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Viviff is an awkward super-lurker who only seems to show up for contests within Board 8. He is Board 8's first, only, and five-time Super Smash Bros. Brawl Champion, by winning the Board 8 Brawl League's Beta Season, Season One, and Season Two. Viviff then hosted his own tournament on Board 8, known as The Viviff Invitational. At the end, stingers defeated GodOfGaming to win the tournament, and earn a best-of-7 Grand Championship match with Viviff. Viviff emerged victorious 4-0. Stingers then revived the B8BL, and held its 3rd season. as with the Viviff Invitational, Viviff was kept out of the main league and playoffs, and instead was a "Dream Match" at the end of the season, where he captured his 5th Board 8 Brawl Championship by defeating the playoff tournament winner, stingers.

Viviff has also been recognized as the best Mario, Bowser, Wolf, Captain Falcon, Kirby, Pokemon Trainer (and also the 3 pokemon used by the PT, Squirtle, Ivysuar, and Charizard), Link, Donkey Kong, Ike and Ganondorf player on all of GameFAQs, by winning each character's Championship on the Brawl Online board. Viviff also claimed the Championship Crown in the National NetBattle League, which makes him Board 8's current Pokemon Champion. However he claims that he has no discernible skills in normal battling, and instead clings to the claim of being World Champion of Challenge Cup (random Pokemon team battling).

Viviff is the current World Champion of the arcade game, Big Buck Safari.

Viviff also hates the name Viviff, as it is an alt account he acquired after being B7'd as "TheCubeStud". Sometimes he is referred to by this name, or more commonly, its abbreviation, "TCS". "TCS" has been visiting Board 8 since its inception during the first Character Battle, but has very limited posting history.

Viviff resides in Oregon, where he is a die-hard Oregon Ducks fan. He also worships Peyton Manning, and by extension the Colts franchise. Fun Fact: After Dennis Dixon was injured against Arizona in the 2007 season in which the Ducks were National Championship favorites, Viviff attempted to take his own life by drinking a quart of Drain-o, only to get the smoothest diarrhea of his life.

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