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The Society, also known as The Book Club, was a secret board co-founded by Caveman Bob and Icon in 2004. Some viewed it as an escape from Board 8, others viewed it as an excuse to have an AIM Chat Room, and still others (Icon, TenkoStar17, C Bar, ChaosTony, Tombs, ActJef1077, and Wigs among them) viewed it as a challenge. What kind of challenge you ask? Why, to become the largest secret board on GameFAQs.

These noble warriors fell short of that goal, achieving only the third largest, but they did become the fasted rising secret board in GameFAQs history, so there's that. At its peak, which occurred in mid-December 2004, the board had over 650 topics and nearly 15,000 posts.

It currently only has a dozen or so topics and hosts the last posts on GameFAQs as such users/alts as The Calmness, Lick My Kitty, and chaoscell.

I'm also pretty sure there was a reason we were always unlisted on Zamzara... >_>