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Rate The User - 4/11/2006

10. ~ Kyle Bowen
10. Cool guy if you talk to him in chat. ~XIII
10/10. ~TRE
10/10. ~yoblazer
10. ~Ulti
10/10 <3. ~Mumei
NGamer is highly under appreciated. 10. ~FFD
10. ~Zylo
10/10. It's one of the few 10/10s I don't give because I necessarily like the guy personally, it's because he's done so much for Board 8. ~Applekidjosh
2 words: LOL x-stats. 10/10. ~th3l3fty
9.8/10. ~RPGGamer
Don't know him well enough to rate, though lol x-stats rocks. ~Drakeryn
10/10. A legend even among the Board 8 legends... ~King Morgoth
Easiest 10/10 ever! They don't call him Tenacious J for nothing! Or at all for that matter... ~QB
9.8. ~Mmage
I can't believe people here are giving this guy such low scores. NGamer is an example of why I am nowhere near perfection. 10. ~swirldude
I'm not really a fan of rating people, but I'll make an exception for NGamer. 10/10. ~Kaxon
10/10. ~Raytan
Guru pioneer, stats topic archivist (I think), one of the leading contributors to the board in terms of contest thought and function, and the creator of the Ed Bellis Award for Excellence in the Field of Ed Bellis. What's not to like? ~Ed Bellis
I would have given N a 9.5... probably wouldn't have pushed him over the top of you though tranny! ~EC
10/10 for scaring the shit out of me by uploading my picture to my wiki. ~ ChaosTony
Final Rating: Ngamer64 [9.57 / 24 votes]

tranny's Top 100 Users - 8/25/2006
From: trannyscience | Posted: 8/25/2006 8:44:32 PM | Message Detail

  1. 65 - Ngamer64

one of the more important board 8ers. hosts lol x-stats, stats topic archives and a bunch of really neat board 8 stuff from back when. used to host the GameFAQs user database until someone tried to add the entire site at once and Ceej got mad. (or something like that.) N also runs the Guru contest, a fun little exercise where all the contest vets get owned by some kid no one's ever heard of twice a year.

N isn't too social on the boards, but does make good posts in the stats topic and helps out a lot on the board 8 wiki. he ran the legendary 2k3 games contest where Animal Crossing beat FF7 in the first round, too. I'd be interested to see another contest out of him, because I know the entire board would participate. everyone appreciates what he does for the place.
--- xyzzy

Shadowdude Opens His Heart - 9/7/06
From: Shadowdude II | Posted: 9/7/2006 2:59:04 PM | Message Detail
Ngamer64 -

I don't know how long you've been on Board 8, but it's probably a lot longer than I have. You were apparently some sort of legend among stats fools, but I guess you'll always be one of the "cult" figures on the board. The stats topic's glory days seem to be long gone, but you still have that devoted following.

As for yourself... you seem to be a pretty intelligent guy who likes to use a lot of exclamation points and whatnot. Your tastes are, as expected, rather Nintendo-centric, based off of what I've seen in NCAA contests. Not that I want to detract from your awesomeness. You never get mad, and you're even better than TRE at producing random files - specifically "CJayC speaks," which cracks me up.

But yeah, you are, in general, rather... distant. I don't have that much to say.
Mr. President... It's been an honor.

The Top 50 Users of 2006 by Ed Bellis - 1/1/2007
From: Ed Bellis | Posted: 1/1/2007 5:25:37 PM | Message Detail
37. Ngamer64
Board 8's MVP.

Remember what I said about Ulti being one of the defining forces of the board? The same holds true even more so for Ngamer. Were I to go back in time and do this list for every year of Board 8's existence, Ngamer might be the only user practically guaranteed a spot on every single list. That's how much he's involved with so much stuff. This year in particular (because that's all we're really looking at), Ngamer was, as always, one of the driving forces behind some of the best stats-related projects, like the Guru Contest and the First Vote contest; his "lol x-stats" device on his site is one of the most frequently used and cited things when discussing all things stats-related. (I can't remember if it was created in 2005 or 2006, but it caught on in '06, so that's what counts!). He's always friendly and quick with rationale and logic - a very accessible user for newbs. N's just plain awesome. ---
This was Ed Bellis.
Rufus Shinra 18 took a shotgun to my bracket. Congrats, Guru champ!

Icehawk: NGamer also made the new website for the STD topics, which is really snazzy >_>.

Ed: Yeah, when N feels like doing non-stats stuff he's awesome too. He randomly added a ton of Wii friend codes to the B8 Wiki once.

Random tranny Comment - 10/31/2007
From: trannyscience | Posted: 10/31/2007 3:50:58 PM | Message Detail

part of the Board 8 Triumverate - TRE, NGamer, creativename. those three guys are pretty much the most respected board 8 members I can think of. TRE is an archiving machine, creative's got sc2k5 and all the work he does there, and you're pretty much everything else.

lol x-stats. Guru. board 8 wiki. hosting the user database. posts that are way more quality than quantity, though I wish there were more of the former, to be honest. seriously, is it even possible to dislike you? you seem like the kind of guy who was there when the internet was born and will always exist as a helpful, useful guy until your end day. how can you mess with that?
"And just to clear up any remaining confusion, tranny > icon." -Shaggy

Smurf's Top 500 Users of 2007 - 11/23/2007
__Smurf__ Posted 11/23/2007 11:06:39 AM
85. ~~ NGamer64 ~~

Doesn't post much on the board aside from the guru contest but my word the amount of tools and stuff he makes on his site for contest analysis makes him pretty much essential come contest time!
And ok I've finally got over you taking Ulti's side over mine 2 years ago. ^_^;

Smurf . The cream of Knuckles Fanboyism.

The Top 25 most vital and inspirational users to Board 8 - 12/7/2007
Ayvuir Posted 12/7/2007 5:32:25 PM
~ 5. NGamer64 ~

NGamer has been on the board since the dawn of time...almost. He owns the well known website "" which holds a lot of Board 8 related projects. The most known one, in my eyes anyway, is the Guru contest which is held every contest season.

The Guru, run by NGamer and Ulti puts users predicting skills to the test, and is one of those handful of projects that go on during contest season which is oh so vital to the board.

Besides the Guru, NGamer has done so many other things relating to the contests season, which to be honest is why Board 8 was created. He maintains the stats topic archive along with TRE, as well as a contest archive, which is used by anyone who wants to know about previous contests. He has also co-hosted the First Vote Championship, and created the First Vote Machine.

Although not huge in the off season, he is still around - a lot more so far this off season in my opinion, which is a great thing. NGamer is one of those fundamental users to the board which made the place as it is today. He has made so many contributions that will live on for years to come.

~Ç~ Board 8 RPG:Dream Walker -

Smurf's Top 500 Users of 2008
__Smurf__ | Posted 10/4/2008 12:57:25 PM | message detail
35. NGamer64

If agasonex was obsessed with statistics instead of porn he'd be NGamer through and through. NG's another user who's renowned for his projects and invention rather than his day to day discussion. He loves contest projects like the guru, social projects like managing the wiki and played a key role in the last uoty as well as his own user projects. (presidential election which never happened aside!) A throwback to the old style creative user which is increasingly rare.

Smurf. The cream of Sonic Fanboyism
you're like some devious internet fiend- Majin

Some Nice People Have Said Things Edit

Board 8's Top 100 Users 2007

From: Ngamer64 | Posted: 3/21/2007 1:19:37 AM | Message Detail
Let's see here...

10+: creativename
My longtime Oracle partner and the man most responsible for making GameFAQs Contests what they are today. Popularizing the x-stats would be enough, but (having attempted to track updates every 15 minutes by hand throughout 2004... ouch) what I most appreciate is his invention of the automatic match updater. All the other great stats and facts available on gfcontests are just the icing on the cake.

9+: TRE
The most deserving mod in history? I do believe so. I don't think I could count on both hands how many times TRE has bailed me out when I thought a topic/post/piece of data had been lost for all time. He keeps a mean archive, that for sure, but you'll never meet a nicer and more helpful user, and that's what really puts him over the top. That, and his First Vote awesomeness.

8+: King Morgoth
When I think of the hours this guy has devoted to running the biggest and most successful Contest in B8 history, it boggles the mind. He's earned these 8 points and then some with his dedication to making the Oracle Challenge the supremely enjoyable heart of the Contest season that it is. And when he gets through all the updates he has planned for the Oracle website, it's going to truly be a wonder to behold.

7+: Kaxon
Kax has done a great job working hand-in-hand with KM to keep the Oracle up and running over the past couple years, and work like that deserves to be rewarded. The OC is everything these Contests are about, and I think it's important that these two realize how appreciated their years of effort have really been. Oh, and he's nailed an FV or two.

6+: yoblazer
Quite possibly my favorite Guru in terms of contributions to the Stats topic in-season, and a true Contest mastermind who always puts together a solid bracket. Always a threat to go all the way in the Guru Contest.

5+: Haste2
Always a worthwhile addition to Stats, puts up good showings in the Guru Contests year in and year out, and one of the very best when it comes to the Oracle. What's not to like? Nothing, that's what.

4+: HaRRicH
Consistent stats contributions go a long way toward solidifying his position as one of the elite of the elite in the Ng book.

3+: Ulti
They say 50% of everything is showing up, and no one has shown up more often than Ulti. His dual positions as King of the Gurus and co-King of the Guru Contests certainly doesn't hurt either.

2+: Heroic Mario
His big upsets may not ever pan out, and I'd like to see him show the tenacity to see an Oracle through all the way one of these seasons, but his Stats postings are too delightful to overlook.

1+: Lagoona
The Prediction Percentage Challenge may not be the Oracle, but it's another of the fun little highlights of any Contest season, and I'm going to reward his effort.

tranny makes no list, ever, and will continue to not do so until he signs for the Guru Contest! And sorry to AKJ and Ed Bellis and swirl... but keep up the good work and you'll be in next year!

Oh yeah, and add Easy and Lucy to the honorable mentions above. But not Icehawk!

--- = lol x-stats
Still smarting from the beatdown Rufus applied in the Guru Contest!

Predictions Edit

HaR's 2006 Game Bracket Edit

I made a barely newer -- and perhaps better -- games bracket than tran.
From: HaRRicH | Posted: 5/4/2006 9:35:08 PM | Message Detail

1-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 8-Comix Zone
4-Call of Duty 2 5-Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
3-Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 6-Mortal Kombat 2
2-Final Fantasy X 7-Mischief Makers

1-Resident Evil 4 8-Pong
4-Sonic & Knuckles 5-Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
3-Grand Theft Auto 3 6-Mario Kart 64
2-Super Metroid 7-Perfect Dark

1-Chrono Trigger 8-Dr. Mario
4-God of War 5-Mario Kart: DS
3-Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 6-Super Mario Sunshine
2-Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker 7-Double Dragon

1-Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past 8-WWF No Mercy
4-Devil May Cry 5-Street Fighter 2
3-Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 6-Half-Life 2
2-Kingdom Hearts 2 7-F-Zero

1-Final Fantasy 7 8-Phoenix Wright
4-Kirby Super Star 5-Tales of Symphonia
3-Soul Calibur 2 6-Star Fox 64
2-Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 7-Pac-Man

1-Goldeneye 007 8-Metroid Prime
4-Final Fantasy 8 5-Legend of Zelda
3-Metal Gear Solid 6-World of Warcraft
2-Super Mario 64 7-Tekken 3

1-Super Smash Bros. Melee 8-Earthworm Jim
4-Tetris 5-Mega Man 2
3-Super Mario World 6-Super Mario Bros. 1
2-Final Fantasy 3/6 7-Duck Hunt

1-Super Mario Bros. 3 8-Animal Crossing
4-Final Fantasy 9 5-Final Fantasy Tactics
3-Starcraft 6-Diablo 2
2-Halo 2 7-Chrono Cross

Plenty of experimentation, given what little we know about the games in a contest setting. Lots of returners, lots of new games, and hopefully lots of good matches that are either never thought of or matches (rematches?) that people may want to see.

Miss my Four-Pack Of Fun? Go here:

From: Ngamer64 | Posted: 5/5/2006 12:23:31 AM | Message Detail

1-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
5-Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
3-Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
2-Final Fantasy X

1-Resident Evil 4
5-Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (ouch, tough)
6-Mario Kart 64
2-Super Metroid (PD deserves better! remember that the poll glitch killed its day vote against SotN, and it's behind GE being badly SFFed!)

1-Chrono Trigger
4-God of War (hmmmm)
3-Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Sunshine deserves better than this SFFing)
2-Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

1-Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
5-Street Fighter 2 (SF easily - DMC needs a higher seed)
3-Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (nice match)
2-Kingdom Hearts 2

1-Final Fantasy 7
4-Kirby Super Star
6-Star Fox 64 (love it. taking Fox because there was something weird about that Soul Cal match)
2-Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

1-Goldeneye 007 (Prime deserves way better!)
4-Final Fantasy 8 (cool match)
3-Metal Gear Solid (WoW is going to do horribly in a Games Contest setting, just you wait and see)
2-Super Mario 64

1-Super Smash Bros. Melee (can't we do better than EJ?)
5-Mega Man 2 (very nice)
3-Super Mario World (would rather not see this SFF match)
2-Final Fantasy 3/6

1-Super Mario Bros. 3 (good to see AC make the field)
5-Final Fantasy Tactics (love this one)
3-Starcraft (Blizzard battle is tempting, but I'd rather see both games earn it)
2-Halo 2

1-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
2-Final Fantasy X (somewhat interesting)

1-Resident Evil 4 (nice matchup)
6-Mario Kart 64 (I love this one)

1-Chrono Trigger
3-Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (should be awesome)

1-Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
2-Kingdom Hearts 2 (fear I'm letting the hype get to me here...)

