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Tifa is "that hot ass bitch from Final Fantasy 7". She has the bad habit of not revealing vital information to her fellow party members. Beloved by Vlado and anyone else who likes looking at her TJF.

But in Contest terms, she has the good habit of having solid mid-carder strength, as shown by her easily besting Luigi in 2005 and coming within an inch of pulling off one of the biggest upsets ever against Samus in 2006. Though how much of that needs to be chalked up to the "Zero Suit Factor" is still up for debate. Her strength is proven by how she only lost to Noble Niners (or in one case, due to a N9er weakening her), namely Samus, Sonic, and her game's villain Sephiroth. Although in 2018, she managed to rSFF a weakened Seph in the loser bracket.

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