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Who is Toad?[]

Toad is one of the most well known Mario characters. We can all remember him by his famous line, "Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!" He has been playable in many Mario spin-off games as well as Super Mario Bros 2, plus a yellow and blue toad were playable in New Super Mario Bros Wii. Toad bears a similar appearance to the rest of his species with his large mushroom cap and clothes. He is extremely small in size, and has no legs visible, with just his shoes showing. Unlike other Toads, he features red polka dots on his mushroom head and wears a blue vest with a yellow outline on it; however, his coloration will change if he gets a fire flower, as his cap's colors will be reversed while his clothes turn red. Sometimes, Toad appears with a red vest, though he is most often seen with his blue vest.

"You know, some people use something called a DOOR, to go in and out of their houses." - Toad

Toad's Contest History[]

Summer 2007 Contest - Division 2 - Fourth Group

  • Division 2 Round 1 --- 4th place, 13895 [10.14%] - Ryu, 49754 [36.30%] - Bowser, 39225 [28.62%] - Mewtwo, 34197 [24.95%]

Toad's one and only match surely wasn't great for him. Toad was LLF'd by Bowser and Mewtwo, putting him in fourth place, not being anywhere near third place. Some had wondered how Toad would do in a 1v1 match without LFF or SFF, but we've yet to find out as Toad hasn't been in other contests. Although judging by this poll he probably isn't too strong.

Toad made the Winter 2010 Contest vote-ins but was unable to make the final bracket. It was probably LFF that stopped him once again. As Mudkip, Jigglypuff, and the glitch that broke the noble nine were in the poll as well.