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What Would You Do? (WWYD) is a type of contest where users need to do something that was asked by the host within a specific amount of time in order to advance to the next round. Failing to do results in an elimination. Additional rules (such as freebies) may be present in some of the WWYDs.

Here's how it works: the host put up a sign-up topic or the first challenge and users go signing up or do the first challenge before the time lapsed in order to enter into the contest. Then the host posts more tasks for the users to do every "day" (can be more than one day). The challenge can be anything, ranging from posting a picture of yourself to filling out a survey to any number of other (mostly) objective things. If users don't complete the challenge in the allotted time frame, the users are eliminated. The last one standing wins!

The winner (if the host managed to run the contest until the end - which seemingly happens fairly rarely) is usually graced with a monetary prize and a bank-load of bragging rights, although it's up to the host's discretion on what the winner prize would actually be!

The following lists some of the WWYD Contests that have been held on Board 8: