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Tommy Vercetti is the lead character in the 2002 hit Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He's best known for his striking resemblance to Tony Montana from Scarface (same goes for Vice City itself).

Vercetti is the only Grand Theft Auto character to ever win a match in a contest, and he's won four to this day. He debuted in the Summer 2003 Contest, where he defeated Kite in the first round and barely got past Donkey Kong in the second round, before being blown away by Mega Man. Vercetti returned in the Summer 2004 Contest, beating Max Payne in round one before losing to Zero in round two.

In the Summer 2005 Contest, Vercetti survived another close match, this time against Kefka. Afterwards, Vercetti was stomped by Crono in round two. After a year's absence, Vercetti appeared again in the Summer 2007 Contest, where he and PaRappa the Rapper lost to Master Chief and Yuna in the first round.

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