Wario is a character from the Mario universe and is somewhat a rival of Mario himself. Originally starting off as an enemy to Mario in Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins, Wario eventually drifted to becoming a protagonist/anti-hero in his own side games such as Wario Land, Wario World, and Wario Ware.

Wario has made three contest appearances. He debuted in the Summer 2003 Contest and lost in the first round to Shadow the Hedgehog. He wouldn't appear again until the 4-way format was born in the Summer 2007 Contest. In 2007, Wario (along with Fox McCloud) defeated Banjo and Captain Falcon in the first round. In round two, Wario (along with Meta Knight) lost to Sephiroth and Fox McCloud.

Wario returned in 2008 and was placed in the opening match against Zack Fair, Jade Curtiss, and Cecil Harvey. Zack took first, while Wario took second. In round two, Wario (with Zidane Tribal) lost to Link and Zack Fair.

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