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Video Game Battle (also known as the Great Game Contest) is a competition to decide the most popular videogame on Board 8. The original contest was run by Ngamer in the Summer of 2003, and with Ngamer's blessing the tradition was carried on by Ulti, who has run three seasons of VGB since that time.

Results and Highlights[]

Great Game Contest - 2003[]

The original competition was hosted by Ngamer and saw Chrono Trigger crowned Champion, though the best remembered event was the improbable Cinderella run of Animal Crossing.

Video Game Battle I - 2006[]

Ulti hosted a "spiritual sequel" in 2006, with great success. Nintendo dominance was the story of this contest, with four Nintendo titles making the Final four and Ocarina of Time taking home the crown. But Cinderella runs by (11)Half-Life 2, (16)Castlevania SOTN and (10)Pokémon GSC also provided a lot of entertainment.

Video Game Battle II - 2007[]

Ulti brought back the VGB the following year. CT once again made it to a Championship match, but this time it was stopped cold by Super Mario World in the well-attended Final. The two big Cinderella runs in this season were Phoenix Wright, which knocked off a number of Nintendo heavyweights (including two of the most historic and legendary Nintendo titles, Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 3) to earn a spot in the Final Four, and Big Rigs, which rode the momentum of upsetting FF7 all the way to a close match against Mario 3.

Video Game Battle III - 2009[]

After a long hiatus, Ulti brought back the video game contest to mixed success. Low votes and bad timing were the story of this contest, though Ulti still ran the entire thing and had a ball. Sadly, the low vote totals here indicates drastic changes to the format in the future, or perhaps scratching this contest series altogether.

On the side of better news, VGB3 did have some highlights. Super Mario RPG and Donkey Kong Country combined for a ridiculous 3 overtime match in the first round, and there were some good low seed runs. (11)F-Zero GX, (12)Phoenix Wright, (14)Team Fortress 2 and (16)Star Fox 64 all went deep into the contest, but at the end of the day #1 overall seed Super Mario World defended its title by beating Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow in the final, 138-136.