1-Final Fantasy 7
6-Star Fox 64 (MGS3 will be the weakest of the trilogy)

1-Goldeneye 007 (awesome matchup; too good for the second round?)
2-Super Mario 64 (with Ocarina out of the way, M64 will be a beast)

1-Super Smash Bros. Melee
2-Final Fantasy 3/6 (love it- World will have a real shot here, post-Boost)

1-Super Mario Bros. 3
3-Starcraft (Halo 2 will be weaker than Halo; take it to the bank)

1-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (wish FFX could have had a more interesting path)
6-Mario Kart 64 (RE4 will come in way overhyped; keep in mind that the Top Ten Games poll came around at the perfect time, no way its popularity will still be at that peak)
1-Chrono Trigger (love it, because I think MM might be closer to OoT than you'd think)
1-Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (hype this)
1-Final Fantasy 7 (like that no top contender will be wasted here)
2-Super Mario 64 (fantastic matchup; I feel M64 was SFFed considerably harder against Ocarina)
1-Super Smash Bros. Melee (6's star has fallen, while Melee will be a beast)
1-Super Mario Bros. 3 (this is no Wind Waker)

1-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (again, good to not have a big contender wasted)
1-Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (Link will run away with this rematch)
1-Final Fantasy 7 (better than wasting Melee or Mario 3 here)
1-Super Mario Bros. 3 (I think Mario makes a Samus out of Melee here... but could see it go either way)

1-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (will be interesting to watch how the SFF swings)
1-Final Fantasy 7 (will improve on Melee's '04 showing, but still...)

1-Final Fantasy 7 (Ocarina might be able to make a game of it, though)

A solid bracket overall, though hindered by a few questionable decisions. 8.5/10.

"lol x-stats" - The Contest Simulator:
Ngamer's Contest Archives:

Tranny's Post-2000 Games Bracket Edit


1 - Zelda: Twilight Princess > 16 - Madden NFL 2007
Eh, the Mario series pretty much proved that there's no more need to see Madden in any form, but this is fair enough.

8 - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney > 9 - Resistance: Fall of Man
Ohhh, very tough. PW's popularity probably peaked right before the Gordon match last Summer so I would think I'd be predicting it to win anywhere, but against a PS3 title? I guess I'd have to risk it.

5 - God of War > 12 - Tales of Symphonia
Good match, but RPGFAQs or not I think ToS's time to shine is over.

4 - Devil May Cry > 13 - Shadow of the Colossus
Tough to see SotC pulling this off, but after DMC didn't exactly impress in the Series Contest I wouldn't count Shadow as "wasted" in this matchup either.

6 - Super Mario Sunshine > 11 - Final Fantasy X-2
Ouch, very difficult. I know X2 is hated on the board, but it sold well and seems popular enough overall to be a solid mid-carder. SMS wasn't exactly loved either, but it's MARIO, and it still sold pretty well and was fun. Guess I'd expect another Melee > FFX type finish here.

3 - Metal Gear Solid 2 > 14 - Ninja Gaiden
With X-box hate having more or less dissolved, I'd have thought I could pick NG to win a match, but MGS2 is too tall a task. I'd say Ninja deserves a better seed than this, but let me see the rest of the bracket before deciding for sure.

7 - Pokemon Emerald > 10 - Grand Theft Auto 3
Wow. Just... wow. Warcraft > GTA would have nothing on this matchup. Very difficult decision, but I think the recent DS titles would give Pokemon just enough recency and exposure to squeak by here. Barely.

2 - Halo: Combat Evolved > 15 - Zelda: Minish Cap
Hoho, another grand setup! ZeldaFAQs ZeldaFAQs, right? And what a fantastic opportunity for Link to make up for his embarrassing seeding upset at the hands of bottom-seeded SC three years back. But eh, with the 360 gaining steam I think Halo would have the backing to survive this.

1 - Super Smash Brothers Melee > 16 - Gran Turismo 3
Very good 16 seed choice. You certainly were correct about a lack of fodder- here we've got a lowest seed that just happens to be, I believe, the highest-selling title of the PS2's North American career?

9 - Soul Calibur 2 > 8 - Devil May Cry 3
Aww man, great stuff. SC3 being same old same old seemed to take some of the wind out of the series' sails, but SC2 sold very well/was multi-platform/had LINK, so it should be enough to win in a very tight battle.

5 - Sonic Adventure 2: Battle > 12 - Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
No idea here... CV impressed me a ton in the Series contest, but how are we supposed to know which of the 23 million handheld releases in the past 8 years was responsible for that?

13 - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door > 4 - Gears of War
Gah. GAH. Gears sold like nuts and I've been talking all along about the 360 gaining some real Contest strength, but again it's MARIO. Street Fighter 2 found out the hard way that Mario + RPG = respectable Contest strength, so I'd continue backing that wagon in this one.

6 - Final Fantasy 12 > 11 - Kirby: Canvas Curse
I know Kirby got excellent reviews, but does it really have the overall popularity an 11 seed deserves, given the strength of this field? I seem to recall it coming up short in those GotY polls a while back... but what do I know, maybe it could end up pulling a Kirby/Tidus on us here.

3 - Halo 2 > 14 - Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Ehhh, I've always felt that if you had Halo in a field of 64 there's really no need for H2, and vice versa. Even limiting yourself to 2000-on I think I'd stick with that idea, personally, but either way is fine. Dis getting in is cool, though I'd be fine with it as a 15 or 16.

7 - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes > 10 - Chrono Cross
Wow, awesome setup of the kind-of-a-flop-but-some-still-like-them sequels. I'd take CT over Prime pretty easily of course, but I think the gap between CT and CC is large enough for Echoes to sneak through with a little room to spare.

2 - Kingdom Hearts > 15 - Warioware Inc: Mega Microgames
Another good diverse fodder choice. KH matches never go like they're supposed to, so maybe Wario could keep it closer than expected.

1 - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas > 16 - Star Ocean 3
Whoa, a #1 for SA, really? I know it has the sales to back it up but after the Ness/CJ and Warcraft/GTA fiascos, I'm far from sold on this series as a GameFAQs powerhouse. But I'll allow it, since I just noticed what an awesome matchup its going to create next round.

8 - Zelda: Majora's Mask > 9 - Fable
First 8/9 or 7/10 I didn't really hesitate on, but who knows, I might be putting too much faith in ZeldaFAQs and Fable could actually make a game of it. Oblivion's solid showing in the GotYs showed that an Xbox RPG doesn't have to be a joke on this site anymore, so perhaps an upset isn't out of the realm of possibility.

5 - Final Fantasy 9 > 12 - Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
Speak of the devil! What a murderous matchup... 7/8/10 I'd of course be backing without question, but 9 always gets talked about as the black sheep of the recent generation, while Obliv gets to combine the best of the 360 and PC and will be coming in off a few GotY awards from last year. But in the end, you just don't bet against FF on this site unless there's a Nintendo mid-carder or above on the other side.

4 - God of War 2 > 13 - Splinter Cell
SC could have performed decently a few years back, but I very much doubt it could stand up to a much-loved several million seller like GoW2 today.

6 - Kingdom Hearts 2 > 11 - Mario Kart DS
Ouch! I know MK failed to live up to the hype against Mega Man last Spring, but being considered the best Kart game yet by many has GOT to be worth more than an 11 seed. Right? Right?! Seems a bit of a waste to feed it to KH2 so early, but then again, maybe it can shock the world and make a game of it. Also, isn't KH2 stronger than a mere 6? I know it didn't rock the world in GotYs, but didn't we agree that was mostly the newer FF12 SFFing votes away?

3 - Metal Gear Solid 3 > 14 - Animal Crossing
Ha, glad to see AC getting some representation, but 2003 was clearly its year to shine. I'm one of those who's still a long way from sold on MGS3 being in the same league as its original installment, but even I can't see it being challenged here.

7 - Paper Mario > 10 - Fire Emblem
Aw, not fair. You can't take an upset-minded little Nintendo RPG that could and put it up against a more popular installment from the same genre from the same company featuring the world's most famous mascot in the title. It'll be eaten alive!

2 - Resident Evil 4 > 15 - Dragon Quest VIII
Another good fodder choice. Still not entirely buying into RE4 being a powerhouse of 2 seed proportions like the Top 100 makes it seem, but heck, the Wiimake on an FPS-starved console could very easily launch it into this category. So overall, good choice.

1 - Final Fantasy 10 > 16 - Lumines
Love this fodder! And what's this, a setup to create the FFX/Wind Waker slugfest we've all been waiting for since Spring 2004? Genius!

9 - Perfect Dark > 8 - Guitar Hero 2
Oh man... Oh MAN. What a beauty. With Goldeneye out of the picture those Rare FPS fans who rallied it into such an impressive Top Ten showing are going to be behind PD in full force, I've no doubt. But GH2 shocked the world against very tough competition in that GotY, and all these ports and sequels and takeoffs being announced show that there's no signs of it stopping. Such a cool idea to take the grandfather of the tourney (May '00) and set it against a game that could so easily slip by on recency. In the end though I've got to keep backing my favorite game.

5 -Half-Life 2 > 12 - Metroid Fusion
I love HL2, and sorry but the flops from Super, Met1, and Met the series are too much to overlook, despite how well Samus did for herself last year. I realize you can fall back on the Nintendo SFF bandwagon in all three cases, but still, I think some general weakness was shown as well.

4 - Zelda: Wind Waker > 13 - Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3
Bah, I'm all for diversity, but honestly don't see a need to include any kind of THPS beyond 2 in a tournament setting. It does serve to turn this into the 2/15 matchup it ought rightfully to be, however.

6 - New Super Mario Bros. > 11 - Star Wars: KOTOR
Oh boy. The Stats topic wasn't impressed with New Mario but that hasn't stopped it from continuing to sell like hotcakes both in the US and over in Japan. KotoR is no chump, but the Nintendo fanbase ought to rally behind this series revival in great enough numbers to survive.

3 - GTA: Vice City > 14 - F-Zero GX
Bah, hate to pick such a fantastic, challenging title to go down so early! But great as the reviews were, the sales never stood up, so I doubt the Nintendo name will be enough to rally it past GTA in this one, unlike we'll have seen in Pokemon/GTA3.

10 - World of Warcraft > 7 - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Again, I don't know which game the CV popularity is stemming from, but I DO know that I can count on several thousand WoW additional voters making their way to the site on this match day, and that should be more than enough to put it over the top.

2 - Metroid Prime > 15 - Xenosaga Episode I
Another good bit of fodder. Prime looks weird as the 2 in this division given what we saw in Wind Waker/Prime directly, but I understand what you were setting up so I'll let it slide. Plus Prime had probably stood the test of time better overall, especially with TP overshadowing WW recently. Then again, might Prime have been overshadowed by Corruption by the time this match would actually take place? Hm...

1 - Zelda: Twilight Princess > 8 - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
A perfect game to be placed in an unwinnable position. I'm sure its value would end up better against anything other than this Nintendo monster, but meh, small price to pay.

5 - God of War > 4 - Devil May Cry
Wooo, what a doozy! Even though I'd still take Dante over Kratos in a direct matchup, I think GoW2's success in carrying over basically the same game will give the original enough coattail recency to pull this seeding upset. (I noticed GoW1 jumped up to 5th on the Top Ten FAQs in the days after 2 released, for instance.)

3 - Metal Gear Solid 2 > 6 - Super Mario Sunshine
Bah! I realize MGS2 finishing ahead of the original was a PSX and Div128 overrate fluke, and I know how hot Nintendo and all things Mario have been lately, but... sorry, SMS is just too much of a wildcard, especially with it about to be overshadowed by a fantastic-looking Galaxy. The Day to Night vote swing would be a thing of beauty to see here, though.

2 - Halo: Combat Evolved > 7 - Pokemon Emerald
Ah shoot, would liked to have put a solid run together for Pokemon. Halo's hugely impressive position in the Top Ten combined with the near-death of Xbox hate is too tall an order for the Little RPG That Could, I'm afraid.

1 - Super Smash Brothers Melee > 9 - Soul Calibur 2
No real chance of the upset, but again a pretty good game to have in this near-impossible spot. Plus it should help clear up some of that Division 128 weirdness... there's no way SC1 could have put up that kind of value without StarCraft being so wacky. Right?

13 - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door > 5 - Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
Hm... not really a murderous 4 pack, as I see either Paper Mario or Gears being able to take down the other half without too much trouble. This Mario/Sonic setup makes for an interesting proposition though; will everything from the Blue Blur be crushed as badly as Sonic 2 was whenever these two meet?

6 - Final Fantasy 12 > 3 - Halo 2
Ugh, ugh, ugh. Was FF12's performance on TP really as disappointing as it appeared at first glance, or is Twilight actually the Ocarnia-level beast that many have made it out to be? I'd take the risk and give the new FF the benefit of the doubt, if only because it should pay off huge when the Halo-casual brackets crash and burn once again.

2 - Kingdom Hearts > 7 - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Couple months back it seemed everyone agreed how much of an improvement KH2 was over the original... then it had to crash and burn in the GotYs. I'd ride the Nintendo wave in a heartbeat if there were Prime, but I'll have to play it safe with Echoes.

8 - Zelda: Majora's Mask > 1 - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
I can hear the cries of ZeldaFAQs already! But with Ocarina removed from the competition, all MM needs is a small portion of that enormous fanbase to rally behind itself. Put Mario on the other side and it might not happen, but against a game as hated in many circles as SA? Yeah, Nintendo will rise to the challenge there.

5 - Final Fantasy 9 > 4 - God of War 2
Bah, I just don't know. Run it this week and I think I'd back War, but give it a few months to cool down and I guess I'd continue hitching my wagon to the Final Fantasy brandname. I think.

6 - Kingdom Hearts 2 > 3 - Metal Gear Solid 3
Probably the hardest choice yet. Yes, we all saw Snake own Sora into the ground a couple years back, but how much of that was the picture? He certainly came back looking like a champ against Mega Man last year, and everyone else who showed up in KH2 looked very good as well. Square/MGS SFF is so weird that I guess I'd roll the dice and hope for the upset in this one.

2 - Resident Evil 4 > 7 - Paper Mario
Ported or not, I still see RE4 acting like a Nintendo title, and a Nintendo title going up against MARIO ought to spell an ugly SFFing. But sorry, PM is too old to deal with the RE4 recency, especially with the Wii re-release now on the way. Wii Wii-release? Wii Wii-Wiiwiise? Help, somebody stop me!

1 - Final Fantasy 10 > 9 - Perfect Dark
Yeah, not even _I_ am going to buy into this one. And I'm the guy who got Jo into two Contests! PD's a classic, but no 128er except Melee has stood the test of time as well as FFX, so it'll roll on through. Bet PD puts up a better fight than predicted though.

4 - Zelda: Wind Waker > 5 -Half-Life 2
Love HL2 as I said, but its out of its league. Even given a boost over HL1, Melee/HL ought to predict this result fairly accurately IMO.

