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The Popo, formerly SSJ3 Popo, is the progenator of all things awesome and delicious. Although he may not post so much these days, many still reminisce on years past when he delighted us all with his excellence and improvised three hour banjo solos. At one time, SSJ3 Popo was part of the board 8 triumvirate, a board given name to the then-three funniest users on the board: Aeon Azuran, Amazing Telephone, and SSJ3 Popo. At one point, SSJ3 Popo was a "rival" of maplejet, though the rivalry was merely a joke. The rivalry was basically a competition of who could throw the most amount of stuff at the other user (though he's been sighted at times). Among Popo's aresnal involved naked fat people, rubber toilets, and other interesting random stuff.

And now a few words from the man himself:

I have a feeling that within a year, "isosceles trapezoid" will lead to several KoS's. That term is nothing but trouble.

If you add monster truck tires to the Pope-mobile, religion suddenly becomes funny.

Cool Whip. I want you to rub it all over your body so I can make love to you like only Lucky Jack can.

God bless him.

Update: By decree of either SBAllen, the ghost of CJayC, or the lady mum queen of England, all spaces in user names were outright banned. As such, The Popo was captured by local GameFAQs officials, had the space in his name painfully removed through a 22 hour operation using only a rusty nail and a cricket bat, and was rereleased into the GameFAQs wild as The_Popo. Please do not stare at the underscore. He finds it humiliating.