daddy issues
  • Why do people hate Tidus?

# of Listens: 202

Episode 14 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • E-POP lists
  • Contest talk
  • UCA rumble
  • Best Game of 2009 contest talk
  • Most anticipated game of 2010?
  • Do you trust game reviewers?

# of Listens: 392

Episode 13 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • B8's coolest new fad: Wyoming
  • neon's historic testicular-snowball fight
  • Altair's big win & more Contest talk
  • UotY and other Ed Bellis updates
  • GotY talk and how to save jRPGs

# of Listens: 991

Episode 12 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Legendary red moderation topic
  • Review of 2009 Boardy results
  • mersh comes out to his parents
  • neon disowns his future furry son
  • Ayvuir and his Top 100 Users of '10 project
  • Wigs/neon/Icehawk's Top Ten Users of the decade
  • PIMP's epic New Year's party fail
  • Red's win and other Contest talk
  • Best users to ignore

# of Listens: 296 / 871

Episode 11 Edit

Topics Covered:

# of Listens: 298

Episode 10 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • CONTEST IS COMING, discussions of the big rallies on the board
  • Top User of 2009 mania
  • User of the Year 2009 status?
  • Janus talk
  • EASTER EGG after the show ends

# of Listens: 1040

Episode 9 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • All the JUICE on GamerPanda
  • Offseason vs. Contest Season
  • Smurf's top... 32 users. UotY this year?
  • Offseason vs. Contest Season
  • Modern Warfare 2 talk
  • Random User of the week is very random!

# of Listens: 785

Episode 8 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Discussion of the last podcast and a b8er who was on it
  • Bobby Kotick talk
  • Icehawk's passionate speech to darkx
  • Yankees talk
  • Dragon Age talk

# of Listens: 548

Episode 7 Edit

Topics Covered:

# of Listens: 1854

Episode 6 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Interview with Ayvuir
  • Disturbing amount of talk on nintendogirl1's boobs.
  • COW WRANGLING discussion
  • Geocities goes bye bye
  • darkx leaves and comes back
  • Borderlands talk
  • Cokes talk

# of Listens: 756

Episode 5 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Interview with TOM
  • Mersh is gay
  • Best Song Ever Contest, and Gamespot contest discussion
  • Tag team format for contest?
  • Anagram talk

# of Listens: 1281

Episode 4 Edit

Topics Covered:

# of Listens: 616

Episode 3 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Interview with THE MAN neonreaper.
  • No GameFAQs contest this year?
  • Gamespot contest talk
  • Random conversation: Favorite GameFAQs day ever?
  • pimanrules discussion

# of Listens: 485

Episode 2 Edit

Topics Covered:

# of Listens: 551

Episode 1 Edit

Topics Covered:

# of Listens: 267

Former Attempts Edit

In early 2009 there was a very short lived project titled "The Board 8 Podcast" hosted by darkx and Majin_Tobias. Two episodes were recorded, only one of which even made it to the internet. Both darkx and Tobias got busy and had to cancel the project. Although it is not out of the question that they may pick up the project again in the future, or start a similar one, we all have our fingers crossed that they will not.

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