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- The picture can be drawn in whatever medium you want - a handdrawn picture, MS Paint, one of those artpad sites, I don't care. All I ask is that you post a jpg/png in this topic.
- No stick figures! I expect a certain level of effort here. This is an easy task, but that doesn't mean I want you to scribble some mess in two minutes in Paint and post it. Lazy entries can and will be disqualified.
- Have fun with this! Use captions, fads, punchlines, insults, whatever you want. If you want to draw Ed Bellis wearing a Nixon Mask and a strap-on, go for it. (Beware: he might like it.) The only limitation I have for pictures is that it must stay within the Terms of Service - if your picture gets moderated, other people can't see it, and that ruins all the fun.
- This challenge is worth 1 point.
- Anyone can join at any time; however, this challenge will only last until July 3, 11:59PM EST.
- As always, there are no loopholes. =)