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Would you hit it if there was a 10% chance you'd get a STD? is a B8 contest that was invented by Icehawk in the Summer of 2006 and is currently run by ESY16. Each day a popular girl is presented (with PICS.NOW) and users are asked this simple question: "Would you hit it, even if there was a 10% chance you'd get a RANDOM STD in the process?".

As a social experiment, Ngamer created and still operates an in-depth Hit It site at which tracks results and pictures from the board topic. Even cooler, the site collects more information from site voters (if you sign in, you can create your own personal "I would Hit" "I would NOT Hit" listing) and features extended/enhanced photo galleries for all the HI Girls. Eventually Ng is going to find time to turn the site into an actual Hit It Game- that is to say, you'll be given an option to "Hit" or "Pass" on each girl one at a time, but every time you choose Hit your chance of picking up a deadly STD will rise. The challenge will be in deciding which girls are worth the very serious risk of that STD, in order to maximize your Hit It high score.

Daily Poll Rules[]

- Answer Yes or No.

- Remember, you aren't comparing the girls to anyone else, you are just determining whether you would hit it if there was a 10% chance of you getting an STD.

- You shouldn’t just go by the pictures I provide. I try to do a good job, but sometimes I have to hurry, or there are better (non-ToS friendly) pictures available on this series of tubes we call home.


What STD is it?

  • A random STD. It could be AIDS or another potentially deadly/incurable disease, or it might just be something that will leave you uncomfortable for weeks. Whether that chance is worth the risk is up to you.

B8 Results[]

(last updated 07/18/09, up through 112 - Yvonne Strahovski)

Click a girl's name to be taken to their HI Girl's Page, featuring a bio, full pic gallery, and a chance to cast your own Hit It vote!

Board 8 would do it![]

Board 8 is unsure...[]

No... NOOOOO![]

External Links[]

  • - Extended Picture Galleries, full voting results, and someday, the Hit It Game!