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The Weighted Companion Cube is a character (sort of) that helps you (sort of) in the game Portal, an expansion of the Half-Life 2 universe and part of the Orange Box collection.

WCC put on a pretty good show, all things considered, in the special Bonus Battle at the end of the 2007 Contest, where it earned nearly 20% of the vote against Contest Champ L-Block, the Mario universe's ? Block, and the Paddle from Pong, good enough for third place.

WCC returned to the Summer 2008 Contest, where it dominated for three rounds. It finished first in round 1 against Tidus, Donkey Kong, and Tails. Cube finished second to Mega Man in round 2, but still managed to beat Tidus and Nero. In round 3, Cube was blown away by Solid Snake, but it barely edged by Mega Man (who may have been losing votes thanks to SFF from Zero). Finally, in the quarterfinals, Cube lost to Cloud and Solid Snake, but looks to finish ahead of Mewtwo.

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