3 - GTA: Vice City > 6 - New Super Mario Bros.
Grrr, hate to have to do this, but a handheld has yet to prove that Game Boy anything can stand up against popular console offerings. Yeah, we've seen the GBA and DS influence results, as in Nintendo's '05 comeback and CV's exciting surprise wins, but that's not enough for me. You get Kart DS to tip the scales in the Mega Man series matchup, and I think I'd have gone the other way here.

2 - Metroid Prime > 10 - World of Warcraft
Oh boy... talk about putting Metroid's reputation as a choke artist to the test. The games did bad, Samus got blown up in '05 and very nearly stunned in '06, and now the series might suffer one of the biggest seeding upsets ever. The spammers and ralliers gave up when they saw Mario on the other side of the PotD last year, but I don't see Samus striking the same fear in their hearts. Put this on a Tuesday and we might be in for one of the all-time classics.

After a fantastic second round, we get breather in almost half the Sweet 16. That's just fine though; it's simply the nature of the beast, setting up these heavy hitters for their epic clashes at the end of the line.

1 - Zelda: Twilight Princess > 5 - God of War
Just making it here should be a huge thrill for GoW fans, and they should also be pleased that there's probably nothing better for the X-stat health of a Sony exclusive than to be able to rally everyone together against Nintendo's flagship title.

3 - Metal Gear Solid 2 > 2 - Halo: Combat Evolved
Oh golly! The smart choice here would be to walk the chalk with Halo, since it's far from a sure bet that MGS will even be able to survive Mario and make it this far. I'm afraid I've just seen Halo and its characters fail in spectacular fashion too many times to put Elite Eight-level faith in it though, so I'll have to back a title that I'm far from sold on.

1 - Super Smash Brothers Melee > 13 - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Ouch, we've got the ugliest SFFing of the tournament right thuur! The Series proved that Mario can NSFF Metroid all it wants but it still doesn't have anything on Melee... turn that into a second-tier Mario title, from the same console, and I think we're looking at the next Ocarina/Mario 64.

6 - Final Fantasy 12 > 2 - Kingdom Hearts
Wait a dang minute; we've seen this one already! Sure, the title of the poll read "Playstation 2 Game of the Year," and there was a 2 on the back of the last title, but I'm not seeing any reason for the end result to differ. I'll let that slide though, since it's far from a lock that either of these games will actually end up here, let alone both of them.

8 - Zelda: Majora's Mask > 5 - Final Fantasy 9
Awesome stuff. Which is the bigger step down, Ocarina to MM or FF7 to FF9? I'd probably say the FF drop is steeper, and then you have to factor in that OoT has surely made up ground in that rematch if it were held this Summer, and here's the result. But honestly, MM could be anywhere on the board... Such a cool 8 seed.

2 - Resident Evil 4 > 6 - Kingdom Hearts 2
No problems here! Still not buying RE4 as a world-beater, but selling a million on the PS2 should give it more than enough of a Sony-edge to top Square's big seller.

4 - Zelda: Wind Waker > 1 - Final Fantasy 10
Oh my! Didn't I just get through saying FFX had aged better? Yes, but on the other hand I said in 2004 that WW would be able to squeeze through Div128 no matter what came through on the other end, be it FFX or Melee, and I stand by my belief that only StarCraft (cheating) kept it from happening. You can chalk this 2007 pick up to picking with your heart and not your head.

2 - Metroid Prime > 3 - GTA: Vice City
Vice was topped by SA and will soon be double-topped by the fourth installment, whereas Prime as aged nearly as well as Melee and FFX, it seems to me. As long as it can survive a late WoW charge, I don't see Prime having much trouble making it through to the Elite Eight.

What's this- 5 of the Elite Eight are GameCube titles? What a console!

1 - Zelda: Twilight Princess > 3 - Metal Gear Solid 2
Well, uh... it should be able to keep it closer than the MGS series managed against Zelda, so I guess thats a point in its favor. I guess you could repeat my earlier point about big name Sony liking to go out against the best Nintendo has to offer as well. Beyond that, not too much to say about this one.

1 - Super Smash Brothers Melee > 6 - Final Fantasy 12
This should be cool both for comparing this direct matchup against the one we saw with FFX, and for matching up that result against what we saw in that TP/FF12 GotY. Could be a pretty interesting indicator for that clash of the Titans that will be TP/Melee.

8 - Zelda: Majora's Mask > 2 - Resident Evil 4
Oh boy, chalk this one up a toss-up. I think it's perfectly possible, maybe even probable that RE4 is the stronger game indirectly. But when you look like a Nintendo title to the voters, there's nothing in the world worse than trying to stare down Link Himself... the guy just doesn't blink. Sure, Mario 3 pulled it off, but RE4 is no Mario 3. Not yet, anyways.

4 - Zelda: Wind Waker > 2 - Metroid Prime
Closer than 2004 for sure, and if Corruption even halfway lives up to the hype I could very easily see Prime taking an early lead here through coattail effect, but the Zelda day vote should be enough to pull through in a very narrow victory.

And thus 2004's "all-Zelda Final Four" becomes a reality three years down the road! Well, almost.

1 - Zelda: Twilight Princess > 1 - Super Smash Brothers Melee
I was originally planning to scold you for not making this the Championship, but looking at the big picture now I see that it was the right decision. This is going to be every bit as epic as billed, and the Eastern final is almost a lock to be a classic as well, no matter who ends up being there. FFX/Majora, RE4/Prime, RE4/FFX... yeah, that's going to be pretty fantastic regardless. Getting back to the matter at hand, I think Snake boosting straight through the roof on SSB hype alone (almost) proves that Melee is one of the driving forces behind this site... as if SSB/Mario didn't make that clear enough. But kind of like that Mario match, Link going dual-console in such a grand fashion and with so much recency should be just enough to sneak by the SSB juggernaut. And I do mean just.

8 - Zelda: Majora's Mask > 4 - Zelda: Wind Waker
Yikes! If either get here it's going to be because of fans seeing them as the next-best-thing now that Ocarina's out of the picture. So which is the next-better thing? Guess I'd go with MM, though I'd do so with 0 confidence. WW just strikes me as too much overshadowed by the success of TP. Plus, when you know that match pic is going to display Link in full Ocarina-based N64 engine glory standing next to his Celda personality, who'd side with the guy who cost him the crown in 2003? Not me, that's who!


1 - Zelda: Twilight Princess > 8 - Zelda: Majora's Mask
The SFF, it stings! Well, maybe I speak too soon... I'm of the opinion that a TP/OoT tilt could be put on without either side caving in to the other, so with MM acting as the Ocarina surrogate, perhaps something similar could take place here. Regardless, an uninteresting Final is a small price to pay for all the joy an 8 seed's bracket-busting run into the final two would afford me. Especially if I were one of the handful to predict it! ---

Overall, I give this bracket my best grade yet: a straight A. I tip my hat to you, good sir.

Tranny's Pre-2000 Game Bracket Edit


1 - Chrono Trigger > 16 - Nights Into Dreams
I'd have said no need to repeat fodder we've known has 0 strength since '04, but then I remembered the sequel coming out for the Wii pretty soon. Maybe they'll try to get the original to the VC as well... so yeah, plenty of good new expose makes this a solid 16 seed.

9 - Kirby Super Star > 8 - Pac-Man
After the way Yoshi made him look like an absolute joke, I'm putting 0 faith in Pac-anything standing up to Nintendo. And you'd think Kirby would be one of those characters who'd be 100x more popular as a character than any of his games, but I was surprised to see the series hold up as well as it did against Metroid, so there could be some ok strength here after all.

5 - Super Mario Bros. > 12 - Mortal Kombat 2
I don't mind Mario 1 being so low, since there's plenty of Mario to put ahead of it, but after Subby's excellent showing last Summer I certainly feel that the best MK deserves better than a first round outing by this juggernaut.

4 - Castlevania: SOTN > 13 - Quake
Would certainly take the upset on plenty of other sites, but SotN held up well against the much-loved Goldeneye, so can't see it losing to any PC shooter without the initials HL.

3 - Mario Kart 64 > 14 - F-Zero
Eh, really only need one F-Zero from this earlier generation in the Contest, and that should be F-Zero X. Maybe it's still coming? In any case, Nintendo racer SFF will doom this match into one of the biggest blowouts of the season.

6 - Starfox 64 > 11 - Contra
Huzz, can't wait to see SF64 in action! It has a reputation as such an internet fad, but I think the excitement about its recent VC release that its well loved for the gameplay as well. Wow, sets up a very cool match for next round. Uh... poor Contra, but 11 feels about right and I doubt it's making for much of a match against anyone.

7 - Doom > 10 - Castlevania
Yikes! If there was some kind of fair way to make people only consider the game itself, I'd take Doom in a heartbeat over this largely improved-upon NES original. But just like with "Final Fantasy" or "Super Mario Bros.", its going to perform more like this is a Series Contest, which makes this more difficult. But hey, if Doom can top Earthbound during that RPG-heavy '03/early '04 era, why can't it do the same to CV?

2 - Zelda: Link to the Past > 15 - Dragon Warrior
Again, here's DW getting to act like its a full series. But that's fine, since it'll need all the help it can get in this slaughterfest.

1 - Super Mario Bros. 3 > 16 - Gran Turismo
If there's one spot you needed to come up with non-Nintendo fodder, this was it, so kudos for recognizing that. Again its a case where GT gets to turn this into a Series contest, so maybe it'll end up performing about as well as GT3 manages in that other 16 spot.

9 - Duck Hunt > 8 - Vagrant Story
Whoa, what a culture clash. Technically VS is listed as released in May of '00, but I agree with your decision to put it here instead, as it feels totally out of place with all those Div128 titles. Run this matchup in '02 or '03 and I'm backing Square without a second thought, but it seems to me that post-Nintendo boost/sitewide vote total increase, people have pretty much forgotten that Square used to have big hits not named Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. Plus DH is due to be released on the VC any day now, and its already sold a couple million copies of its "spiritual sequel" (a shooting gallery game that's the best part of Wii Play). So I see the NES classic sneaking a win here.

12 - Donkey Kong Country > 5 - Half-Life
Ah. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So many weak and largely forgotten titles taking up space in this bracket, and you have to go and set games with such fantastic potential against each other in round one? I'm assuming that DKC2 is in the bracket and with the higher of the seeds, which makes sense as its certainly the better game, but I honestly don't think it's the stronger of the two titles. 2 improved on everything 1 did, but the original is still the game with the reputation of "saving the SNES," still the one remembered for the jaw-dropping graphics, still the one that Nintendo wanted rushed on to the VC first. Now, I do still agree with HL being the favorite, but I think it'll have taken a fall since that Prime result thanks to HL2 stealing its thunder, which should be just enough for the upset to happen. Overall this is a great setup... for a Round Two match!

4 - Mega Man X > 13 - Tekken 3
Blah. Things were different back in '01/'02, but in the modern era if you're a fighter not named SSB or SF2 or to a lesser extent SC/MK, no one remembers you. MMX is a slam dunk and well-seeded here... I assume MM3 is on the way later as well?

3 - SMW > 14 - Shining Force 3
Good enough fodder, but I was hoping to see that Mario 64 battle I was talking about. *sniff*

6 - Final Fantasy 8 > 11 - Earthbound
Awww... I know its been determined these constant Ness surprises are almost all SSB, but I still think EB is a strange enough title to have a little upset potential with the right placement. 11 seed seems about right, but FF8 looks vastly underrated as the 6. I realize it had to be done to set the stage for a very cool potential 8/6 clash, but that being the case I wish we had a more overrated 11 in here to match.

7 - Sonic 2 > 10 - Tetris
Tetris eventually got everywhere, but I think in the public's mind it's still a "Nintendo game," as they probably were first exposed to it on the Gameboy or NES. Tetris DS isn't doing anything to dispell that conception, I might add. So I'm glad you found a spot where it can avoid the NSFF out of the gate. Still taking Sonic without too much trouble, though.

2 - Final Fantasy 6 > 15 - Suikoden 2
Oh no! All this talk about struggling to keep Nintendo's best from smashing its lower tier, then we have to feed a perfectly respectable lower seed to a fellow Playstation RPG? Now, I know its not as bad as it seems since FF3 pulls in some Nintendo vote for its SNES debut and GBA remake, but still, I think when FF6 comes up most people still associate it with FF7 and 8 and 9.

1 - Final Fantasy 7 > 16 - Bonk's Adventure
Can't fault you for unoriginal fodder! CAN fault you for the horrific second round match I just realized you put together!

8 - Mega Man 3 > 9 - Parasite Eve
Ugggggh. No one remembers Parasite Eve! We gave Aya Brea 32 chances to get back into the Contest last year and she missed them all... to people like Princess Daisy and Amy Rose, for Pete's sake. It's a fine addition to the field of 64, I'll give you that, but 9 is much too high for PE in the year 2007. MM on the other hand gets way underseeded, and severly punished in the second round. More on this next round.

5 - Street Fighter 2 > 12 - Secret of Mana
Ah, pretty cool for the first round. Mana's got a following, but even with the combined power of Nintendo and Square SF2 proved that it would not go down easily back in '04, and I think its legendary status combined with the highly successful recent ports to both Xbox Live and the Virtual Console have assured that it won't have slipped much since then. Plus we saw how well it held up in the Series contest... take away just a little bit of RE4's steam, and that would have been a nice little run for SF there.

4 - Super Metroid > 13 - Super Mario RPG
Oh man! My initial reaction was to scold you for pitting games with such strong potential against one another early, but the more I think about this setup the more I like it. Mario 3 didn't just flatten Metroid, that game was demolished, and that's been par for course in Metroid/Samus' whole history. So what happens when you take Mario, mix with Square and RPG elements, and serve it up on the same console? Goodness knows... I'll settle for Super Met in a close one, but could easily envision an upset on the order of Mario/Sam '05 here as well.

3 - Super Mario 64 > 14 - Crash Bandicoot
Boooo to Crash, but if it has to get in I'm glad he will experience the thrashing of a lifetime against his former rival- the mascot who HAS stood the test of time. Good "last laugh" setup here.

6 - Goldeneye 007 > 11 - Diablo
What the wha- Diablo AND D2 are in this bracket? Don't see the need for one if you've got the other, and 2 is clearly the superior option, so this is a bit confusing. Either of them should have some decent firepower though, so GE won't be firing out of the gate like the monster it should (and will) be.

