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Viewtiful joe

Viewtiful Joe is the time-manipulating superhero from his own series. He had two hit games on the Playstation 2 and the Gamecube (the PS2 version even had Dante as a playable character). Along with those, Joe also had two spinoff games; the PSP and Gamecube got Red Hot Rumble, while the DS got Double Trouble. Finally, Joe also had his own cartoon in 2005.

Despite all that, Viewtiful Joe has never won a match on GameFAQs. After getting enough nominations to grab a 5 seed in the Summer 2004 Contest, Joe was best known for giving Tails his first win ever. Joe wouldn't appear again until the Summer 2007 Contest, where he finished last against Sonic the Hedgehog, Sub-Zero, and the Prince of Persia.

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