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TUM plays through NES games with videos‎

TUM plays through SNES games with videos‎

TUM Ranks the Mega Man Robot Master Themes

TUM Ranks the Mega Man X Maverick Themes

TUM Re-plays through Chrono Trigger and gives his unbiased views on it.

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He has incredible timing...

And incredibly low popularity. lol 10 page hits. >_> - Rad Link 5

BUT HE STILL KICKS ASS!-warning_crazy

Teamed up with rogueskateboarder and C Bar to vote me out of Survivor on GFA. -ActJef1077

He's full of win, but I can't figure him out! Oh, and his birthday is awesome. - th3l3fty

We have come to terms. - Twilight the Fox

Kirby>Dan - ctesjbuvf

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Ayv's Award for Excellence - The Top 100 Users voted for by Board 8 2007

(1) SHINE Award - For having incredible timing...

(1) Stifled Award - Most Spartans Killed

(1) SNX7 Award -'s fun to throw at the neighbors cat.

(1) PHONE Award - lol SDR topic