Waluigi is a character from the Super Mario Bros. series, though his only appearances are in spin-off series such as Mario Kart, Mario Party and the various Mario sports. While Waluigi is primarily an added character option for players to play as in these spin-off games he is considered to be part of the main cast.

His first appearance was in Mario Tennis and was created to give Wario a doubles partner. With his name literally meaning “Bad Luigi” he also has the added benefit of being Luigi’s rival, though this rivalry is rarely shown. Waluigi’s appearance is a more extreme version of Luigi being even skinnier and taller than the rest of the cast. He wears purple clothing and his hat has an upside down L on it.

Waluigi is often seen with Wario causing mischief, such as defacing pictures of Mario and Luigi. He also sometimes works with Bowser to stop the good characters from having fun. Waluigi often shows poor sportsmanship and will do anything to win including cheating. He is seen as a bit of a comic relief in the series as he will put up an elaborate cheer every time he does well and is easily angered when his opponent does well.

Opinions of Waluigi are split among fans of the series. Some people find him annoying and one of the worst characters ever created while others enjoy his antics and find him likeable due to his comic relief.

"Waluigi time!" - Waluigi

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