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Warning: The following article contains a high level of volatility. Proceed with care.

W00t_D is a B8 user from Canada, but he is actually an American, so the first part of this sentence is not actually correct. He is 3/4 Irish, 1/4 Native American and 1/10 Native Mars. Therefore he pretty much got screwed by the white and red men. He is currently 17 years of age, but has been playing guitar for about 20 (Mercury) years. He is a theatre geek, but he is also a co-leader of his school's improv team.

~*~***~~~ IMPORTANT ~~~> His favorite soda is orange Fanta. <~~~ IMPORTANT ~~~***~*~

He bought WoW some time in 2008, and are currently playing the game as an underage...ermm undead mage. However, he is actually currently playing Left 4 Dead, so the first part of this paragraph may not be true, although due to the advancement of multi tasking, the dream has come true.

His favorite game would be Guild Wars; it's just too bad that he really hates sports games. Bleh.

He loves Naruto, except for its anime. He also loves all things Pokemon, except for its anime. However, he loves animes, except for Naruto and Pokemon. Go figure.

This username almost rhymed with "What The". He is not entirely sure how he got 1k karma in this account... probably because he generally only posts sporadically on game message boards, usually making jokes. That kind of action can do thing like this to you.

He really dislike people who shorten words, "lik, o my gd, did u c wat i did thar?". Go jump off a cliff, or better yet, jump off a plane. This is probably because he has a nasty habit of correcting grammar even though the example provided above is actually about vocabulary usage.

At the end, he comes to a realization that he does not know what else to put in this article.