10 - Zelda: Link's Awakening > 7 - Resident Evil 2
Bah... Tough to say. I think I might go with the original RE in this place, since it could do more with the Series vote and would have the more recent REmake to fall back on as well. It's just so hard to peg where RE's popularity lies, outside, of course, of RE4. That's why I'd go with the safe bet and peg the Zelda name to be enough to carry it through for the narrow win.

2 - Metal Gear Solid > 15 - Gunstar Heroes
Very good choice for a 15 seed, especially with the VC release doing so well. The setup this makes in a few rounds is nothing short of delightful... but I better save that for later.

1 - Zelda: Ocarina Of Time> 16 - Golden Axe
Good little 16, and it does have the VC to fall back on. Don' t know that its sold a ton of copies, but the publicity is at least there.

8 - Metroid > 9 - TMNT: The Arcade Game
Ohhh, one of the best mid-carder matchups I've seen. TMNT has nostalgia in droves, a successful re-release on Xbox Live, and the NES original (not the Arcade game yet but still) out on the VC. Metroid, meanwhile, looked pathetic in '04, but it's still debatable how much of that we need to chalk to up Mario 3. I'll side with the safe Nintendo bet on this one, but it's a solid upset pick IMO.

5 - Pokemon Red > 12 - Soul Calibur
Glad to see SC made the cut. Yeah, you could make a case for leading much of the day against KH being tons more impressive than never being in the match against Xenogears, but come now. If you got Red/Yellow/Blue in there against Xenogears in the Summer of 2007, would anyone really take Xeno for the repeat? Really? I sure wouldn't; the site has done a complete 180 on Pokemon in the past 3 years, as its win over Super Paper Mario last week further displayed. So I'd back the handheld here, with a fair bit of confidence.

4 - Sonic 3 & Knuckles > 13 - Final Fantasy
I... you... it... Jeez. This is cool, and I like the seeding for it quite a bit. We're talking a heavy Series vote for the games that are only an inch away from the most popular on the site. Common sense says that FF1 is so old and so underplayed that it couldn't possibly compete with one of the best, and best-selling, platformers released. But history says, "erm... didn't you see how well it held up against Mario 3"? If I could be assured FF gets an 8 Bit Theater lineup for the pic, featuring classic Fighter and Black Mage sprites looking large and in charge, I'd have to go with this upset. As is though, think I'd stay safe with Sonic.

3 - Starcraft > 14 - Diddy Kong Racing
Oh my, much respect for SC. Well, if there's one game that has maintained its popularity in the past 3 years, without the help of any sequels/remakes/ports/virtual console re-releases, it would have to be SC, so that makes sense. And now I see the matchup that this high seed creates for next round; delightful! But DKR? Alright, the DS remake gives it a little bit of leverage, but really, we've already got MK64 and F-Zero X (I'll forgive your omission of that letter) represented in this tourney, is there really a need for another N64 racer?

6 - Super Smash Bros > 11 - Xenogears
Hm... might almost be worth it to move Xenogears around and let it have that Pokemon rematch I mentioned earlier. It's certainly a stronger title than the '04 stats give it credit for, thanks to the FF7 beatdown, and the Saga series should have kept the name fresh enough for it to not slide TOO far. Granted, I think any PSX RPG will have slipped since 3 years ago, but still, X deserves a more competitive first round matchup IMO.

7 - The Legend of Zelda > 10 - Super Mario Kart
Arg! I've always maintained that 64 is the king of the Karts when it comes to popularity, and I stand by that claim, but 10 still feels a touch low for SMK. Well, the 10 is fine, but I hate to see it looking Link in the eye across the bracket. In my mind Zelda 1 is the most beatable of the series (well, not weaker than AoL, but I put 1 behind both WW and MM) just because of its age, so it beatable by a Nintendo title from a lower-tier series, but only if that game has a strong advantage in recency. Make this MK64 and I think it's new enough to have the young fans and pull the upset. SMK... sorry, one generation isn't enough of an advantage to topple the Zelda monster.

2 - Final Fantasy Tactics > 15 - Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Whoa, what the devil? I agree that you've got to keep the heavy hitters out of OoT/FF7's path, but FFT as a 2 just blows my mind. I appreciate the matchup problem this introduces next round, but still, a heck of a stretch. Anyways, good to see your streak of interesting fodder continues right into the last match of the round.

1 - Chrono Trigger > 9 - Kirby Super Star
Not a winnable match, but KSS should be able to do well for itself thanks to avoiding the Nintendo SFF that would surely have killed it in any N top-tier setup.

5 - Super Mario Bros. > 4 - Castlevania: SOTN
I know it held up well on GE, did great in the Top 100, and has a very popular Xbox Live re-release going now, but... it's Mario! As I've mentioned many a time now, I think original games act as more of a Series vote. And since Super Mario Bros. wins with 76.75% of the vote!, I think there's enough margin for error there to creep by in this one.

3 - Mario Kart 64 > 6 - StarFox 64
People are talking like this is a slam dunk for MK, but honestly I think it's far from in the bag. Double Dash and DS both being so successful may have taken the wind out of 64's sails somewhat, whereas every StarFox since 64 has flopped so hard that they just keep making SF64 look more and more amazing. In the end I think the fun times in multiplayer will be enough to get Kart by in a narrow victory here, but yeah, don't see an SFFing coming into play by any means.

2 - Zelda: Link to the Past > 7 - Doom
Doom is enough of a classic to have stayed right on the money the past three years, which should make this result useful to compare against the pounding FF6 gave it back then. I'm thinking a considerably larger pounding is in order this time around.

1 - Super Mario Bros. 3 > 9 - Duck Hunt
Painful, yes, but it will still be cool to compare this against the bloody beatdown Zelda 1 applied to DK back in the day. I'm predicting that DH holds up much better against this stronger competition, despite the notable disadvantage of sharing a cartridge with the series its up against. If that isn't a reason for SFF, I don't know what is! Which is going to be hugely embarrassing for DK by comparison, but hey, that's nothing new for the guy.

4 - Mega Man X > 12 - Donkey Kong Country
Very cool matchup here no matter if its DKC or HL that ends up advancing. HL, and I might have to go with the upset... but MM should be able to pull just enough SNES fanbase factor to sneak away with the victory here. I have tons of respect for DKC, but thinking this over gives me flashbacks to that brutal beating Mega applied to Yoshi a couple years back, and I see no reason why he wouldn't do pretty much the same against DK the character. The other thing to keep in mind is how the Series proved that MM's going to act like MM regardless of if there's an "X" behind it, which bolsters my faith a little.

6 - Final Fantasy 8 > 3 - SMW
Ugh, UGH. I realize there's been a major site shift since then, but I still can't get over how easily (60%) CT dispatched Mario World back in '04. I'm also hugely impressed by CJay's announcement that FF8 would not only have gotten into the Contest, but earned a great seed as well, if not for his decision to only allow one game from a series per era. If you absolutely had to know who I'd take in a 2007 matchup I think I'd say SMW, but with the seeding working out the way it does I'd take my chances and back the seeding upset in this 50/50 affair, just to create a little distance between myself and the casuals. Should be an epic.

2 - Final Fantasy 6 > 7 - Sonic 2
Run this pre-GBA remake and... alright, just kidding, I'd never have given Sonic 2 a chance here. Should end up looking better than it did after that same-era rivalry pasting Mario applied last time around though.

1 - Final Fantasy 7 > 8 - Mega Man 3
Let's see, Series result between these two was... 74% to FF. Add in a little Nintendo growth this past year and maybe MM can keep this one around 70 but yeah, not much to see here otherwise. I maintain that this game has way too much upside to be fed to one of the pre-2000 Monsters already in round 2... I mean Metroid 1/Duck Hunt/Kirby/Turtles, those are all great games to put in debatable R1s and then not be bothered by their inevitable failure at the next step, but MM3 is at least two tiers above that lot.

4 - Super Metroid > 5 - Street Fighter 2
I agree this needs to change just because Mario RPG would only increase its win percent if it made it through, but assuming Metroid survives this should still be interesting enough. Between Ryu and the Series results I think we've got a pretty clear idea of where SF stands on this site strength-wise, so this should be a great barometer for just how far back the games themselves are from Samus the character. I sure wouldn't pick an upset here, but it's worth keeping in mind that, throwing SFF out the window, SF2 beats Super Met with 55% back in '04...

6 - Goldeneye 007 > 3 - Super Mario 64
I know, I know, I've been preaching "it's MARIO!" all along, but I think GE is the rare exception to that train of thought. Points of interest:

  • GE outperformed M64 against Ocarina directly, and by a full 3%.
  • Nom-wise, GE earned the 3 seed while Mario only pulled a 7, despite not having to compete against any other Mario release in that era (PD had to split votes with Perfect Dark)
  • M64 finished a somewhat disappointing 13th in The List, to GE's very impressive 7th. That isn't really fair though, since Mario 1/3/World/World 2/RPG were all sucking away its votes.

The other side could argue that 64's been introduced to a new audience on both the DS (where it sold huge) and the VC, whereas GE will never make it back thanks to complications with Rare ownership. And that's a fair point, but... sorry, another case where the seeding difference combined with the casual faith in Mario makes this too good an upset to pass up.

2 - Metal Gear Solid> 10 - Zelda: Link's Awakening
Yeah yeah, we all saw MGS get pounded in the BSE, but surely its #1 tier has enough to top Zelda's #7. Right? RIGHT? Someone might try to make a case for "but Samus > Snake so easily proves that Brawl has left MGS pulling the Nintendo vote, so it'll always collapse against Big Nintendo!" but I only see that coming into play against a newer title that the Melee crowd would have been more exposed to. Say a Wind Waker or TP, for instance.

1 - Zelda: Ocarina Of Time > 8 - Metroid
Ouch! If there's one thing we should have learned by now its that you have to protect Metroid from Zelda and Mario if you don't want to sit through some of the ugliest beatings this side of Link/Ganon. Shoot Samus over to FF7 where it can at least go out with an honorable death, then continue the swap by getting MM3 to a place where it can stretch its legs. Uh... don't bring it in here though, that would be almost as big a disaster.

4 - Sonic 3 & Knuckles > 5 - Pokemon Red
Hmmm. Mewtwo will give us a better idea, but at the moment I've got a ton of respect for Pokemon, and R/Y/B should certainly be the strongest of the bunch. Even so, Sonic at his best will likely prove too difficult a challenge for the handheld. Very cool upset chance, but Sonic holding up so well against SSB, which in turn amazed me against Mario, which in turn nearly shocked the world in the FF7 tussle is enough to sell me on 2D Sonic.

6 - Super Smash Bros > 3 - StarCraft
So, so cool. I agree that SSB has decent strength on its own, but will reach near Super-Seven level on the basis of being a huge Melee leach. (I further agree that about 25% of its voters won't even realize that this isn't Melee.) SC probably hasn't lost any strength in the past 3 years, as it continues to get massive play both by regulars on and professionally... so why take the upset? First because there's been such a dramatic shift to Nintendo and the SSB series has been one of the driving forces (look what a Brawl trailer alone did for Snake. a trailer!), second because CJay has made it harder to cheat, and third because yet again we're looking at a very possible, very sexy upset pick, and its too good to pass up. HOWEVER, give me a bracket that places this match at a midnight Friday night start time, ending late Saturday night, and's ability to sit home on a weeknight, bored in a chat room waiting for the next game to start will be enough for me to lean the other way.

7 - The Legend of Zelda > 2 - Final Fantasy Tactics
I agree with the others saying this is a cool match, but really the seeds ought to be reversed. I know Zelda 1 is old and all, but rewarding a loss to a (later FF7-smashed) MGS with a 2 is just wacky. Anyways, I take this "upset" for SURE is the seeds remain like they do, because even with the Zelda name in place I think casuals are going to place more of their faith in the seeds. Swap the seeds, and... eh, still have to believe LoZ pull this out. Should be a very good battle however; I could see this as one of those where FFT pulls out to one of those Chrono Trigger-style early leads before Z comes back with a vengeance once the sun rises.

1 - Chrono Trigger > 5 - Super Mario Bros.
The cool thing about this one will be how amazed people who haven't been paying too much attention since '04 are going to be by how close Mario 1 comes to matching Mario 3's performance 3 years back. The rest of us will have remembered how the Nintendo shift turned "Crono > Mario in a laugher!" in '04 into "Mario > Crono in a laugher!" only 300 days later. The sad thing about this result is that Mario doing so well will take all the air out of what ought to have been a true epic in the CT/LttP rematch. Still, I'm very glad you went ahead and set it up, because it'll be good to see no matter what happens.

2 - Zelda: Link to the Past > 3 Mario Kart 64
Bah, yeah, an SFFing in store here. I'm fine with that though; MK64 will have proven itself and had a very solid run by that point, so no shame in crumbling to 4th strongest game on the site. I could easily see SF64 outperforming Kart in this matchup, just because it distances itself from that whole "party game" scene that I'd imagine Zelda eats alive... like I said before, everyone likes Kart, but its surely doomed the minute it meets something plenty of people love.

1 - Super Mario Bros. 3 > 4 - Mega Man X
We've been waiting a long time to see Mario vs Mega Man. We know he can crush Yoshi, but we know he folds like a deck of cards against Link... where in that range does Mario fall? The Series certainly gave up no ground against Kart, and in fact won the SFF portion of the battle if anything. No chance for an upset here of course, but still, I think I'd take MMX for a better showing than most would credit it for.

2 - Final Fantasy 6 > 6 - Final Fantasy 8
Booooo... would have been such a difficult decision a year ago. How much of Squall's post-KH boost is from newer players going back and actually picking up FF8, rather than just recognizing the character? How much does Kefka and the rest of the cast constantly bombing out in spectacular fashion reflect on the game itself? Does the downfall of all things CT in the past couple years spell a similar fate for FF3? But yeah, in a post-GBA world, the older game should have just enough of an edge to squeeze by. Seeds as they are though, this is one of the coolest upset picks of the tourney.

1 - Final Fantasy 7 > 4 - Super Metroid
All the more reason to feed Met 1 to FF7 in the round prior! I'll repeat what I said last time about protecting Metroid and allowing it an honorable death, and here you go ahead and do a wonderful job of it. Some people might say that Samus being a monster and Super Met being SFFed 3 years back makes it a huge wildcard that doesn't deserve an unwinnable position, but I look around and say heck, wildcard or not there's no way SM beats any of the winners this round. So kudos to you, sir. Kudos.

