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Morrigan > Spyro 2002 was the match that gave birth to TJF

The Jug Factor (or TJF) is an important theory when it comes to calculating the number of votes a character is likely to receive in a Summer Contest.

TJF takes two main elements into consideration:

  1. Is the character female?
  2. If yes, how large are her breasts?

Believed to be a contributing factor to the success of Lara Croft, and in Tina Armstrong's defeat of Gordon Freeman. It is unknown whether the latter is the origin of, or simply a result of, GFNW.


The term first arose during the second match of the 2002 summer contest, Spyro vs Morrigan. A Board 8er made a topic claiming that no one actually knew who Morrigan was and that people were only voting based on the match pic, which featured Morrigan in a typical cleavage-revealing pose. The term gained more prevalence during the Tina Armstrong vs Gordon Freeman match later in that same contest, likely due to the higher profile characters involved.

"The Jug Factor" and its more commonly used acronym, TJF, became Board 8's first fad, spawning a number of spin-offs such as "The Sword Factor" and "The Final Fantasy Factor" but most of these died out fairly quickly (the latter mentioned is still believed to be a valid "factor" in contest predictions, however it is almost never referred to by that name anymore). The fad went strong for the entire 2002 contest, however it began to die in later contests due to an influx of new users on the board, new fads and the general passage of time. Only rarely is it seen today, and usually only in nostalgic reference.

However, with the inclusion of many female characters in the 2006 character contest, it would seem that The Jug Factor will make a comeback. That's right, Board 8's going old skool.

Matches Featuring TJF[]

ie matches where a female possibly overperformed due to looking attractive in the match pic... MAYBE