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"When You Vote for Icehawk" is a song written and performed by WiggumFan267 in July of 2009. The song is to the tune of "When You're Good to Mama" from the musical 'Chicago'. It lovingly details Icehawk's love and obsession of E-pop and User of the Year.

Wigs can be found singing this song here:

The Lyrics[]

"Ask any of the chickies in my flock,
They'll tell ya I'm the biggest mother... hawk
I love 'em all and all of 'em love me.
Because the system works!
The system known as....

"Got a little motto,
Always sees me through.
When you vote for Icehawk,
Icehawk votes for you!"

"There's a lot of favors
I'm prepared to do.
You votestuff for Icehawk,
He will stuff for you!"

"A bird in the hand
Is two in the bush,
And thats the way I live.
So I deserve a lotta bird
For all the bush I give!"

"Don't you know that this hand
Will type the vote for you?
When you vote for Icehawk
My other hand will too-oooh!"

"If you want my creamy
Posts that favor you,
Talk it up for Icehawk,
he'll let loose on you!"

"When they hold 'that contest',
Smurf begins to drool...
You rally for Icehawk,
He'll rally on you!"

"The folks atop
The E-pop tiers
Are the ones B8 adores.
So boost me up my tierin', kid,
and I'll boost you up... yours!"

"Let's all stroke together
Like Board 8ers do.
When you're strokin' Icehawk,

"So what's the one conclusion
I can bring this number to?
When you vote for Icehawk.....