6 - Goldeneye 007 > 2 - Metal Gear Solid
We've been chomping at the bit for this one for well over three years now, and for good reason! So cool that a kind of rivalry has developed between these two over the years, despite GE not being able to participate in any Character Battle, and it's high time this debate was settled. I see Goldeneye falling behind early and looking over and out before putting together one of the biggest day vote comebacks we've ever witness, except this time fueled by massive casual nostalgia as opposed to Halo's recency and outside linking. That ought to be just enough for GE to pull out the sweet sweet upset, and to put this in the history books as one of the funnest ever in the process.

1 - Zelda: Ocarina Of Time > 4 - Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Uhh, well, we'll need a breather from the day before, right? The generation of separation may help this 2D Sonic to not be smashed apart as easily as we saw against Mario World, but still, this will not be pretty. But good for Sonic for earning the spot here no matter how it turns out.

6 - Super Smash Bros > 7 - The Legend of Zelda
The great thing about the crazy FFT seeding is that it puts even more emphasis on that awesome SC/SSB tilt, since whichever comes out on top is sure to take this one as well. Now, Zelda's going to act like a Series, and SSB can leach all it wants but it still won't be Melee, so this might end up decently close. If Smash had caved in against Mario its very possible I'd have followed suit and caved in to the Zelda brand name in this one, but it didn't and so I get to pick with my head.

2 - Zelda: Link to the Past > 1 - Chrono Trigger
As I just said, it's a rematch that needed to happen... I only wish there was something, anything positive to say about CT post-2004. (The List doesn't count; 4th place while being SFFed by OoT all month long is dang impressive.) Give it that much, much needed Virtual Console re-release in the months leading up to this battle and I think we might be treated to the clash of the Titans we deserve. Otherwise Zelda's just got too much going in its favor to not take the seeding upset here, especially after seeing what happened in Crono/Sonic as soon as the sun rose.

1 - Super Mario Bros. 3 > 2 - Final Fantasy 6
This goes back to the problem I mentioned in Stats a couple months back. FF6 on the GBA is great, but where can additional Nintendo backing really bring this game? Can it vault any of the Nintendo heavyweights in the Super Seven? No way. Will it stop it from being Square-SFFed to death by FF7 or CT? Certainly not. But tranny solved that problem about as well as possible by letting the game prove its merit against FF8, so really, nothing to complain about in this loss to Mario's Finest.

1 - Final Fantasy 7 > 6 - Goldeneye 007
Love GE, but don't mind it being in an unwinnable position this late in the game. Again, you allowed it a chance at the good run, and by this point Bond will have taken full advantage of it. Plus having the system's top seller all-time facing off against the standout title of Sony's first era should ignite that healthy N64/PSX rivalry and lead to a good showing on both accounts once the dust settles in this one.

1 - Zelda: Ocarina Of Time > 6 - Super Smash Bros
Well... I'm curious to see if the fighter does a better job of not withering under Link's glare than Mario 64 managed three years back. I've got a hunch that it will... that being said, holding up decently against Mario and not falling on your face against the very peak of Linkness is a different animal altogether.

2 - Zelda: Link to the Past > 1 - Super Mario Bros. 3
Shame that moving the Big Two to the same side of the bracket doesn't create a really cool Final Four battle on the other side, like it did in post-2000. Hm... yeah, even though I bet Mario 3 could do a good job of avoiding NSFF, I'm having a very tough time coming up with a way it could get over the hump and seriously challenge for the upset here. And given that, don't you think we might as well flip the Divisions back around? As in, pull FF7's up there in place of Mario's. True, this would force us to suffer through Mario 3 getting smacked a good bit by Ocarina, but FF7 v LttP should be really cool. Not that I buy into "ZeldaFAQs ZeldaFAQs!" to the extent that it could actually pull off the upset, but as long as the Zelda faithful rally behind it enough to keep things interesting, we'd be setting the table wonderfully for that OoT Championship. Remember how cool it was to see Mario nearly going toe to toe with FF for much of the day, because it left our mouths watering for the potential Zelda upset the following day? Same idea here, but it'd be even better, because I very much doubt that either OoT or FF7 does 51% or better on each other if you hold that rematch today.

1 - Zelda: Ocarina Of Time > 1 - Final Fantasy 7
The greatest match of all time? It could very well be! Which would make it a shame to keep out of the Championship, as mentioned above. I think the BSE Final predicts the voting trends here fairly well; this time around it would just be a matter of coming at the end of a much more exciting tournament throughout, and having the percentages closer than throughout the day, probably with more than a few lead changes. In the end I just have more faith in the Nintendo faithful when it comes to getting out there and drawing in the votes, so I can't see their flagship title going down in a nailbiter, especially in such a high profile circumstance.


1 - Zelda: Ocarina Of Time > 2 - Zelda: Link to the Past
Oh my, the other thing I forgot to mention is that FF7/LttP would be a heck of an anticlimatic ending, sure, but there's a 50/50 chance that the Final would be a true disaster, as seen here. I realize there are many vocal LttP supporters, and maybe it fights off the SFF better than I'd expect, but still... I think we deserve better.

So there you have it! Very good work again tranny... a well-constructed bracket, but a couple snubs and more than a couple questionable alignment/setup decisions hold it back from reaching the bar you set so high last time. To be fair though, even a perfect bracket wouldn't have seemed fresh and original compared to that wildcard filled post-2000. That's why I'm giving you a break and still awarding this bracket one of my highest marks so far: a B+.

yo's 2008 Game Bracket Edit


1)Final Fantasy VII > (16)Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
(9)Street Fighter 2 > (8)Grand Theft Auto III
(5)Super Mario World > (12)Half-Life 2
(4)Super Mario 64 > (13)Donkey Kong Country
(6)God of War > (11)The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
(3)Metal Gear Solid > (14)Chrono Cross
(7)Gears of War > (10)Duck Hunt
(2)Goldeneye 007 > (15)Doom

Ehh, some decent stuff, but not really sold on this division overall I don't think. Would prefer to cut GTA3 what with SA representing the franchise, but I'll admit the SFII matchup should make for a good one. Imagine the night/day swing there, yikes! HL2 deserves better, both in terms of seeding and opponent, DKC REALLY needs to get moved somewhere non-Mario, as that's its worst possible opponent. Chrono Cross I'd rather see cut but that's ok, Duck Hunt has more reason to return than Donkey Kong at least... and it does make for a cool new school/old school match there. The Doom/GE setup is cool.

(1)Super Mario Bros. 3 > (16)Soul Calibur
9)Final Fantasy Tactics > (8)Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
(12)The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask > (5)Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
(4)Super Smash Bros. Brawl > (13)Devil May Cry
(6)Super Metroid > (11)Guitar Hero
(3)Final Fantasy VI > (14)Diablo II
10)Mega Man 2 > (7)Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
(2)Final Fantasy X > (15)Kirby Super Star

This looks like a really solid division. SC as a 16 is a head-scratcher, thought it earned better after it impressed us so much in '04. FFT/MGS has to happen again in some form, that's a really neat setup. MM as a 12 is weird, but I guess fair enough since OoT will be stealing all its noms, and in any case it doesn't matter because that's a very interesting poll. DMC deserves a LITTLE better than a Brawl blowout, but eh. SM against the ultimate "new school" casual title is really awesome, and so is that FF6/DII tilt. Another chance for a truly epic day vote turnaround right there, would be great to watch. MM2 and SotN is a great pairing as well, and I don't really mind KSS being fed to the sharks, as it seems pretty clear that Kirby's popularity isn't anchored in any one game, so no matter what you pick it won't be more than a 13-15 seed.

(1)Chrono Trigger > (16)Pac-Man
(8)Super Mario Galaxy > (9)Final Fantasy VIII
(5)Halo 3 > (12)Pokemon Red/Blue
(4)Metroid Prime > (13)Super Mario Kart
(11)Bioshock > (6)Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
(3)The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past > (14)Mortal Kombat 2
(10)Earthbound > (7)Tales of Symphonia
(2)Super Smash Bros. Melee > (15)Shadow of the Colossus

Divisions without OoT/FF7 are so much fun, no exception here. Bah, if you're going to include Pac-Man (and I really don't see a need to), at LEAST give him something like GTA, so he can use his old-school charm to pull in a handful of votes. Galaxy/8 is really interesting, going Galaxy but obviously just basing that on early reviews, who knows. Halo/Pokemon could be the match of the century! Big thumbs down to SMK; this should be MK64. But thumbs up for a pretty decent setup even with the wrong Kart. The Bioshock match is fine though I think reversing the seeds makes more sense. Earthbound's matchup would surely get the least votes all Contest, but is still interesting enough that I'm glad it's there. And SotC as a 15 feels right.

1)The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > (16)Silent Hill 2
(9)Mega Man X > (8)Sonic 3 & Knuckles
(12)Star Fox 64 > (5)Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
(4)The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess > (13)Half-Life
(11)Kingdom Hearts II > (6)Kingdom Hearts
(3)Resident Evil 4 > (14)Starcraft
(7)Tetris > (10)Resident Evil 2
(2)Halo > (15)World of Warcraft

Whoa, this is shockingly good for an Ocarina division. SH2 is good fodder and draws the right opponent. Mega Man v Sonic is a dream matchup, kudos on that one. Very happy to see SF64 included, and that's a fantastic poll you've got set up for it. HL1 I'd rather see dropped in favor of getting HLII a high seed/more winable match. The KH thing is just crazy, but I guess there's decent debate as to who comes out on top, and at least it gets one of the picture straight off. While I agree SC/RE4 would be awesome, that's third round material, or at the VERY least 2nd, it would really suck to see one of those very exciting wildcards exit after only one go-round. Tetris draws the perfect opponent, good work on that one. And of course Halo/WoW would be spectacular- can imagine the fireworks display that one would set off already.


(1)Final Fantasy VII > (9)Street Fighter 2
(4)Super Mario 64 > (5)Super Mario World
(3)Metal Gear Solid > (6)God of War
(2)Goldeneye 007 > (7)Gears of War

Even for a FF7 division there's not alot to love here... SF2's a game that I think is set in stone enough that I don't mind seeing it fed to FF7, considering it will have survived a tough battle to get there. This isn't a BAD Mario battle, but I'd still prefer to see Mario 3 v Mario World instead just for the sake of seeing that long-standing debate play out in realtime. With this, maybe you could make a case for SMW aging better or doing so well on VC, but eh, SM64's important factor should get it through without too much trouble. God of War interests me but mainly against old school competition; I think MGS makes it look bad. The second FPS match in a row is the highlight of the second round I guess, but Halo-lite isn't going to cut it against the likes of GE. Speaking of which...

How awesome would it be to get Halo moved into this MGS/GE 8-pack? What if we turned the last match of R1 into Halo 3 v WoW instead, and then took that Halo v Pokemon and turned it into a 6 v 11 here, then bumped GE down to 3 and made MGS the 2? Talk about win/win!

(1)Super Mario Bros. 3 > (9)Final Fantasy Tactics
(4)Super Smash Bros. Brawl > (12)The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
(3)Final Fantasy VI > (6)Super Metroid
(2)Final Fantasy X) > 10)Mega Man 2

Pretty much a great second round all around. Again a case where the 9 gets placed in an unwinnable spot, but where I don't mind that a bit, since it will have battled once just to get there. I strongly disagreed with the seedings of both MM v Brawl last round, but now that I see what it set up... wow! That's such a good matchup, and one where I don't mind losing one of these two huge wildcards because MM at least will have fought hard to get there, and plus the winner gets a serious chance to prove themselves and sneak out with a win in the following round. FF6 against SM has instant classic potential, will be really fun to see what the Metroid series can manage when not destroyed by Nintendo heavyweights. MM2/SotN against FFX will naturally be a dud, but I'm ok with that now that I see what it sets up next round.

(1)Chrono Trigger > (8)Super Mario Galaxy
(5)Halo 3 > (4)Metroid Prime
(3)The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past > (11)Bioshock
(2)Super Smash Bros. Melee > (10)Earthbound

Ehhh, not liking this round very much here, though I see where it's heading. What partially saves this whole division is that CT is hugely interesting to me for next year. With the way Magus and Frog and now even Crono have tumbled, there's such a range between its great run in '04 and where I think it could potentially have dipped to by Spring '08 that I've got to give FF8 an excellent shot at pulling the upset, and Galaxy would be right there as well if it goes over as big as I think it will. Prime has a solid base of support, but I really think the Halo series is too much for it... But going with my earlier suggestion, if H3 is moved down to play WoW and Halo goes up to match GE, you'd get a more competitive match here with God of War. Then Prime could challenge CT next round in what could be another good poll. LttP and Melee crush alot to end this out of course, but that's all to set up the next round, so ok.

(1)The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > (9)Mega Man X
(4)The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess > (12)Star Fox 64
(3)Resident Evil 4 > (11)Kingdom Hearts II
(2)Halo > (7)Tetris

Ahh, some okish things happening here. MMX is fine enough OoT fodder, since it will have had a really cool midweight titlefight with Sonic to reach this spot. TP's a really neat wildcard, and though I don't really love it going against SF64, if GTA is able to prove itself and get here instead of Star Fox it could make for a more heated battle. RE4 has too much going for itself to be stopped by KH, but I appreciate that if SC is able to rally past Resident Evil we'll get to see a decent 2004 throwback. With my change this would be H3 against Tetris at the end, which is even more of a good thing since Tetris is going to thrive against the newest of the new school comeptition, and should also get to feast on plenty of anti-votes. I'm not saying there's true L-Block potential here, but I like that you at least keep it a possibility.

The home stretch!

(1)Final Fantasy VII > (4)Super Mario 64
(2)Goldeneye 007 > (3)Metal Gear Solid

I love Mario 64, but it can't hang with the big dogs, and going out to FF7 is infinitely superior to another beating at the hands of OoT, so this is fine by me. Will be so great to finally settle that GE/MGS debate; definitely one of the top two or three highlights of the tournament for me.

(1)Super Mario Bros. 3 > (4)Super Smash Bros. Brawl
(2)Final Fantasy X > (3)Final Fantasy VI

It was downright frightening how SSB, on the strength of a single game, was nearly able to go blow for blow with the entire Mario series. If Brawl delivers the goods in Q1 '08 (and by all indication it's going to deliver in spades), I think this match becomes too close to call. I'll go with Mario 3 just on gut here, but with very little confidence. Oh, and if MM were to ride the Zelda vote here instead, I also give it a great shot at continue to ride OoT's coattails right into the next round. Got to like FFX to the Elite Eight just based on the way all things CT/FF3 have fallen off since 2004, but I think FF6's slip down to 10th on the Top 100 is a pretty good indication as well. Even if the match itself is a dud though, I like this setup for putting the FF tier debate to bed once and for all (assuming FF8 doesn't hugely impress).

