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Undertale is a role-playing game developed and published by indie developer Toby "Radiation" Fox released on September 15, 2015 for Microsoft Windows and OS X.

The game sees you playing as a young human who falls through Mt. Ebott and into ancient ruins deep in the "Underground", where monsters have been sealed away after a great war between them and humans long ago. The player must traverse through the Underground, encountering various different enemy monsters. The game play is primarily turn based while introducing elements of bullet hell into the mix. The game offers you the ability to spare every single enemy in the game... or destroy them all.

Undertale received critical acclaim by many reviewers and gained a strong following on the Internet. This put it on a collision course with BGE 2K15 as it received enough nominations to make it into the contest. It would then follow in the previous contest winner's footsteps and receive a massive rally against its competition - most notably from Reddit (and not Tumblr, contrary to popular belief - see the External Links section) at the beginning.

Undertale's reign of terror began by making a big comeback against Mass Effect 3 and winning with 50.95% of the vote. It proceeded to do the same to Fallout 3 the next round in similar fashion - it was by this point that Board 8 began fearing the possibility of Undertale being rallied to the top. Those expectations were met when Undertale rolled over Super Mario World in Round 3, confirming people's fears that the rally wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Accusations of vote stuffing naturally came into play, but Allen posted otherwise in a rather lighthearted manner.

Undertale's next match was against Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow, a match many people hoped it would lose, citing a big backfire rate in favor of Pokemon because of Undertale's perceived primary rally source being Tumblr. Pokemon received a rally of its own, reaching near the top of /r/Pokemon and held Undertale down under 50% for nearly the entire match. Undertale's slow ascent to the top eventually caught up with it however, surpassing RBY just before 8PM EST and never looked back.

With RBY defeated, the next opponent was Super Mario 64. Not many expected Mario 64 to make it out alive, while some people thought the neighboring match would boost it, as Melee was receiving a rally of its own. Unlike the previous matches, Undertale wasted no time getting warmed up and shot ahead of Mario 64 within the first hour and 45 minutes of the match. From there on however, the match was kept close up until the evening, when Mario 64 finally gave out.

Undertale's biggest match to date was one that broke 1v1 match records and recorded the highest vote total count since L-Block's final match in 2007 - it collided with a rallied Super Smash Bros. Melee. Perhaps the best match of this so called Genocide run of the contest, Undertale flashed much of its true power early on, spiking ahead of Melee - even recording a 940 vote update over Melee within the first hour of the match - and peaking at 53.73% with 12177 votes and a 1689 vote lead an hour and 30 minutes in. Melee would not go down so easily however, and many pro smashers including the likes of Mew2King would tweet in favor of Melee, while others later on would express their reluctance of casual attention being placed on the Melee competitive scene. Combined with a rally from /r/SmashBros, Melee began cutting into Undertale's lead.

Eventually, Melee pushed ahead of Undertale around 12:30PM EST - this proved to be its fatal mistake. Undertale would then go on the warpath, removing Melee's lead near instantly and never once looked back. Despite attempts to hang on, Melee could no longer keep up with Undertale and fell behind. The match finished with 176159 total votes, with Undertale shattering the 90,000 vote barrier at 51.20%, making it the second most voted match in GameFAQs Contest history.

Allen later posted to reassure Board 8 that no vote stuffing occurred: in fact, the only stuffing that occurred was for Melee - someone used a bot to make 643 accounts to vote for it.

Undertale's final match was against The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, in which it completely controlled the outcome, never once letting OoT score a single lead cut and keeping it under 40% for the first few hours of the match, by far the most dominant performance Undertale showed in the entire contest... or possibly because OoT simply gave up. It recorded 2226 votes after the freeze (00:06), possibly shattering records and proceeded to gain +1275 (00:10) and +1366 (00:15), outperforming even Draven's +1003 update against Solid Snake the previous contest. Undertale managed to score a slightly higher vote count than it did in its match with Melee, clocking in at 90545 with 57.82% of the vote, thus winning the contest.

Record: 7-0

In 2018 character battle, Undertale was represented by Sans, that without a rally to help him was trounced by Pac-Man.

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The primary sources of the Undertale rally over time. Posted by Bacon on December 15th, 2015