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A board 8'er that has been on the board on and off for several years.

Although she had a distinct personality, many users had suspicions of her being an alt, although others believed her to be an actual person. She has left the board and come back several times. She had an affair with Sensual_Squid.

VV is undoubtedly one of the most fun to see on Board 8, as her topics always turn out hilarious.

She's famous for *sniff* topics, being incredibly niave about life and giving cute nicknames to almost everyone on the board (Harmy, tran tran etc..)

Also famous for her pets Hermy and particularly Taco. Who got run over by an ice cream van.

In 2006 Vixy settled down and halted the sniffing topics and became a more likeable user. Some of her topics included her Diner and Social Lounge and Harvest Moon diary topics.

It became evident that she devolping a drinking problem and was becoming increasingly anti-social despite only being 15.


Viper made a comeback to the board in 2007 with a lesbian relationship with another user who was without question a real girl. SkyJewel

She also was invited to be on the judging panel with The Utility Man and SilverNightmare for the Funniest user contest.

Favorite Things[]

VV's favorite stuff are flowers, bunnies, kitties, The Sims, pretty colors, fluffy things, Sailor Moon, Shiny things and The OC.

Disliked Things[]

VV hates generic girls and joke alts.

Smurf later admitted to her being his alt.