(1)Chrono Trigger > (5)Halo 3
(2)Super Smash Bros. Melee > (3)The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Ok, I'll give you that CT against Halo1/3 would be crazy, and a straight up lock for featuring the biggest comeback of all time. But I contend that the epicness of Goldeneye v Halo one round earlier would make up for that loss, especially considering that 1. CT might not even make it here, 2. I bet you Prime could make a pretty nice run at the aging CT as well. Then for just about the greatest match you could think of... With Brawl hype worn off and the game finally on shelves, will it have stolen Melee's spotlight somewhat? Or will Wii owners just be more in love with the series than ever? It's impossible to say, but personally I'd try to atone for my 2004 mistake by taking Melee to survive at least one tight match in '08.

(1)The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > (4)The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
(3)Resident Evil 4 > (2)Halo

The worst possible opponent for TP, but you know... by this time MM will have had a chance to shine, LttP will have been put to a real test, and the rest of the Zelda-less matches around this time look solid, so I guess I don't mind the series feasting on itself just this once. Though it's going to suck for poor Fox- once against SFFed down to a horrible x-stat value! And while RE4 OR SC against Halo 1 OR WoW would be a very good matchup, I'd say that subbing in Halo 3 would make this 4-pack of modern giants all the more epic. Leaning to RE4's Nintendo edge giving it the advantage no matter who lines up on the other side of the ball though.

  • stretches for the finish line*

(1)Final Fantasy VII > (2)Goldeneye 007
(1)Super Mario Bros. 3 > (2)Final Fantasy X
(2)Super Smash Bros. Melee > (1)Chrono Trigger
(1)The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > (3)Resident Evil 4

Under my setup GE will have proven itself against its two most fierce rivals in back to back matches, and even under the default it'll at least have that MGS win under its belt, so in either case I'm fine with it bowing out to FF7 with what I'd expect to be a pretty respectable showing. Crazy FFX match no matter whether it's Mario 3 or Brawl that makes it out of the last round. Guess I'd go with Nintendo in my bracket, but if FFX blows FF6 out of the water like I think it has a good chance to do, I could very well be forced to back FFX in my Oracle the night before. The other match I don't think is so great... CT/Halo 1/3/Prime doesn't matter too much, I'd be backing Melee/LttP over any choice without too much trouble. But I appreciate the 2004 rematch angle, as there are still people who swear they'd be betting on CT if the match happened again tomorrow, despite all indications to the contrary. RE4 or anything else out of the bottom 8 gets owned by Ocarina, but that's another that doesn't bother me since they'll have survived a slugfest in order to earn that pounding.

(1)Final Fantasy VII > (1)Super Mario Bros. 3
(1)The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > (2)Super Smash Bros. Melee

Well uh... FF/Mario indicates that Mario 3 should at least have a chance to keep it competitive in the early going, right? RIGHT? Ok, so not really. Brawl could be huge and get here instead, but Melee/FF7 already tells us pretty close to what would happen there, and you'd have to expect FFX to be slaughtered quite badly. And even though Melee would probably stand to keep it closer, I think I might prefer seeing LttP here instead, just to settle that longstanding 3D VS 2D debate. I think it would stand a better chance of avoiding SFF than probably most give it credit for, but there's no way to know until we see it.

(1)The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > (1)Final Fantasy VII

The "true final," yes, but frankly I wouldn't mind seeing it take place in the semi-final instead, to earn us an extra interesting/high importance match. And honestly, it wouldn't affect anything as far as brackets are concerned- pick the wrong winner of this matchup and you're going to be in the lower half of the Guru brackets regardless of where it falls.

Overall this is a very strong effort, and despite some switches and changes that I'd like to make there are no glaring flaws whatsoever, and so I'm going to reward this bracket with a very solid B+.

Leon's 2008 Game Mini-Bracket Edit

Ngamer64 | Posted 6/27/2008 5:36:16 PM | message detail
What is this, the 16 most interesting games together in one bracket? Hmm, let me sink my teeth into it.

(1) Super Smash Bros. Brawl > (16) World of Warcraft
- Even if these are all 16 great games, WoW is too much a wildcard to be fed a fodder match... it should really go against some respected old school title that it would have a chance to rally past and upset.

(9) Resident Evil 4 > (8) Final Fantasy VI
- Should be a really good one, but I'm sticking with my stance that CT/FF6/LttP will have lost a few miles off their fastball by the time we see them in action again this year.

(5) Metal Gear Solid > (12) Halo: Combat Evolved
- Good match, and I think Halo 1 is the best representation for the series and will perform the best indirectly. Not to mention the Xbox fanbase has grown much larger since 2004. But between Snake in Brawl and MGS4 being so well received, it's going to take more than Halo to stop the series this year.

(4) GoldenEye > (13) Final Fantasy X
- Yikes, what a match for a first round! These seeds should really be reversed, because I'm sure GE would be coming into this match the underdog both here on the board and in overall brackets. No matter though, I'd still be backing it, despite how strong FFX looked in the Game of the Decade poll in January (because I think its performance there was vastly inflated by all the Nintendo LFF that was happening around it).

(6) Chrono Trigger > (11) Grand Theft Auto IV
- Yeah, I'm looking for CT to stumble, but not THIS far. GTA4 has sold well and been warmly received, and I'm backing it now to be the strongest entrant from the series, but even so CT should be a little too much for it. This would be an absolutely epic matchup though, as it would probably the biggest Night/Day vote swing we've ever seen.

(3) Super Mario Bros. 3 > (14) The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
- Boo to Wind Waker! The real wildcard of the Zelda series is Majora's Mask- but in any case I think either of them deserves better than the Nintendo SFFing that Mario 3 could lay on them. I mark this one as a missed opportunity.

(10) Metroid Prime > (7) Final Fantasy Tactics
- Very tough decision. The FFT series continues to stay in the public eye with these handheld versions, but Metroid is still getting new titles as well, and considering that anyone who liked MP2 or 3 probably loved MP1 as well... I'd have to take it in a nailbiter.

(2) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess > (15) StarCraft
- SC's another that's too interesting to be tossed into a fodder position normally, but I'll let it slide here because this would be the ultimate revenge match. And with Nintendo having boosted, site traffic being way up, and SCII still being too far away to have a real impact, I'd back TP to avenge Wind Waker's defeat without breaking a sweat.

(1) Super Smash Bros. Brawl > (9) Resident Evil 4
- Good match, as RE4 probably stands up to the Brawl juggernaut than nearly any other title with a strong Nintendo connection, but it would still go down pretty easily here in R2.

(4) GoldenEye > (5) Metal Gear Solid
- The match we've wanted to see for years. Yes, MGS has everything going in its favor these days while GE has no momentum unless that Live/VC remake/rerelease can get back on track, but I still stubbornly cling to my roots and the nostalgia factor and would back GE in a tight one here.

(3) Super Mario Bros. 3 > (6) Chrono Trigger
- As I just posted above, Mario 3 is the #2 selling VC title of all time. Truth be told, it could probably top CT these days even without that added momentum, but that fact just convinces me further to back Nintendo in this latest in the Mario/Crono rivalry.

(2) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess > (10) Metroid Prime
- Shame that Metroid's runs are always crushed by superior Nintendo competition, but oh well, if it survives FFT it will at least have had a chance to prove itself for going down.

(1) Super Smash Bros. Brawl > (4) GoldenEye
- Again, good placement as once again GE would be a game to stand up to Brawl better than most other things, but it would still be defeated without making a serious threat. The most interesting thing would be to see if it could outdo RE4's percentage, IMO.

(2) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess > (3) Super Mario Bros. 3
- Very good match of the Old and the New. But in 2008 I'm expecting the New to have an advantage over the Old (even when the Old have VC versions to keep them fresh), and of course you never want to bet against Zelda, so TP in a fairly tight one.

(2) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess > (1) Super Smash Bros. Brawl
- I honestly have no idea. Brawl has the advantage in recency, sales, and review scores, but TP has both Wii and GC support and is the latest Zelda game competing in a GameFAQs Contest. One of them would probably win with a margin of a few percentage points, as SFF affairs rarely go down to the wire, but which of them would have the advantage I honestly can't say. Give me TP for now just based on it being a better known commodity that has proven itself in the GotYs and GotD, whereas Brawl has the better upside but also the lower floor.

Leon's 2008 Full Size Game Bracket Edit

Ngamer64 | Posted 6/28/2008 9:51:13 PM | message detail
Ooooh, a full bracket.

(1) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > (16) Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!
- Punch Out is fun fodder, but I'd rather see this Nintendo classic be fed to something outside of the company so it could put up the best fight.

(9) Street Fighter II > (8) Sonic 3 & Knuckles
- Ehh, SFII is most hilarious when it loses to something newer and less respected. Still, this should be a very good match, highlighted by what's sure to be one of the biggest Night Vote vs Sonic Day Vote swings we've ever seen. I'll back SFII just on the strength of being fresh thanks to SF4 at the moment.

(5) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night > (12) Sonic the Hedgehog 2
- Wow, should be another nailbiter with another huge day/night swing, but I'll back SotN for staying more recent with its XBLA re-release.

(4) Kingdom Hearts II > (13) Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
- Will be interesting to see FE in action to see if it could live up to its solid Series performance, and this is a good opponent for it.

(6) The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker > (11) God of War
- Again, I'd prefer to see WW dumped in favor of MM or even Zelda 1, but still this is good for a R1er, and GoW should have a chance to perform well.

(3) Final Fantasy X > (14) Mortal Kombat II
- Will probably go much like MK's 2004 matchup.

(10) The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask > (7) Final Fantasy VIII
- ...whoa, you DID slip MM in! And what a match! Normally I'd say it's a shame for one of the two biggest wildcard snubs to go out in R1, but with a battle as intense as this one should be I have to forgive it. Taking MM just on the basis of how you don't bet against Zelda in a tight matchup, but I could see how FF8 would be favored in most people's eyes.

(2) Halo: Combat Evolved > (15) Call of Duty 4
- Excellent matchup. Yes, it's Microsoft FPS against Microsoft FPS, but with these two games being separated by 7 years the SFF should be minimal. And actually the last series of GotYs showed that CoD4 can stand up to SFF even within the generation. Between that and the strong sales and all the anti-voting Halo is sure to get, this could be a surprisingly close battle. But I'm backing Halo on the basis of how effectively it was able to rally back against SC.

(1) Super Smash Bros. Brawl > (16) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
- Eh, KotR probably deserves a little better than a fodder position, but this is still a good matchup for it, so no complaints here.

(8) Final Fantasy Tactics > (9) Diablo II
- Wow, I love this. Sure, Diablo bombed in the Series Contest, but it was clearly in a no-win situation where no amount of rallying was going to save it. That won't be the case here, and between its dedicated fanbase and DIII excitement it should be able to keep this one interesting... but the FFT series has managed to keep itself fresh enough where I won't pick against it here.

(5) Super Metroid > (12) Final Fantasy IX
- Really good whenever Metroid gets a chance to prove itself outside of Nintendo's shadow. I think it will do so here against the ugly duckling of the modern FFs, though I doubt it will be an easy win.

(4) Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow > (13) Mega Man X
- Yikes! Both MMs looked very solid in the Series, and MMX's recent win over regular MM has me seriously considering this upset... but no, I've got to stick with the R/B/Y nostalgia factor that I've been hyping up for so long now.

(6) GoldenEye > (11) Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest
- Bah, I know the DKC series isn't going to be a powerhouse, but I still wish a spot could have been found for it outside of this fixture, where a stronger Nintendo game from only a couple years later with better sales and even more of a nostalgia trip is sure to send it down to a hard defeat.

(3) Metal Gear Solid > (14) Splinter Cell
- Haha, funny squash match. I don't see any need to have SCell in the bracket at all, really, but if it has to be here this is a good spot for it.

(10) Super Mario Bros. > (7) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
- I've long been a proponent of keeping Mario 1 out in favor of the more interesting (in my mind) SMW or Mario 64 or Galaxy, but if the original does make it into the bracket this would be the perfect matchup for it. Talk about a clash of the opposites... imagine if SA were able to keep it close for even a little while; the uproar across the site would be legendary!

(2) Super Smash Bros. Melee > (15) Tecmo Super Bowl
- Another Nintendo classic and excellent choice for a fodder match, but again, I wish a position could have been found for it away from a Nintendo giant.

(1) Super Mario Bros. 3 > (16) Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
- Ahh, here's a case of very good fodder AND placement where it will have a chance to make a good show of things. Bravo.

(8) Half-Life 2 > (9) Soul Calibur
- We have to have SCalibur back in the bracket just to understand what in the heck went on in that wacky KH match. Are people really pumped enough about the series for it to make a game of this, though? I don't hear much excitement about SCal4 from where I stand, so I'm betting no.

(5) StarCraft > (12) Doom
- Cool matchup. Even though I don't expect to see SC back at its 2004 levels, I'm not seeing Doom contending here, but even so this battle of the PC classics should be an entertaining watch.

(4) Grand Theft Auto IV > (13) World of Warcraft
- Oh ho, there's my matchup! This would be such a crazy event if it were to take place... it's like the ultimate case of small but hugely dedicated fanbase against enormous but hugely casual fanbase. GTA would come in as a big favorite I'm sure, but look how much good that did it back in 2004. Anything could happen in this one, but I'm going to hope the 2nd time's the charm and once again roll the dice on GTA here.

(6) Super Mario Galaxy > (11) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
- Between the fantastic sales and the glowing reviews, I think GTA4 has cemented itself as the strongest entrant from the series, and so I'm not seeing a need for GTA to be represented anywhere else in the bracket. But then I see these incredible matchups you keep creating with these GTAs, and I'm won over! SMG should never be seriously threatened here, but this is a good setup regardless.

(3) Chrono Trigger > (14) Mario Kart 64
- Hm... I think this topic in general underestimates the kind of punch the N64's 4-player multi classics (GE, MK64, SSB if it were to make it, F-Zero X to a lesser extent) are going to pack in a sitewide Contest. MK64's 4th place position on the all-time VC sales list speaks to that theory as well, in my estimation, and so I'm not pleased with it being buried back at 14. That being said, this is a good opponent for the game, so I can't be too upset.

