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ToadYoshi joins Yoshifan in continuing a proud tradtion of Yoshis who only come to the board for contests and contest discussion.

Before he knew anything about anything contest-wise, he placed 29th in the Spring 2006 Contest, scoring 79/80 points. The only match he missed was Mario Kart > Mega Man; of course that was the one pick he talked up in the stats topic beforehand. For all the rest of the matches he got lucky. Now that he actually follows the stats topic and contest results, he consistently misses the leaderboard.

Outside of the contest, he started a petition to split the collectible card games board into separate boards for each card game. Despite gaining only 40 signatures in over a year, SBAllen made the change, cementing his spot as coolest GameFAQs administrator yet.

His username comes from the Mario Kart 64 character select screen. He grew up playing with his brother, and he would be Toad and his brother would be Yoshi every single time.

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