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One of the eight wonders of the world, Ulti's shirt is an amazing sight to behold. Many have been known to orjaculasm spontaneously after their first time seeing the shirt, and simply explode in a gory display of blood, brains and guts the fifth time. Much of the history behind how the shirt came to be is unknown, but what we do know is that it is the only thing left that can save this world from pain and suffering.

Here is a picture, but BE WARNED! It may be beyond your comprehension, even in its current state. If you believe you are of strong enough mind to view it, then by all means, take a good look at...THE SHIRT.

The History of Ulti's Shirt[]

Where exactly the shirt comes from remains to be seen. In 2002, one half of Board 8 believed he got it from Old Navy, and another insisted that it was from Hot Topic. This difference in beliefs caused a huge fight to break out, and eventually, Board 8 was split into two: The contest board, still called Board 8 to this day, and PotD, which nobody really likes.

PotD is inhabited by the wrong ones.

(Note from Ulti himself: I got the shirt at Sears.)