(7) Resident Evil 4 > (10) Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
- Hmm... Mario RPG probably won't be as strong as we saw back in '04 (at least not before the VC re-release, but hopefully that will be coming next month) , but still, it's Square and Nintendo combined, and deserves better than the beating this GotY is sure to apply. Not a bad matchup per se, I just think it could have been better.

(2) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past > (15) Earthbound
- Ehh, if EB needs to be squashed by a fellow SNES classic, couldn't we at least send it against FF3/6 to settle that age-old debate once and for all? I know EB isn't much above the fodder line, and a 15 seed seems about right given how stacked this bracket is, but again I wish it could avoid a Nintendo titan.

(1) Final Fantasy VII > (16) Animal Crossing
- Hoho, this bracket is just full of Ngamer-inspired matchups! This is really good fodder placed into a really good fixture- nothing more could be asked for.

(8) Star Fox 64 > (9) Mega Man 2
- Excellent work- two Nintendo midcarders that would be sure to crumble against any Big N powerhouse, so the spot under FF7 is the perfect place for this battle. And what a battle it should be... again, I'm of the opinion that N64 nostalgia is going to be pulling no punches in the upcoming season, so I'll side with SF64 here, but really this looks like a coinflip to me.

(5) Super Mario 64 > (12) Xenogears
- Not seeing a huge need to bring Xenogears back, but if its going to happen, this would be a very good spot for it.

(4) Super Mario World > (13) Tales of Symphonia
- Normally I don't like lower tier Nintendo titles being fed to their vast superiors, but I hate ToS so much for all of the perfectly good Character slots it has wasted over the years that I fully support this setup, and look forward to the slaughtering SMW would apply.

(6) The Legend of Zelda > (11) Chrono Cross
- Not seeing any need to bring Chrono Cross into the picture in light of how badly Serge bombed and how the game acted like an anchor around CT's neck in 2006, keeping Chrono out of the series contest despite being the third most popular game on the site. But, eh, this is a good enough setup if it did have to make the cut.

(3) Final Fantasy VI > (14) Devil May Cry
- Should be decently interesting, and I agree that DMC1 is the best representation for the series, but even with FF6 sure to have slipped from 2004 I can't possibly see it having slipped this far.

(10) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty > (7) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
- Oh wow! Was wondering when these two were going to show up, and here they are together. 90% of the time I'm strongly opposed to inter-series battles, but this is one of those rare exceptions, and I've seen people swearing up and down that MGS3 would be stronger for a few years now, yet it seems just as many swear the opposite. Personally I feel the order goes 1 > 2 > 3 with all of them being close (and I have no idea where 4 sits), but I wouldn't be upset if this match proved me wrong.

(2) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess > (15) Skies of Arcadia
- Good fodder, and in a good position.

Great work on this whole first round!

1) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > (9) Street Fighter II
- SFII gets crushed, but oh well, it will hold up better than many other games in this position, and more importantly will have had a chance to prove itself in the first round.

(4) Kingdom Hearts II > (5) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
- Interesting 4/5 here... Square has lost some of its punch since early '04 while Castlevania has kept the ball rolling, but I think the Series Contest gave us a good indication of how badly SotN would get crunched once the Day Vote rolled around.

(3) Final Fantasy X > (6) The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
- I took WW > FFX in '04 and stand by the decision, for its time, but here in 2008 its pretty clear that WW has been overshadowed by TP and somewhat forgotten, while X has stood the test of time better than pretty much anything aside from Melee.

(10) The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask > (2) Halo: Combat Evolved
- No matter if this ends up being MM or FF9, I'm backing either to kick Halo to the curb. Yes, the Xbox fanbase is much larger in '08 than it was in '04, but its also become more diverse. Just because you own a Xbox/360 doesn't mean you play Halo anymore, and that's a weakness you can't afford when facing the Zelda or FF fanbases.

(1) Super Smash Bros. Brawl > (8) Final Fantasy Tactics
- As always, you can't expect a 1/8 to be competitive, but at least the weaker game won't be SFFed and will be able to put up a better fight here, so good show.

(4) Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow > (5) Super Metroid
- Hm... maybe I'm still suffering Poke-fever from their impressive showings in 2007, but I'm also remembering the scare Pokemon put into Metroid once the Day Vote hit back in '06. Between thosePoke-loving day vote kids and the nostalgia of all the 20something, I think I'll have to give R/B/Y the edge over Super Met and its VC sales here, but this one should be nip and tuck either way. Good matchup.

(6) GoldenEye > (3) Metal Gear Solid
- We've been over this before, so I'll just quickly say that I don't think there's any nostalgia more powerful than gradeschool N64 multiplayer with your 3 best friends.

(2) Super Smash Bros. Melee > (10) Super Mario Bros.
- When I messed up the bracket last time I set Mario 1 against MGS, and that allowed me to say "whoa, watch out for that franchise vote, this is the game that "saved the video game industry," one of the most influential ever, better not count it out entirely!" Which was more fun to say than "ouch, what a pounding."

(1) Super Mario Bros. 3 > (8) Half-Life 2
- Uhh, I thought HL2 was going to play Melee when I messed up the bracket before, but it's pretty much the same idea, so I'll repost that comment. "There's little that's going to stand up to Melee of course, but HL2 has probably done more to maintain or expand on its 2004 strength better than nearly anything else, and this is an ideal matchup for it, so at least the game should go out with flying colors."

(5) StarCraft > (4) Grand Theft Auto IV
- What an awesome setup... by the second round, Blizzard vs Rockstar could be one of the coolest new Contest rivalries in a long while! If WoW only loses to GTA in a tight one, expect fans to be buzzing for revenge by the time this one kicks off. Between that and SC's improved playrate, I think it should have what it takes to edge anything GTA.

(3) Chrono Trigger > (6) Super Mario Galaxy
- Put this to me 2 days ago and I'd have been very tempted to back the Galaxy upset. With CT finally being brought back to life though, the game should have the breath of fresh air it needs to once again contend for a Final Four position.

(2) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past > (7) Resident Evil 4
- I'm drinking the RE4 Kool Aid as much as pretty much anyone, but even I know it's biting off more than it can chew here. The SNES classics may slip a little from their '04 value, but strong VC results should be enough to ensure that LttP doesn't slip THIS far.

(1) Final Fantasy VII > (8) Star Fox 64
- A slaughter, but this is still the best possible matchup SF64 could ask for, and it will have had a chance to prove itself in R1, so this is all well and good.

(5) Super Mario 64 > (4) Super Mario World
- Much like MGS2 vs 3 from last round, this one's in that rare 10% of SFF matches where the result is still highly debatable. SMW is well-loved and has done fantastic on the VC, but I'm going with Mario 64 for its "revolutionary" respect vote, N64 nostalgia, and its having appealed to both VC and DS players.

(3) Final Fantasy VI > (6) The Legend of Zelda
- Oh my... I've always wanted to keep Zelda 1 and Mario 1 (and FF1 for that matter) out of the bracket based on how their strength is something like 80% franchise voting, but now that I've had to pause and consider the kind of matchup problems they'd create, I'm starting to waver on that stance. As for this poll, eh, we know that Zelda > FF on the site these days, but only barely, and FF6 is not only higher on its franchise totem poll than LoZ, it's also got that handheld remake to give it an extra nudge. I'll take it, but not with confidence.

(2) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess > (10) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
- I guess the downside about a cool R1er like 2 vs 3 is that the winner gets fed to a monster like TP in the next round. People are high on Snake and MGS right now, and with good reason, but sometimes getting high can result in some very poor decision-making. Picking MGS2 for this upset would be one of those bad decisions.

1) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (4) Kingdom Hearts II
- A squash, but about the most favorable opponent KH could hope to draw, so no harm done.

(3) Final Fantasy X > (10) The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
- Eh, I've been pulling for MM for a long while now, and while I still feel it's a really good wildcard entrant, it would have to be near the ceiling of its potential to knock out FFX. FF8 or 9 I'll take it over, but X is asking a little much.

(1) Super Smash Bros. Brawl > (4) Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow
- For an inter-company match this is actually pretty decent. Enough generations (plus handheld v console) separate these two for RBY to put up a better fight than most would suspect, I think, so this shouldn't be that bad.

(2) Super Smash Bros. Melee > (6) GoldenEye
- The best 4 player nostalgia of your gradeschool years is great, but when its up against the best 4 player nostalgia of your junior high/high school years, plus all the weight the SSB name brings to the table, you still get overwhelmed.

(1) Super Mario Bros. 3 > (5) StarCraft
- We all saw WarCraft get its face blown off only a couple weeks after it had shocked the world against GTA, but I'm here to tell you that... oh who am I kidding, the mixed bag called WW is one thing, but you can't rally your way past a beloved icon like Mario 3! Still, this is a cool setup.

(2) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past > (3) Chrono Trigger
- The DS remake at least makes this worth considering, but no, even with that in its back pocket I can't see CT recovering all the way to its '04 level.

(1) Final Fantasy VII > (5) Super Mario 64
- Once again, we've got a squash match here, but it's the best possible kind. This is an old school N64/PSX rivalry, I'm sure the boards would break out into 100 topics on which of the games was more influential and important... and frankly I wouldn't be shocked if Mario 64 managed to pull a FF vs Mario on us here. Not THAT close, of course, but I think it's got a chance to surprise us.

(2) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess > (3) Final Fantasy VI
- I could see this being one of those where TP gets off to a decent start, but then FF6 comes pounding back all through the night and the wee hours and gets everyone excited before Zelda lays down the hammer when the sun comes up. Although I don't expect this to be a tight one, it will still be interesting to see how TP measures up against LttP's showing back in '04.

1) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > (3) Final Fantasy X
- FFX impressed at Game of the Decade- here's its chance to prove what its really worth. Like FF6/TP, I could see X gashing OoT for percentage until the morning vote kicks in, but it should be all over soon after that happens. Like almost everything else Ocarina and FF7 have faced, this won't be close but at least the game being beaten should be able to go out on a high note.

(1) Super Smash Bros. Brawl >(2) Super Smash Bros. Melee
- Not going to comment as this has been debated to death. I'll just say that MGS2/MGS3, M64/SMW, Melee/Brawl are about the only three SFF matches I'd ever support, and you worked in all of them. Kudos for that.

(2) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past > (1) Super Mario Bros. 3
- It seems to me that between Galaxy's good showing and his VC games/New Mario Bros. being such hits, Mario's riding a bit of a high here in 2008. That and Mario 3's iconic status should work to keep this one closer than you might expect... but in the end you don't bet against Zelda or Link when it comes to the Nintendo fanbase, so I'll continue to pick that way until someone proves otherwise.

(1) Final Fantasy VII > (2) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
- A here's a Game of the Decade contender trying to prove that those results WERE a fluke. TP vs FFX would be a great match, but failing that it should be cool enough just to measure them against one another based on this round.


1) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > (1) Super Smash Bros. Brawl
- Regardless of if its Brawl or Melee in this spot, OoT should we walking away a winner without too much trouble. The thing I'll be more watching for will be if SSB can once again shock us by landing a few solid punches against a Nintendo titan, like it did against the Mario series. If on the other hand Ocarina manages to SFF the game into the ground where Mario's entire library failed, FF7 had better watch out!

(1) Final Fantasy VII > (2) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
- This would be such a great setup, assuming things work out as I predicted. First FF7 would punch out TP without too much trouble, but everyone would say that's alright, it's one of the weaker links in the series, Zelda can still pull this off. Then LttP would bring it closer, and both Nintendo and Square sides would be nervous. OoT is obviously the strongest, but did the SNES game make a big enough gain for the N64 classic to have a legit shot? Also this would be great in terms of giving us an excellent reading on the how the Zelda totem poll looks- much better than if these games played each other directly, I should think.

1) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > (1) Final Fantasy VII
- I've been over this a number of times, but to summarize, it seems to me this would go down much like Zelda/FF, except with only half the margin of victory or so. Square's trying its hardest to keep FF7 relevant with these movies and sequels and prequels, but they've been hit or miss and I don't think they've had the kind of impact needed to shift the balance of power back in Square's favor.

Overall I reward this bracket one of my highest grades ever... an A-. Hold your head up high, Leon!

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He isn't a killer. He just wins - thoroughly.

Accidental Matchups Edit

(5) Super Metroid > (8) Final Fantasy Tactics
- Oh jeez... FFT has stayed in the public eye with these handhelds, but as I posted just the other day, Sup Met has been one of the biggest hits on the VC. Eh, I'm going to go ahead with my assumption that Metroid is a scary competitor when it can avoid Nintendo cannibalism.

(6) GoldenEye > (4) Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow
- Wow, talk about a nostalgia war. I've been backing R/B/Y for a long while now and I hold to that, but GE's playerbase should be wide enough to pound out a victory here.

(3) Metal Gear Solid > (10) Super Mario Bros.
- Any matchup involving Mario 1 is scary, I'm finding. It's got that huge playrate and no doubt a killer franchise vote, but eh, I think the game would show its age just enough to let MGS sneak through for a late victory here.

(2) Super Smash Bros. Melee > (8) Half-Life 2
- There's little that's going to stand up to Melee of course, but HL2 has probably done more to maintain or expand on its 2004 strength better than nearly anything else, and this is an ideal matchup for it, so at least the game should go out with flying colors.

yo's Nov 2008 64 Game Bracket Edit

Ngamer64 | Posted 11/24/2008 1:18:35 AM | message detail
And now for the moment you've all (aka one of you) been waiting for!

Ngamer's Awesome Comments on yo's Awesome(?) Bracket

1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > 16 Silent Hill 2
Good fodder in a great position for it.

8 Portal > 9 Bioshock
Oh wow, really love this well loved but cult/niche FPS setup. Bio's PS3 port should help it, but I've vowed to never bet against Blizzard or Valve in a tight match.

5 Half-Life 2 > 12 Kingdom Hearts II
Sora looked so good this year... then again, so did Gordon and the Cube! I think I'd take the risk and back HL2 here, for the same reason I mentioned above.

13 Starcraft > 4 Pokemon Red/Blue
Ahhhhh! What the heck, is this whole bracket nothing but mind-blowing matches? I expect Pokemon to be vastly improved from '04 while SC will have lost a step or two... even so, I can't see a way for R/B/Y to survive both the anti-voting AND the late surge SC is sure to pull.

