Welkin Gunther

Welkin Gunther is the protagonist of Valkyria Chronicles. He was born in the village of Bruhl and is the son of the war hero General Belgen Gunther. He has a love of nature and chose to study animal sociology when he entered university. However, his university studies were cut short when the Second European War broke out forcing him to join the war effort.

When he returned to his hometown to help with the evacuation the Imperial forces attacked the village. Welkin provided his assistance in the fight and was able to hold the enemy’s first wave back, but eventually the village was lost.

Soon after Bruhl is taken over Welkin is given command of militia Squad 7 to use to fight against the Imperial forces. There is however some objection within the group due to some anti-Darcsen prejudices and Welkin’s overall lack of experience. Welkin eventually gets the group to come together and is able to launch successful assaults at the enemy.

"This is an order! Watch the barrels of their guns!" – Welkin Gunther

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