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Procrastinater's Procrastinating Award or The PA's for short!

The PA Award[]


This award goes to the person procrastinating the most at any given time that I feel like giving it... who knows when that will be. Whenever I get around to it, I guess.

Award Winners[]

3-30-07 Zachnorn will forever be remembered as the very first winner of a PALPP for his "Zachnorn rants about the users being overrated" topics. He's now in his second topic which has almost 200 posts and has only ranted about 7 users (As of this date)! Not to mention all the "Overrated" topics that he has yet to post rants about. Congratulations Zach.

5-10-07 The SEP wins today's award for his web drama entitled The B8. It's been almost 4 months since he last updated the thing, and people are still keeping the topic alive. Speaking of The SEP though, where the hell has he been? Procrastinating to post, methinks! Anyway, congratulations SEP.

And remember, screw work, procrastinating is way more fun.