6 Goldeneye 007 > 11 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
I was going to smack you upside the head for not making this the original MGS, but now I see that's coming up. GE might trail here overnight, but I see it sliding by with a massive day vote.

3 Resident Evil 4 > 14 Kirby Super Star
Hmm, wasn't there anything less Nintendo for Kirby to try on? Some might consider this a sexy upset due to Kirby this year, but nay, RE4's just on a whole different tier.

10 Pac-Man > 7 Guitar Hero
Yessss, the perfect setup! GH probably has a devastating day vote, but I think Pac holds it off due to the Rock Band split and other people anti-voting anything music as "not real games".

2 Metal Gear Solid > 15 Sonic Adventure 2
Shame that Sonic couldn't earn a better seed, but I imagine the whole bracket is stacked.

1 Chrono Trigger > 16 Xenogears
Gah, surely a non-RPG opponent could be found to squash Xeno without needing genre SFF?

9 Devil May Cry > 8 God of War
Yikes, this is exactly the drama a 8/9 should deliver. Guess I'll take DMC even though people seemed underwhelmed with 4... but if GoW3 will be on the near horizon by the time this comes around, I'm flopping in a second.

5 Super Mario 64 > 12 The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
I'm a firm proponent of OoT/TP/LttP/MM only, and matchups like THIS certainly aren't going to change my mind!

4 Final Fantasy VIII > 13 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Ohhh, really slick FF7/OoT preview. I'd give 8 a slight advantage, but if everyone and his mother was picking it I'd switch to MM for the epic upset potential.

11 Super Mario World > 6 Final Fantasy Tactics
FFT hanging in there with MGS seems like the kind of thing that could only happen with 2004's pathetic vote totals... even with the help of the GBA/DS I can't see it challenging games on that tier anymore.

3 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past > 14 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Fun fodder at least.

7 Halo 2 > 10 Mega Man 2
Holy smokes, talk about being in for the most brutal overnight vs day vote swing ever! I'm not much of a Halo believer, but even so I can't see anything NES not named Mario or Zelda hanging with the series' huge modern appeal.

2 Super Smash Bros. Melee > 15 Earthbound
EB isn't REALLY worth seeing, but I agree with including it because yeah, those 300 diehard fans will pretty much assure it a position once again.

1 Super Mario Bros. 3 > 16 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Good fodder, well placed.

9 Mega Man X > 8 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Oh gosh... even though MM doesn't have the mass appeal it once did, that should only be a problem against casual favorites like Halo/GE/RE4. I bet it can still hold its own against something more culty like SotN.

12 Super Metroid > 5 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Heavens me, I have no idea. MGS4 would be an easy choice in a 4-way because those who played though REALLY loved it, but... so many haven't played it, and others are sure to anti-vote it for being PS3 and so FMV-heavy.

4 Kingdom Hearts > 13 Street Fighter II
SF2 LOST? Unless SF4's console release was around the time of this match, I think so. This should be a fantastic battle though, and another of those huge night/day swings.

6 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess > 11 Pokemon Gold/Silver
Darn it yo, we've been over this! R/B/Y overshaows G/S/C so thoroughly that if any other Pokemon is needed, make it Diamond/Pearl so we can at least compare orignal gen vs modern gen.

3 Super Smash Bros. Brawl > 14 Grand Theft Auto IV
Ha! Can't imagine Brawl having any trouble, but I love this setup as a casual trap.

10 Star Fox 64 > 7 Grand Theft Auto III
Zero confidence here... Think I'd take SA if it were here instead; sure GTA3 has better nostalgia, but that's an area SF64 excels in. That plus its great VC sales are enough to get the nod from me.

2 Final Fantasy X > 15 Soul Calibur II
If the match pic is FFX Tidus vs SCII Link, this could be a real barn-burner! ...for the first 60 minutes or so.

1 Final Fantasy VII > 16 Fire Emblem
Good fodder, good placement

8 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 > 9 Donkey Kong Country
Much as I love DKC1/2, I've come to accept that they're not going to be great site-wide, especially now that Diddy has tripped and fallen on his face. Still want to see them in a bracket!

5 Super Mario Galaxy > 12 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Whoa, that was unexpected, but I love it. RPG gets to rally behind the Square and old school Nintendo banners, which ought to do it a world of good, but Galaxy's GotY showing gives me decent confidence here.

4 Metroid Prime > 13 Mario Kart 64
Hoooray, went with the right Kart this time! This is a super-cool setup, as you've got the best of casual/multiplayer/N64-era party nostalgia going up against a very different segment of the Nintendo base. I'd like to back MK64, but that Kart defeat against Mega Man keeps me from pulling the trigger.

11 Diablo II > 6 Half-Life
Haha, first get me scared of Valve and Blizzard, then throw them up against one another! If it turns into a flat out rally war there's no doubt I back Blizz... even though HL1 is probably strong purely on this site, I think outside support + Diablo III hype would be enough to pull DII through.

3 Final Fantasy III/VI > 14 Resident Evil 2
Eh, even with the RE overperformances this past season, I still don't see any real need to have anything but RE4 represented.

10 Tetris > 7 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Ahhh! I really, really love these deep old school vs hyper new school battles. CoD4 strikes me as kind of like MGS4- everyone who's played it loves it, but has enough of the site tried it out? I think the massive Tetris playrate is enough to slip it through here, especially since I bet it can L-Block its way to a comeback if that proves necessary in the final hour.

15 World of Warcraft > 2 Halo: Combat Evolved
Gracious sakes! Sure WoW will be anti-voted to death, but anti-voting all things Halo is practically GameFAQs' proudest tradition! I think that will especially be the case because of so many people wanting to duplicate that Halo/SC atmosphere. Don't have confidence here, but there's no way WoW loses a close match, so I'll go with that.

1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > 8 Portal
Portal's one of not many games that would at least hold up decently on Ocarina/FF7 IMO.

13 StarCraft > 5 Half-Life 2
Ehh, HL2 should put up a better fight than KH did in this position thanks to the success of the Orange Box, but as we've been over I'm never betting against Blizzard when its close enough to allow rallying.

6 Goldeneye 007 > 3 Resident Evil 4
Really epic R2 setup, and although I could see why many would go with RE, I still say GE's massive nostalgia pulls it through.

2 Metal Gear Solid > 10 Pac-Man
This isn't too fair; GE has to fight tooth and nail to create the matchup while MGS gets a cakewalk! Oh well- any sacrifice is worth it, as long as we get to witness that long destined duel.

1 Chrono Trigger > 9 Devil May Cry
Eh, GoW probably holds up better here, but I'd have to imagine it's a horse a piece.

5 Super Mario 64 > 4 Final Fantasy VIII
FF8 could very well be "naturally" stronger, if that makes any sense, but I get the feeling this would be a great position for Mario. Capitalizes on upset MM voters plus all of the anti-voting FF8 is sure to attract in any case- I think M64 rises to the challenge here, though I'll admit that's just a hunch.

3 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past > 11 Super Mario World
Well... at least it won't be as bad as Ocarina/Mario 63 turned out!

2 Super Smash Bros. Melee > 7 Halo 2
Could see this taking some casuals by surprise at least.

1 Super Mario Bros. 3 > 9 Mega Man X
Erm... we've always wanted to see Mario v Mega Man in a 1v1, right? Not since 2005, you say? Well, shoot!

12 Super Metroid > 4 Kingdom Hearts
With Axel and Ansem and Riku continuing to collapse or flop, I'm starting to think most of Sora's appeal comes from his generic anime-boy appearance he's been pulling down pretty often post-KH2. Maybe I'm crazy, but I take SM in this one with decent confidence.

6 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess > 3 Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Just... stunning. Polls like this are the exact reason we need this Contest. Brawl was probably SLIGHTLY more hyped on this site pre-release, and probably did a slightly better job of matching that hype post-release. Even so, I just can't bet against Zelda in a Nintendo SFF situation. If Brawl slams MGS4 in the final GotY poll this January, though, I'd have to flip flop on this.

2 Final Fantasy X > Star Fox 64
Won't be close, but at least SF64's the perfect opponent in terms of overperformance potential.

1 Final Fantasy VII > 8 Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Much better than sending Sonic to be crunched by Zelda or Mario.

5 Super Mario Galaxy > 4 Metroid Prime
Prime is loved, it's the crown jewel of the GC in many people's eyes, but even so I just can't bet on Metroid in a Mario vs Samus situation.

3 Final Fantasy III/VI > 11 Diablo II
This is sooo solid. D2's got no right hanging around with one of the Super Seven, but... is FF6 even part of that group anymore? Seems like a perfect candidate to have lost a step in the past 4 years. I could imagine this looking like a blowout early before DII rips off an absolutely nasty day vote to give us a scare.

15 World of Warcraft > 10 Tetris
This would be so funny to see- I could see Tetris turning full on L-Blockish against the hated WoW. But even with the whole internet rallying against it, can you really pick against World of WarCraft in a tight match? Because I can't!

1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > 3 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Even though I think LttP holds up better than most would expect, I'm not going to pretend this isn't a dud of a matchup. But meh, LttP has to knock off a bunch of great games just to make this possible, plus I don't think Ocarina/Mario 3 would be that much more interesting, so this is fine.

1 Final Fantasy VII > 1 Super Mario Bros. 3
Again, I think Mario brings his A game against top Square rivals, so I'd expect this to be another decentish showing for him. Probably not as good as Final Fantasy/Mario in '06, but still.

1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > 13 StarCraft
No amount of Wind Waker rally magic can save SC here!

6 Goldeneye 007 > 2 Metal Gear Solid
I've been riding this upset train for five years- no reason to get off now. I'll admit it would take a huge day vote comeback to pull this off. But GE can do it!

1 Chrono Trigger > 5 Super Mario 64
Shouldn't be much in doubt, but I see Mario 64 doing very well, coming closer to matching Mario 3's 2004 showing than Super Mario World's, which should signal CT's impending doom pretty clearly.

3 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past > 2 Super Smash Bros. Melee
Gaaaah. I have as much respect for Melee as anyone, I think it will have maintained its '04 strength better than LttP... but even so I can't bet against top tier Zelda.

1 Super Mario Bros. 3 > 12 Super Metroid
Much as I'd like to avoid Mario/Samus wherever possible, Super Met would have to put on a heck of a show just to get into this position, so I can't fault the bracket.

2 Final Fantasy X > 6 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Ack! I thought TP's performance in Game of the Decade was legitimately more impressive, if you take into account all the crazy Nintendo and even inter-Zelda LFF it had to deal with. Even so I'm getting some very positive vibes from FFX recently... if this was one of those where EVERYONE started going with it though, I'd definitely flop over to support the upset.

1 Final Fantasy VII > 5 Super Mario Galaxy
Alright, so we won't be seeing another Mario > Cloud miracle, but even so I'd expect Galaxy to go out looking pretty respectable.

3 Final Fantasy III/VI > 15 World of Warcraft
Whoa! If D2 can at least put something of a scare in FF6, surely WoW would be able to go all the way? That makes sense, but... nay, can't keep picking Warcraft wins on potential alone. The madness ends here!

1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > 6 Goldeneye 007
Not an '04 re-match that would be worth seeing, but like with Super Met, GE would have to run a pretty insane gauntlet to get into this position, so I'm fine with the placement.

3 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past > 1 Chrono Trigger
SB's incredible procrastination has at least produced one positive result: there's finally a case to be made for CT in this rematch post-CTDS! But... afraid I'm still not sold on it being MUCH of a case. Unless CT does absolutely incredible sales, I'm taking LttP with a good amount of confidence.

1 Super Mario Bros. 3 > 2 Final Fantasy X
Really sweet setup, no matter whether its FFX or TP or Brawl that ends up getting here. Sure Mario 3 is the epitome of childhood nostalgia, but it's going to be the year 2009- you've got to imagine a big chunk of that voter base never picked up a controller until well after the 8 bit era. Sticking with Mario, but a good case could be made for any of its potential adversaries.

1 Final Fantasy VII > 3 Final Fantasy III/VI
Gosh will this be ugly! Oh well; FF6 wouldn't have a chance against anything else either, so no big waste.

1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > 1 Final Fantasy VII
People are high on FF7 these days, but I maintain that this would still make for a super intense Championship and that the result would be a coinflip. I'm fine with it being considered a Zelda/FF-style upset for the moment, though.

OVERALL: Wow, what a fantastic bracket! Just solid all the way through, barely anything I'd want to change. I've no choice but to award this effort an...

*drum roll*

A. Congrats, yo!

--- says we just got owned hard by FastFalcon!
( & are neat)

Ngamer's Totally Awesome Best System Bracket Edit

(June 2009 version)

1. NES
4. N64

2. Wii
3. Xbox 360

1. PS2
4. Gameboy

2. Dreamcast
3. Sega Genesis


4. Atari

2. GameCube
3. Nintendo DS

1. PSX
4. Xbox

2. PS3
3. Game Boy Advance

Hold Me Closer Edit

From: Haste_2 | Posted: 3/22/2007 10:57:37 PM | Message Detail
I say we should have a 128-game bracket... and have two matches per day for Round 1, and maybe Round 2, as well. Whenever you entered the site or refreshed it would randomly pick one of the matches. The casual visitors would randomly vote in one of the matches and move on, while the more diligent contest participants would refresh until they voted in both matches.


From: Ngamer64 | Posted: 3/22/2007 11:56:06 PM | Message Detail
That's an okay enough idea, Haste, but I'd hate to see good first/second round matches earning only 60k votes. I think what we should do instead is to have two Polls, one right on top of the other. HOWEVER, every time you visit the page one would randomly be picked as the top poll, and might switch on a refresh. That way both polls ought to be noticed, and in equal numbers. (I can already hear complaints of "StarCraft only didn't finish that comeback because b.neters coming to the site only noticed the Devil May Cry/Perfect Dark match on top!")

Also, the vote results page ought to read "Vote accepted. Now vote in StarCraft vs Kingdom Hearts 2."


From: HaRRicH | Posted: 3/23/2007 12:12:29 AM | Message Detail
The one thing that I would see happen with Haste's idea is that the contest-faithfuls will have a bit more of a say-so in the match-ups. I wouldn't mind so much, but as if this year isn't going to be crazy enough...

...I do like Ngamer's idea though.

From: Haste_2 | Posted: 3/23/2007 12:16:30 AM | Message Detail
Yes, Ngamer's idea is better... let's petition to Ceej for that next time the game contest nominations roll around.

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