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Created by xXSabin FigaroXx in the late spring of 2004, the User Season Battle grew to become the biggest user contest on the board; it even garnered more attention than its predecessor, Forsaken's User Tournament (going on to its 7th iteration whenever he comes back).

The USB closely resembles the NCAA Basketball season, in that there are many divisions containing a certain amount of users, who are all vying for the right to participate in the season ending knock-out tournament of 64.

USB Championship History[]

User Season Battle 1 Champion : Icon

User Season Battle 2 Champion : ExThaNemesis

Results and Highlights[]

USB1 (2004)

The first User Season Battle drew a decent amount of interest, but in the end, the icon ownz all was the champion, defeating xXSabin FigaroXx. There would be plenty of fun memories for the season, including icon vs. seer, Explicit Content coming out of his lurker status to become King of Awesome, and WiggumFan upseting big named users in the tournament left and right.

USBII (2005)

A little over a half year later, the User Season Battle II took place, and the format would be expanded a bit as it drew greater sign up numbers. ExThaNemesis would put on a show, taking home the 2nd championship by defeating FFDragon in a thrilling final match. This contest was probably most known for the hysterical rivalry in the trash talking topic between AT and Metool, where some of the best dialog Board 8 has ever seen took place.

USBIII (2007-8)

Shortly after USBII, Sabin held sign-ups for the third iteration of his highly popular contest. It soon became apparent, however, that Sabin would be unable to run the contest in the near future, so he asked that, in the meantime, nobody run it themselves. In the latter half of 2007, Sabin held a Save My User contest, promising a "valuable" prize to the winner. As the contest progressed, Sabin dropped subtle hints to the true meaning of the prize, but nobody caught on to Sabin's hinting. After a closely-matched battle, th3l3fty triumphed over raytan7585 in a finals tiebreaker. Sabin then revealed that the prize for winning the contest was to decide whether or not USBIII would actually happen. In the end, th3l3fty gave the users what they desired by "accepting" the prize, and USBIII was underway.

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