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Top 10 lists are a feature that first appeared on the front page of GameFAQs during the 2005 10th anniversary contest. The first list was by CJayC on 26th October, and the subject was "The top ten best games you've never played, much less heard of". Since then, users have been able to submit their own top 10s based on any subject they choose- the only rules are that they can't be negative, and each entry must correlate to a game in the GameFAQs database.

The vast majority of these lists are considered to suck, and barely a day goes by without a topic on Board 8 mocking some glaring ommision or game that doesn't deserve a spot on that day's list.

Top 10 lists submitted by Board 8 users include:


  • The Top 10 most unexpected platform heroes [1]
  • The Top 10 scariest non-horror games [2]