Board 8 Wiki

SSC Ultra was a user who appeared on Board 8 during the Best Game Ever II contest in the summer of 2009. He quickly became very unpopular among many users. Even with that on his mind, he was still very hungry for a lot of e-pop. Making a lot of failing contests on the board and joining as many others as he possibly could. That was almost all he did on the board.

There were several hints that made people wonder if he was an underage user. His big lack of English, not having facebook, not wanting to get aim even with his big love of e-pop, he didn't know how to handle emails, etc. So Stingers135 found his profile on another homepage, where it was shown that he was only 11 years old. Stingers posted this on the board and asked SSC if it was true. Even with the love SSC had for the board where he was hated he was stupid enough to admit causing him to get banned.

SSC knew he couldn't return to board 8 and therefore started posting on the SSBBSB board. He made a new account called The Ultraness. It was obvious it was him. He told who he were to Masterofmarth. Marth posted it on the board. Then many board 8'ers reavealed it to ssbbsb. Causing him to get banned again. He hasn't showed up since that. If he ever would show up attempting to be another user everybody would knew by his first post.

Marth might have known that SSC was an underage user, before stingers found out, due to SSC reaveled that marth was the only one knowing his 'secret'.